Free Shipping and New Prints from Nate Duval

Nate Duval recently hit me up about some new stuff, I hadn’t heard from that dude forever. He’s having a “free shipping” special this week, plus he has a load of new art prints and concert posters available. His work looks great in person. Check out

Jeff Tweedy Collaborative Posters by Status Serigraph and Nate Duval

Justin Helton and Nate Duval teamed up for three Jeff Tweedy posters.  Check out what Justin had to say about them below: “I had brought up the idea of a collaboration with Nate a while back and he was into the idea. We have collaborated before on a poster a few years back for Moe…that […]

“Silver City 2” Art Print by Nate Duval

These have been around for a few days, I’m actually surprised they haven’t all been snatched up yet.  Nate Duval’s “Silver City 2″ is an 18″ x 24” screenprint with metallic ink, has an edition of 40, and is $45.  There is also a night variant with an edition of 20 for $65.  Visit

Nate Duval’s The Black Keys Poster

Nate Duval created a new poster for some sold out NYC Black Keys shows.  This is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 325, and is $25.  Visit

Nate’s Pick #5: Native Vermont Studio

It’s been way too long since I had my good friend Nate Duval pick out an artist to feature, I’ll try to keep them more frequent from now on.  This time he has introduced me to the work of Native Vermont Studio and I have to say, I’m quite impressed.  They offer art prints, one-of-a-kind […]

Nate’s Pick #4: Jen Skelley

It has been a few weeks since we did a Nate’s Pick (where Nate Duval helps me discover and share artists he’s into), so let’s get back to it.  This week’s pick is Jen Skelley.  For full disclosure, she is actually Nate’s fiance, which is even more awesome.  She has a TON of adorable art […]

Nate’s Pick #3: Apak

For the third installment of “Nate’s Picks”, Mr. Duval has chosen the Portland art duo Apak.  I’ve covered their stuff a couple of times here before, but they put out so much awesome work that they definitely deserve an updated recommendation.  Right now they have eleven different art prints available, all giclees, all limited edition, […]

Loads of New Stuff from Jon Smith

Jon Smith has a number of new things for sale.  Rather than list this all out here, I have put the info for everything below.  For the Jon Smith stuff, visit his store.  For the Spoon posters, visit the 1982 store. “Don’t Mess With The Bull, Young Man” 18″ x 24″ Screenprint, Edition of 55, […]

Nate’s Pick #2: Brandi Strickland

Here’s the second installment of Nate’s Picks, where my good friend Nate Duval shows us artists that he’s been loving lately.  This week’s pick is the amazing North Carolinian Brandi Strickland.  Her work is striking, intense, and psychedelic, sure to get some comments from passersby.  She sells giclees of her work with small editions and […]

“Night Owl” Art Print by Nate Duval

I am currently putting together a tour series for The Appleseed Cast, and since they are playing their albums titled Low Level Owl 1 & 2 in their entirety, you are going to see a few prints with owls on them in the near future (since owls rule, this is a good thing).  This one […]

More Phish Poster Stuff

I guess we’ll just go ahead and make this “Phish Day” on the site.  There are two more interesting things available.  Nate Duval’s Trey Anastasio poster is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 170, and is $35.  Visit his Etsy Shop. There are also still a few copies of Tyler Stout’s NYE […]

Nate Duval’s Gocco Print Process

If you’ve ever wondered how awesome and simple the Print Gocco machine is to use, Nate Duval would be happy to show you.  He put together a process post about his latest gocco print and put it on his blog.  Do some learning at Nate’s Blog.

A Whole Handful of Lost Prints (Onsale Info)

Looks like a bunch of folks are releasing their Lost prints this week.  Dan McCarthy and Tim Doyle have already sold out, but there are still plenty more to come.  Below you will find the onsale info for the next few, and I will of course keep you posted on more.  Enjoy! “The Smoke Monster” […]

Nate Duval’s New Phish Poster and More!

Nate Duval has been working hard lately, so I have a few things to tell you about.  First and foremost, he made a new Phish poster for their stop in Portland, ME.  It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint with an edition of 850.  Nate will be selling some of his copies today (Monday, November 30th) […]

Nate Duval’s 2010 Calendar

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a nice hand-printed calendar.  Nate Duval’s new one is a 12″ x 18″ screenprint for $18.  Expect to see more calendar coverage soon.  Visit Oh, also, Paper Crave has been running an INSANE series of posts about 2010 artist calendars.  They are up to Part 5, so […]