Joe Ledbetter Letterpressed Art Print / Cards (Onsale Info)

Letter Pressed have a brand new art print and card set by Joe Ledbetter coming out later this week.  The print is 8″ x 10″, has an edition of 75, and will cost $50.  The cards are limited to 500 sets for $25 per set of five.  You can also purchase the cards and print […]

Joe Ledbetter’s “Hunters and Gatherers” Show

Joe Ledbetter was cool enough to post the preview for his newest show, “Hunters and Gatherers” at M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs.  The show is looking very cool, with some different imagery than he normally uses.  If you can afford one, these paintings are well worthy of being on any wall.  Check the show […]

The “Sketch For Change” Project

Hoping to provide a final financial push toward Barack Obama’s presidential nomination, a handful of super talented artists took some time out at the recent Baby Tattooville event to donate a one of a kind sketch.  The pieces are being auctioned off now, with all proceeds to be donated to the Obama campaign.  There are […]

New Joe Ledbetter Art Prints

Joe Ledbetter just dropped a couple of brand new art prints.  “Adios Amigos” is a huge 18″ x 24″ giclee, has an edition of 50, and is $75.  The “Flying Sabercat” and “Flying Wolf” print set consists of two 8″ x 10″ giclees, has an edition of 100, and is $55.  Seems like he came […]

Tropical Red Hammerhead By Joe Ledbetter

Joe Ledbetter’s Hammerhead, part of the Kaiju For Grownups series, has been released in a number of versions over the past few months.  This Tropical Red version is the newest one, and is exclusive to Joe’s site.  It is 6″ tall, limited to 150, and $77.  Visit

“Yeti vs Deathbot” Canvas Art Print by Joe Ledbetter

Well, looks like there are some leftover copies of “Yeti vs. Deathbot” after the Gama-Go membership drive.  This new print by Joe Ledbetter is a 12″ x 12″ giclee on canvas, has an edition of 240, and is $185.  Visit

Joe Ledbetter’s Magic Fun Pack

Joe Ledbetter just released this cool little fun pack, it’s filled with all kinds of neat stuff.  It includes a keychain, a patch, a magnet, a pin, and stickers for only $20.  Visit

Joe Ledbetter’s Sketchbook

Nerdcore just put up a preorder for an interesting new book, one based on the sketchpads of Joe Ledbetter.  “Joe Ledbetter’s Sketchbook” is a 184 page volume chronicling sketches for vinyl toys, painting pre-production, and just random doodling.  It officially comes out in October, but you can preorder one today for $25 at Also, […]

The Gama-Go Store Membership Drive

Gama-Go just launched a new store membership program, and each level includes different goodies.  I will try to sum them up here, but for more info visit Here are the levels: Friends With Benefits  ($80) This level includes an 8″ x 11″ giclee with art by Tim Biskup, limited to 300 pieces.  It also […]

Hi-Fructose Collected Book Coming Soon

One of the greatest art magazines out there, Hi-Fructose, is set to release a book of collected works with Last Gasp publishing.  The book will feature a “best of” selection from the first four volumes of the magazine, all of which are long out of print.  It will be hardcover, 250 pages, and feature cover […]

Joe Ledbetter Toys and Prints

JLED fans, Mr. Ledbetter just dropped an array of limited items on his site, including the ultra limited Death Gamerita, his stash of 8″ Dunnys, and a brand new art print titled “Moo”.  Better hurry, visit

“Toast #2” Giclee by Joe Ledbetter

File this one under huge, awesome giclees.  Toast #2, offered by Copro Nason Gallery, is an 18″ x 34″ giclee on wood, featuring hand varnishing and hand-painted blood splatters on the side.  The edition is 50, the price is $400.  To check it out, visit

Zeke Lei Print by Joe Ledbetter

Tokyocube is the exclusive seller of international orders for Joe Ledbetter’s newest print, Zeke Lei. It is 21″ x 26″ (unless its in cm, who knows?), has an edition of 50, and costs 42 pounds. JLed’s stuff has been very hot lately, so this is a nice chance to grab one of his prints. Visit […]

Pirate Teeter by Joe Ledbetter

Yes, I know that I’m about 7 hours late on this, but at least there are still some left for me to talk about.  Kidrobot released this brand new 6″ Teeter by Joe Ledbetter, this being the pirate version.  The edition is 700, the price is $49.95.  To purchase, visit

Joe Ledbetter’s Finders Keepers Series

JLED’s new mini series, Finders Keepers, will go on sale this morning, and you have a couple of different options.  Kidrobot will release their share at 11am EST.  They are $7.95 each, or $159/case.  The second option, which is more beneficial but will also be more chaotic, is to visit Joe’s site at noon PST […]