The Craziest Thing Ever Happened at The Cotton Candy Machine Earlier This Month…

I’m wayyyy late on this news, but I wanted to let the readers here know about the insane situation that went down at The Cotton Candy Machine a few weeks ago. Long story short, paintings were stolen, there was a foot chase, one was recovered, and two are still missing. The details of the case […]

Help Poster Collector Jonathan Reynolds Fight Cancer

It’s always so heartbreaking to receive emails like this, especially near the holidays. Poster collectors Jonathan Reynolds and his wife Alison recently found out that Jonathan has stage IV rectal cancer. It came completely out of nowhere without symptoms or family history. On top of that, they’ve been dropped by their insurance company, making the […]

Adventures in Design Episode 33 with DKNG

The Adventures in Design train keeps on rolling with their thirty-third episode featuring DKNG. I haven’t listened yet, but I’m sure it’s great, just as they’ve all been. Visit

Adventures In Design Episode 32 Featuring Don Pendleton

Looks like a new episode of Adventures In Design just got posted, and this one features Don Pendleton, an artist who helped to sculpt the visual style of Alien Workshop and Element. I haven’t listened yet, but I’m sure it’s great. Visit

Adventures In Design Episode 31 – Daniel Danger

The Adventures In Design podcast keeps on rolling with one of their biggest guests yet, Mr. Daniel Danger. I haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but if I know Daniel, it’s likely an entertaining couple of hours. Grab it via

Adventures In Design Episode 30 Featuring Matt Taylor

The always colorful Adventures In Design team just took their thirtieth episode live, and this one features the incredible UK illustrator Matt Taylor. Listen now at

“The Black Widow” Laser Cut Skateboard Deck by Pat Fox

Pat Fox of the Apollo Collective just released this awesome, incredibly limited laser cut skateboard deck. “The Black Widow”, made in an edition of only 5, costs $350. Visit his shop.

True Black “True Cruiser” Skateboard Deck by Florian Bertmer

Ryan Begley’s new brand, True Black, is looking absolutely amazing so far. One of the most exciting products they’ve launched is this “True Cruiser” screenprinted skateboard deck by Florian Bertmer. Get it for $48 via

Koren Shadmi’s “To Die For” Pin-Up Calendar

Illustrator Koren Shadmi is currently running a Kickstarter to fund “To Die For”, a 2014 pin-up calendar. It’ll be 12″ x 18″, hand-bound, and can be had for $55. Visit his Kickstarter page.

Adventures In Design Episode 28 – Live from WMC Fest

Everyone’s favorite poster podcast just released their 28th episode. Recorded live at Weapons of Mass Creation Festival, this one features Adam Garcia, Jeff Finley, and Jason Teegarden-Downs. Grab it via

David D’Andrea X Converse

David D’Andrea, one of my all-time favorite artists, teamed up with Converse to create a custom shoe. For a limited time, you can design your own D’Andrea shoe, changing colors at will. Visit

Adventures In Design Episode 26 – Live in Chicago

Adventures in Design just put their 26th episode up for grabs. They recorded this one live in Chicago, and as per usual, it’s an entertaining show. Visit

Adventures in Design Episode 25 with Tom Whalen (Plus a Live Event!)

The always-entertaining Adventures in Design podcast  has a brand new episode up for downloading featuring Tom Whalen. It’s a great listen, highly recommended. Furthermore, they’ll be having a live taping in Chicago this week at Galerie F, so be sure to make it out if you can. More info at

A Couple Days Off…

I’ll be taking a couple of days off to enjoy this fine American holiday with my family. I suggest you do the same. See you Monday!

A New Set of Postcards from DKNG

The cool dudes over at DKNG just released a second set of postcards based on their artwork. For only $10, you get 16 4″ x 6″ cards. Visit