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  1. Devin Crane finally has some prints available 🙂

  2. Just though I’d contribute – one of my fav artists – I’m the proud owner of the Donnie Darko painting he did for G1988 C4C show… Ruel Pascual. Some really nice peices and therre is a great time lapse vid on the vegalleries website of him paining.

  3. an obey print went on sale today? any idea why?

  4. Dave Kinsey release another print called Head Space

  5. this emek/atrio belt buckle is going to be released soon

  6. emek/atrio wakarusa bird belt buckel being released soon

  7. Hi!

    I recently did an official poster for sigur ros , it is a four colour hand pulled screen print A2 in size and limited to just a 100. They all sold out at bestival, I have just 10 left and will be making them for sale this friday. I also just wanted to share it with you



  8. Hey,

    I am a new artist to the print scene, but I am releasing my first two prints this upcoming friday (Nov. 16). They are both 18 x 24 and come in limited editions of 50 prints each. I had them screen printed through Half and Half out of South Carolina. My two prints can be found at my website: . If you like my prints I would be honored to be mentioned on OMG Posters! Im a huge fan of your site and have been for the last three years.



  9. Santora has a bunch of OG’s for sale. Definitely deserves an entry.

  10. Neal Williams is having a $50 mystery tube sale. We’ll worth it.

  11. Dan Mccarthy is having a 3 prints for like $80 sale. U pick em.

  12. I am interested in buying this poster:
    15″ x 36″ Screenprint, Edition of 400, $50:

    do you have any of Ken Taylor’s Metropolis available for sale right now?
    Thank you

  13. Hey,
    I just got your book OMG Posters. Awesome, thanks.

  14. It has been almost half a year since I launched my last bike art. And I’m proud to finally present my 40th bike print “Just Skidding”. This latest piece required a lot of crafting.

    Paying homage to this growing group of riders who have a burning passion for their fixies.

    This artwork features two riders skidding in synchronicity – a braking technique that can only be achieved with a fixie.

    The image is formed out of thousands of tiny fixies (6825 to be exact), each painstakingly put into place by the artist. As an ode to the first bike ever invented, the tiny fixies with different wheel profiles are crafted in the actual dimensions of a fixed-gear bike.

    This is for all fixed-gear riders who never stop pedaling.

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