Screenprinter’s Squeegee Patch by Yardsale Press

Yardsale Press’ squeegee pin has been a big hit among the poster community, and this new patch version is just as cool. It’s 3.25″ wide and costs only $5. Visit his Etsy Shop.

Adventures in Design Episode 186

Just a quick heads up that the newest Adventures in Design is up featuring yours truly. Mark and I run down some of our favorite posters of the month, a show we do monthly. You can check it out via iTunes, or become a member of the Circle of Trust at  

“Squeegee / Printmaking Ghost” Pin and Shirt by Haypeep

I thought the screenprinters out there would enjoy this new “Squeegee / Printmaking Ghost” design by Haypeep. Available as a 1.5″ enamel pin for $8 or a t-shirt in L-XL for $15. Visit her shop.

“Illustration for Designers: Create Your Own Geometric Animal” Skillshare Class by DKNG

The fine folks at DKNG are offering another great Skillshare class, “Illustration for Designers: Create Your Own Geometric Animal”. The title is pretty self-explanatory, check out Illustration for Designers: Create Your Own Geometric Animal An Online Skillshare Class by DKNG Studios

“Draw a Three Color Poster for Your Favorite Band” Skillshare Class by Jesse LeDoux (First 50 Readers Get FREE Signup!!!)

Jesse LeDoux is currently hosting a Skillshare class called “Draw a Three Color Poster for Your Favorite Band”, and he’s extended an offer for 50 OMG Posters readers to sign up absolutely free. Visit (be sure to use the link up here, not the video link). Posters with LeDoux: Draw a 3-Color Poster for Your […]

Sticker Pack 2015 from StandOut Stickers

StandOut Stickers is currently offering a great pack of stickers for the new year. The twelve-pack includes designs by Tara McPherson, Arik Roper, Ryan Duggan, Teagan White, Randy Ortiz, and many more. It costs $24. Visit

Give Adventures in Design to a Friend or Family Member for the Holidays!

The fine folks (and good friends of the site) at Adventures in Design are offering up a way to give or receive the AID “Circle of Trust” membership for the holidays. If you haven’t been listening, AID is now a daily design podcast, making the content/price ratio pretty unbelievable. As a member, you get all […]

Infinite Lunar Tracking Device from KeeganMeegan

Holy cow, check out this incredible lunar calendar device from Portland’s KeeganMeegan. It’s 5″ x 7.5″, letterpress printed, and works year after year. It costs only $30. Get info HERE. Buy it HERE.

Kilroy Squeegee Enamel Pin from Yardsale Press

Screenprinters, take note, Yardsale Press has once again made a pin for you. The new Kilroy Squeegee enamel pin is 1.25″ wide and costs $8. Visit their Etsy Shop.

Sticker Robot’s “Buy 1000, Get 500 Free” Promo Extended

Sticker Robot has extended their “Buy 1000, Get 500 Free” promo through December 15th. To recap, any order of 1000 custom stickers will get 500 more free, and the promo has no limit (so, for instance, if you order 10,000, you’ll get 5,000 free). I can’t stress enough that if you’re looking for sticker printing, […]

The 12 Tubes of Christmas from Adventures in Design

The Adventures in Design podcast is running a really cool promotion this month. The details are below. Be sure to listen, and get all info at their Facebook Page. For the first 12 episodes of Adventures In Design in December, we are doing a big holiday promotion called the 12 Tubes of Christmas. Each day a different […]

The Sticker Robot “Buy 1000, Get 500 Free” Sale is Back!!!!

Folks, this is one of the best sales of the year (they actually haven’t done it since 2012), and it’s happening now. For the month of November, if you order 1000 stickers, you get 500 free, and the deal is scaleable (in other words, if you order 5000 stickers, you get 2500 free!). Get on […]

New Stickers by Tyler Stout, Brian Morris, and Dan McCarthy

If you’re unfamiliar with Stickers Club, you should check them out, they have some really great things cooking. You can either sign up for their yearly subscription or buy individual posters by Tyler Stout, Brian Morris, Dan McCarthy, and more. Visit

Squeegee Enamel Pin from Yardsale Press

Screenprinters, take notice, Yardsale Press just released this awesome squeegee enamel pin. It’s 1.25″ wide and costs $8. Visit their Etsy Shop.

Mark Ryden Presents “The Gay Nineties Olde Tyme Music” LP (Onsale Info)

Tomorrow will see the release of a brand new LP curated by Mark Ryden. “The Gay Nineties Olde Time Music” features covers of the song “Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built for Two)” by Tyler The Creator, Katy Perry, Danny Elfman, Nick Cave, Kirk Hammett, and more. It comes pressed on 180 gram translucent red vinyl, has […]