Kidrobot Going Mainstream?

As reported by Plastic and Plush, this video has been floating around the net, and it’s sure damn pretty lookin for an internet-only promo. This thing smells like a TV spot to me. Don’t be surprised if you start to see your favorite toys on cable. See for yourself:

KidRobot: Release Reminders for Tomorrow

In case you’ve forgotten, tomorrow will see the release of some good stuff from Kidrobot. First up is the Tattoo Dunny series. This blind-boxed 3″ series was curated by the Toy Baroness, and features many of today’s hottest tattoo artists. Each Dunny comes with its own mini tattoo gun, among other accessories. Word is these […]

Kenzo Minami 8″ Dunny Release Info

Do you have a Kidrobot message board account?  Put it to good use on April 5th at noon EST, when Kidrobot will announce instructions to purchase the 8″ Kenzo Dunny.  It will be $49.95, and the only stipulation is you had to have a message board account before today.  They will post explicit instructions, and […]

Release Reminder: Tara McPherson’s Ace and Ion

Don’t forget, these release tomorrow, Thursday March 29, at 11am EST on Kidrobot.  Find all the info here. Click here to purchase.

Flying Fortress 8″ Dunny: Thursday, March 22 11 am EST.

Kidrobot will be dropping the Flying Fortress 8″ Dunny on Thursday of this week. Flying Fortress is a graffiti and graphic artist from Germany, and this is a resize of the 3″ figure from Dunny Series 3. 1500 were produced, they will be $39.95. Visit on 3/22 to purchase.

Anton Ginzburg’s “Totem Doppelganger”

Kidrobot is set to release these wonderful pieces of vinyl on April 5. This is definitely a strikingly simple and artistic approach to vinyl toys, and a welcomed change. These will be available at Kidrobot, Rotofugi, and all of your other favorite toy retailers. Here is the info, from Kidrobot: Contemporary art and vinyl collide […]

Kidrobot Tattoo Dunny: Official!!

  Since the last post with leaked pictures from the Tattoo Dunny series, Kidrobot has released all of the official info about the series.  The names involved and the packaging are sure to excite the tattoo enthusiasts. Info from Kidrobot: Dunny gets inked! 12 amazing tattoo artists from around the country sharpen their needles for […]

Frank Kozik’s MONGERFORCE Sarge

Kidrobot will release a $20 mega 5″ version of Sarge, the grenade from his Frank Kozik’s Mongers series on April 12.  It has a removable pin and handle.  Alternately, there will be a pink version available that is limited to 500 pieces, it will cost $25.  Visit Kidrobot on the release date to put more […]

Kidrobot X Scary Girl “Cityfolk” Mini Vinyl Series

With yet another innovative line of creative vinyl toys, Kidrobot is set to release the Cityfolk series by Scary Girl creator Nathan Jurevicius. There are 15 designs in total, and they will be blind-boxed and sold indivdually for $7.95 or in cases of 20. These will release on March 15 at 11am EST. Visit Kidrobot […]

Kidrobot 8″ Dunny by Kenzo Minami

Kidrobot had a special message for their patrons today, as they announced that they will be releasing this 8″ Dunny by Kenzo Minami as a Kidrobot message board exclusive. More details about the sale will follow, but the release date will be April 12. Only 380 of these will be sold, and they will all […]

KidRobot 8″ Mist Dunny?

Well, nothing is set in stone, but these pictures have been mysteriously floating around the blogosphere. Also, the Kidrobot Guru has promised a special surprise, or details about one, on Monday, March 5. If this piques your interest, I’d advise you to keep an eye on the site Monday.

Sneak Peek: Dunny Tattoo Series

This picture has been floating around the internet of the yet to be released (or announced) Kidrobot Tattoo Dunny series.  No word yet on the designers, but expect to see some of today’s most famous tattoo artists involved.  More info to come…

Kidrobot Clothing Sale!

As we speak, Kidrobot is having a giant clothing sale.  Hoodies are $20-30 (normally $80-90), tees are $10 (normally $30), and there are all kinds of other great deals.  The site has been going in and out of functionality, but if you want anything, you’d better hurry!  Click here.

More Pink Teeters!

Kidrobot seems to have mysteriously restocked the pink Teeter. Still $40, still awesome. ClickHere!