Diesel Fuel Artist Series by Jamungo Now Available

Remember how I just posted about Jamungo’s Diesel Fuel Artist Series of figures yesterday?  Well, now they are available via Andy Diesel himself.  For a mere $60 shipped, you get all six figures, plus an exclusive print by Stainboy.  You were gonna buy these anyway, might as well get them directly from the source.  Visit […]

Diesel Fuel Artist Series Figures by Jamungo

The people at Diesel Fuel Prints have commissioned their own series of Jamungo B.U.D.s, paving the way for even more poster artists to crossover into designer toys.  The series includes 3.5″ figures by (left to right) Casey Burns, Mike Fisher (aka Maximum Fluoride), Stainboy, Bobby Dixon / VanBeater, Ken Adams, and Tooth.  The set will […]

“Nurse” B.U.D. by Casey Burns

Jamungo and Casey Burns have teamed up for this awesome new B.U.D. (that’s Blow Up Doll for the uninitiated), part of the upcoming Diesel Fuel Prints artist series.  The “Nurse” design is based on Casey’s iconic 2004 Sonic Youth poster.  It is about 3.5″ tall and will run you $20 shipped.  Pick one up in […]

“Ultrafamily” Art Print by Ferg

Man, it’s been wayyy too long since Ferg made an art print, nice to see him back.  The man behind Jamungo just released this new one, “Ultrafamily”, referencing his (and everyone else’s) love for Kaiju.  It’s a 15″ x 16″ screenprint, has a tiny edition of 15, and is only $35 shipped.  Seriously, just buy […]

“This B.U.D.’s For You” – Custom 9 Inch Jamungo B.U.D. Show

Hero Design Studio is currently hosting “This B.U.D.’s For You”, a collection of custom 9″ Jamungo Blow Up Dolls by almost 40 artists, many of them from the gigposter scene.  Some highlights include Frank Kozik, Aesthetic Apparatus, Mike Budai, Michael Michael Motorcycle, etc.  They still have most of them available for sale, plus photos from […]

The Jamungo 9″ MUMMYBUD by Motorbot

Jamungo is always bringing the best Halloween releases, check out this 9″ Mummybud custom by Motorbot.  Only 20 will be available to the public, and they will be $150 each.  If you’d like to get your hands on one, get your name on the list for the random drawing over at The Jamungo Forum.

The New Jamungo.com

Jamungo just launched a brand new website, complete with a bunch of new products.  There are new prints, toys, shirts, etc.  They have also added space for new project blogs, and information on a few upcoming figures.  Check it out at Jamungo.com.

Jamungo Candypaint Blue (Onsale Info)

Heads up toy people, Jamungo will release the second version of wildly popular Candypaint Flamebud tomorrow.  This beauty is 3.75″, handpainted, and limited to 50.  The price will be $35.  To purchase, set your watch for tomorrow (Thursday, May 22) at 12pm CST.  Visit Jamungo.com.

New Jamungo Sqwerts

Wow, these may be two of my favorite Jamungo figures yet.  Just announced, these two new Sqwerts by MAD and Brian Morris (aka ooo000ooo) are set to drop in the next week or two.  Each color will be limited to 250-500 pieces.  Keep you eye on your favorite toy site or store.  Check out Jamungo.com.

The Jamungo Budscription

Jamungo freaks, rejoice!!! Ferg and Co. just released details about their first “BUDscription”. To quote the transmission, here is what the sub includes: THE DETAILS: Some (but not all) of the goods to be included in the 3.75″ Budscription are: -SkllBuds 2.0 (all 10 colorways) -Diesel Fuel Bud Set – featuring designs from Stainboy, Mike […]

Jamungo’s March Bud Of The Month: Beaterman

Jamungo continues their BOTM series with one of the best yet, Van Beater’s “Beaterman”. This is limited to 200 pieces and will go on sale Tuesday, March 25 at 12pm CST. Visit LulubellToys.com. ….Additionally, if you purchased one of the Jamungo x Threezero Invisible Mask BUD, you can now redeem your special coin for a […]

Jamungo’s Chrome Sqube

Kidrobot just released a chrome version of Ferg and Jamungo’s Sqube.  The sqube is 4″ square, and this colorway is limited to about 275 pieces available.  The price is $49.95.  Visit Kidrobot.com.

Jamungo CandyPaint 31

Jamungo just released this Halloween flamehead BUD, limited to only 31 pieces.  For those not in the know, Jamungo is the brainchild of Ferg and TVM, and they constantly pump out quality work.  The price on these is $31.  To purchase, visit Jamungo.com.

Lindsey Kuhn’s Monkey Skull 9″ BUD

Lindsey Kuhn just teamed up with Jamungo to release this amazing new 9″ Monkey Skull Blow Up Doll (BUD).  Only 250 were made, and 75 of them are now available at Lindsey’s site, Swampco.  The figure comes signed and includes a free sticker pack.  The price is $60.  To purchase, visit Swampco.com.

Jamungo Blow Up Dolls Series Two

Jamungo’s second series of Blow Up Dolls (BUDs) have begun shipping to your favorite retailers.  This series is looking awesome, just check out the lineup:  Kozik, Horkey, Dalek, Meomi, Destroy Rock City, Gunsho, Little Friends, John Pound (Garbage Pail Kids artist), MCA, Jermaine Rogers, Bobby Dixon, VanBeater, Muttpop(Gobi), & Ferg. I love how Jamungo is […]