“TROUBLE BOYS No.23 [BIG SLEEP]” Figure by Ferg and Brandt Peters (Onsale Info)

Ferg and Brandt Peters have teamed up for a new Squadt figure. “TROUBLE BOYS No.23 [BIG SLEEP]” is a 6″ vinyl figure, includes a 3 piece suit and tie, tommygun, 2 sets of arms, removable bowler hat, and helmet, has an edition of 300, and will cost $85 shipped. These go up Monday, March 7th […]

The Green Sqube from Ferg / Playge

The newest colorway of Ferg’s Sqube figure will drop next week.  This green version is 4″ square, has an edition of 150, and will cost $50 shipped.  It goes up Monday, January 24th at 12pm Central Time.  Visit Playge.net. Via FlightPattern.

FERG at Rotofugi Gallery

Most of Ferg’s new show at Rotofugi Gallery has already sold out, but there are still some nice prints and mixed media pieces available.  At the very least, it’s cool to browse through the stuff that sold, it was an amazing show.  Visit Rotofugi.com.

The XMAS SQUBE by Ferg (Onsale Info)

Ferg will release a brand new colorway of his Sqube figure on Monday.  The red XMAS version is 4″ cubed, has an edition of 100, and will cost $50.  It goes up Monday, December 13th at 12pm Central Time.  Visit Playge.net.

Jamungo Halloween “BUDCAT” by Scott Wilkowski (Onsale Info)

Check out this beautiful Halloween release from Scott Wilkowski and the dudes at Jamungo.  His “BUDCAT” stands 3.75″ tall, comes with a firecracker and jack-o-lantern, has an edition of 70, and will be $65.  It goes up Sunday, October 31st at 12pm Central Time.  Visit Jamungo.com.

“NOZZEL and K11 FIDO [OPRSSR]” Toy Set by Ferg (Onsale Info)

Next week will mark the release of Ferg’s new set of vinyl figures, “NOZZEL and K11 FIDO [OPRSSR]”.  They stand 6″ and 4″ high, have an edition of 150, come with a ton of accessories, and will cost $85 shipped.  They go up Monday, October 4th at 12pm CST.  Visit ProjectSquadt.com.

Ferg’s “Playge Rat” 12″ Figure (Onsale Info)

Man, Ferg getting into the 12″ figure game is really going to hurt my wallet, this thing rules.  The first version of his “Playge Rat” is 12″ tall, includes a ton of accessories, has a push-button action-tongue, was made in an edition of 150, and will be $140 shipped worldwide.  It goes up today (Monday, […]

Squadt K11 – [Midnight Spike & Spot] Figures by Ferg (Onsale Info)

Ferg will release the Squadt K11 – [Midnight Spike & Spot] vinyl figures next week.  Standing 4″ tall each, check out the insane list of accessories they come with:  “SPIKE includes: sweater, watch cap, modular harness with removable pouches, and removable helmet. SPOT includes modular harness with removable pouches and removable helmet.” They are limited […]

Playge Misfortune Cat Figure by Ferg (Onsale Info)

This amazing new black/green colorway of Ferg’s Misfortune Cat vinyl figure goes up for sale later this week.  It’s 9″ tall, has an edition of 100, and will be $85 shipped.  It drops Friday, April 30th at 12pm CST.  Visit Playge.net.

Ferg’s NKD JACK w/ Qpmnt Pac 3 (Onsale Info)

Ferg is about to drop a new vinyl toy with a whole slew of accessories.  The “NKD JACK w/ Qpmnt Pac 3″ is a 6” vinyl figure that includes two sets of arms, two sets of lenses, a terry-cloth robe, a tanto knife, a removable helmet, a 3Dot parka, a QOCOM sMK23 with removable silencer […]

Candypaint Fire Figure from Ferg / Jamungo (Onsale Info)

Ferg and the Jamungo crew are gearing up to release the third entry in their “Candypaint” series, some of their most successful figures ever.  The FIRE figure is 3.5″ tall, totally hand-painted, has an edition of 50-60, and will be $35.   To purchase, add your name to the list on their website today (Monday, March […]

Ferg’s Black Misfortune Cat (Onsale Info)

Ferg will drop the second colorway of his Misfortune Cat figure next week.  The black colorway is 9″ tall, has an edition of 150, and will be $85 shipped.  It goes up Monday, February 22nd at 12pm CST.  Visit Playge.net.

Kenny Wong X Ferg “Copperhead White Specimen” (Onsale Info)

Kenny Wong and Ferg’s collaborative “Copperhead” figure will be released in a limited white colorway today.  It’s 6″ tall, has an edition of 100, and will be $75 shipped.  It goes up today (Monday, January 25th) at 12pm CST.  Visit ProjectSquadt.com.

Kenny Wong’s “Copperhead” Squadts (Onsale Info)

The fine folks at Jamungo and Playge (aka Ferg) have teamed up with Kenny Wong to release this insane new figure in the Squadt series.  Kenny Wong’s “Copperhead” will come in two colorways, and will be $75 each.  Rumor has it there will be a third colorway eventually.  These go up Monday, December 21st at […]

“Misfortune Cat” Letterpress Art Print by Ferg (Onsale Info)

I’ve been anxiously waiting for this print to come out, so I’m quite excited.  Ferg’s “Misfortune Cat” is a 10″ x 12″ letterpress print, has an edition of 100, and will be $45 shipped.  It goes up Thursday, December 3rd at 12pm CST.  Visit Playge.net.