Mark Ryden’s “The Gay 90’s” Show Announcement and Lapel Pin (Onsale Info)

First of all, it’s good to be back to posting at full-speed again this week, I had a bit of time to relax while on a small vacation, but I missed the poster community quite a bit.  Now, onto the news.  The harsh reality is that 99% of us can’t afford to pick up an […]

Mark Ryden “Pink Lincoln” Time-Lapse Video

This has really been a great week for art-related videos.  Check out this new time-lapse video of Mark Ryden painting his “Pink Lincoln” piece, plus making the frame.  Truly a master at work.  Enjoy!

Mark Ryden “The Gay 90’s” Preview

Arrested Motion pulled together some preview images from Mark Ryden’s upcoming show, “The Gay 90’s”.  As usual, the work is mind-blowing.  Check out the peeks at

Mark Ryden Time-Lapse Painting Video

Wow, here’s an awesome time-lapse video of Mark Ryden painting “Incarnation”, one of the pieces in his latest show.  Definitely a master at work.  Enjoy!

“Incarnation” Art Print by Mark Ryden (Onsale Info)

Mark Ryden has returned with another BEAUTIFUL new art print.  “Incarnation” is a 26″ x 37″ lithograph, has an edition of 500, and will be $500.  Sure, we all wish it was a different medium, and sure, it’s a bit expensive, but who else is putting out work that looks this good?  Noone.  It goes […]

Mark Ryden’s Abe Lincoln 50% Off Sale

To celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s 201st birthday, Mark Ryden and Porterhouse Fine Art Editions are offering 50% all Ryden items in their store (there are only two).  This is a one-day sale, valid only for today (Friday, February 12th).  Visit

Mark Ryden’s Micro Portfolio 6 – The Snow Yak Show

I love when these things come out.  Mark Ryden’s newest Micro Portfolio features 17 postcards with artwork from his recent exhibition, The Snow Yak Show.  Each card is 5″ x 7″, and the set only costs $12.95.  It goes up tomorrow (Thursday, December 3rd) at 8am PST.  Visit

Mark Ryden’s “The Tree Show Exhibition Book 2nd Edition” (Onsale Info)

In a few days, Mark Ryden will release a second edition of his newest book, “The Tree Show Exhibition”.  It’s a 9″ x 12″ hardcover book with 128 full-color pages.  It has an edition of 11,000 and comes with a bookmark.  This goes up Thursday, November 19th at 8am PST.  Visit

The Brush Project

This is very, very cool.  The Brush Project is a rad little event where a bunch of today’s biggest artists have donated their personal paintbrushes to be sold for charity.  Participating artists include Mark Ryden, Jeff Soto, Tara McPherson, Jeremy Fish, and more.  The proceeds will go to benefit GiGi’s Playhouse.  The brushes are now […]

“Rest is Up to You: A Boy Named Cohen Morano, 118 Artists, and a Watercolor Revolution”

Aye Jay Morano and his son Cohen have put together a stunning new book chronicling their “Cohen’s Art” project.  If you’re not familiar, Aye Jay sent Cohen’s watercolor paintings to over one hundred famous artists who then incorporated their own work into the pieces.  The result is a sprawling collection of collaborations between Cohen Morano […]

Preorder Mark Ryden’s YHWH Vinyl Figure

Porterhouse Fine Art is now taking preorders for Mark Ryden’s first ever vinyl toy, the YHWH.  This thing is 16.5″ tall, has an edition of 2000, and is $180.  They officially drop on July 10th, so if you order one, expect it to ship around that date.  See detail views and get more info at […]

Mark Ryden’s “Tree of Mystery” Art Print (Onsale Info)

Holeeeee crap, this is crazy.  Later this week, Mark Ryden will release an art print that most of us will never own, but would probably do about anything for.  “Tree of Mystery” is a 21.25″ x 28.25″ giclee (plus letterpress title) in a hand-carved wood frame, has a tiny edition of 40, and will be […]

Mark Ryden’s “Micro Portfolio 5 – The Tree Show”

Ah, I’ve been waiting for this one to come out.  Mark Ryden’s newest Micro Portfolio will feature fifteen 5″ x 6.5″ postcards depicting paintings from The Tree Show.  At only $12.95 for the set, this is pretty much a must-purchase, a perfect entry into Ryden’s mind-blowing imagery.  These go up today (Thursday, April 16th) at […]

Mark Ryden “The Tree Show” Special Edition Exhibition Book

Porterhouse Art is about to drop another ultra-deluxe Mark Ryden package.  The special edition of “The Tree Show” is a hardcover book with over 130 full color images.  It comes signed/numbered in a clamshell box covered in fine Japanese silk.  The box also contains some “vintage souvenirs” including a pin, a bookmark, a pennant, and […]

Mark Ryden’s YHWH Figure

Looks like Mark Ryden has FINALLY decided to break into the designer vinyl toy world.  This piece is based on one of his older paintings and will be released via Long Gone John’s company, Necessaries Toy Foundation.  There will be some alternate colorways as well.  More info will come, but these should drop around summertime.  […]