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  1. Laura Levine fine art print, just $20!
    New York City’s Jen Bekman Gallery has a new online component called 20 x 200 where each week they issue two artist prints–one photo and one work on paper–and sell them online for $20 in editions of 200 (hence the name). Bigger prints in smaller editions are also available. This week’s work-on-paper edition is “Birds of the Rockies” by Laura Levine. Laura tells me that this is the first fine art print made of her work and she’s thrilled with the way it turned out. From Laura’s artist statement:

    Images Art Images Birdsoftherockies ArtworkimageThis is a piece from my most recent series of paintings,Tweet Suite: Birds of North America. Lately I’ve found myself focusing more on nature in my work – in this case, common regional birds of America. It just so happens that soon after I completed the series, the Audubon Society reported that twenty of our most common birds – the ones we most often take for granted – have lost more than half their populations in the past forty years.

    The painting’s background is made of vintage trading stamps. I love how randomly the stamps are pasted onto the individual pages. I usually find them in completed books, which means that some housewife (generally) saved up all her stamps from grocery shopping and then pasted them into the books, and depending on her personality, she was either really neat and obsessive about it or made a mess, and that can be seen in the grids. And then you have to take a moment to mourn the fact that these particular stamps were never cashed in for the toaster or whatever. And now they have found a new life, forty years later.

  2. * New Evan Hecox print *

    Berlin Tower Print, Berlin 2008

    5 color silk screen print on Neenah Environment paper
    Signed and numbered by the artist
    16 x 20 In. (40.64 x 50.8 cm) | Edition Of 200

  3. Love the website even though it keeps me in the poverty I so richly deserve – too many good prints not enough money (or indeed wallspace).

  4. Jermaine Rogers prints are on sale now.

  5. I dig both your OMG websites. Thanks for all the info. Keep up the good work. Thanks, Scott.

  6. Compliments to your wonderfully enlightening and fun website/blog. I really love everything that is going on here and wish you much luck and success. You have a great set of SITES! haha


  7. One thing that would be great is a page with upcoming on sales.. you post when prints are going on sale.. however, I tend to forget these things and spend a lot of time surfing and scrolling to find the scoop.

  8. My favourite poster-related information site.

  9. Welcome back – we missed you and the blog. Hopefully, Flatstock was worth the trip. Any good stories or pics for the rest of us who could not attend?

  10. check out

    just released yesterday. a great monkey print

  11. Thanks for all that you do – I check the site daily and look forward to it on the way to work. Any chance of more “Ten Questions” articles????? Maybe with McCarthy or Aesthetic Apparatus?


    stouts new poster

  13. mitch, panda bear by mr. brainwash goes on sale today…

  14. Hey, I just visited the Print Mafia website and noticed that they are having a print sale on their 2008/2009 posters at 50% off. I’ve got my eye on a couple Lucinda Williams prints. Sweet.

  15. Love your site! Just wanted to contribute:


    Check this out! Launching tomorrow is this brand new 2 color silk-screen from our friends at CMYK projects! It’s inspired by Tristan’s mural at Art Basel 2009 and is 24″ x 24″! We haven’t released a print in a while – so go get them while you can. It’s made in a limited edition of 175 and will sell for $55 in the US, $65 in Canada and $75 worldwide. Go to for more info!

  16. Hey, one of my favorite artist has a print out, i think lota people would like it. her name is jenny bird alcantara…go to to check out her print! thanks

  17. Cool print for Halloween! By comic book artist Nate Bellegarde!

  18. Do you know anything about the Circa Surive 10/31 Dallas TX House of Blues print? I’d really like to find out who the artist is behind it… are they available for purchase?

    Thanks :) Love the site :)

  19. Those will be for sale at in the near future, sign up for the mailing list there. Cheers.

  20. Here is a print.

  21. Devin Crane finally has some prints available :)

  22. Just though I’d contribute – one of my fav artists – I’m the proud owner of the Donnie Darko painting he did for G1988 C4C show… Ruel Pascual. Some really nice peices and therre is a great time lapse vid on the vegalleries website of him paining.

  23. an obey print went on sale today? any idea why?

  24. Dave Kinsey release another print called Head Space

  25. this emek/atrio belt buckle is going to be released soon

  26. emek/atrio wakarusa bird belt buckel being released soon

  27. Hi!

    I recently did an official poster for sigur ros , it is a four colour hand pulled screen print A2 in size and limited to just a 100. They all sold out at bestival, I have just 10 left and will be making them for sale this friday. I also just wanted to share it with you



  28. Hey,

    I am a new artist to the print scene, but I am releasing my first two prints this upcoming friday (Nov. 16). They are both 18 x 24 and come in limited editions of 50 prints each. I had them screen printed through Half and Half out of South Carolina. My two prints can be found at my website: . If you like my prints I would be honored to be mentioned on OMG Posters! Im a huge fan of your site and have been for the last three years.



  29. Santora has a bunch of OG’s for sale. Definitely deserves an entry.

  30. Neal Williams is having a $50 mystery tube sale. We’ll worth it.

  31. Dan Mccarthy is having a 3 prints for like $80 sale. U pick em.

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