Adventures in Design #582 – OMG Posters April Countdown

If you’re into podcasts, and especially if you’re into listening to me grumble through the month’s poster news and gossip, check out this month’s episode of Adventures in Design with Mark Brickey. We count down April’s top ten posters, plus touch on a number of timely topics. Listen free at iTunes, or sign up at

Mike Mitchell Talks About his Upcoming Show at Mondo

With Mike Mitchell’s Mondo gallery show opening in two short weeks, I wanted to sit down and ask him a few questions about the body of work. I hope this gives people a little better idea of what to expect. For more info about the gallery, etc, visit For those that aren’t familiar with […]

Frank Kozik Interview at IPaintMyMind

Just read this cool interview with Frank Kozik over at IPaintMyMind. Give it a quick once-over if you have the time today. Visit

Kevin Tong on Fuse TV!

I just stumbled across this awesome clip of Kevin Tong being interviewed by Fuse TV. He’s one of the best in the business, for sure. Enjoy!

“A Distant Winter” Interview Number Three – Ken Taylor

I had originally planned to post this interview before the opening, but some first-birthday plans got in the way. However, the interview is no less awesome, and you can now see the complete show online at What can you tell me about the work you’ve completed for “A Distant Winter”? Does it follow any […]

“A Distant Winter” Interview Number Two – Martin Ansin

I was more than happy to get some answers out of Martin Ansin about his work in the upcoming “A Distant Winter” exhibition at Phone Booth Gallery. Ken is up tomorrow. Enjoy! What can you tell me about the work you’ve completed for “A Distant Winter”? Does it follow any kind of theme? I think […]

“A Distant Winter” Interview Number One – Rich Kelly

I took a few minutes to ask each of the three artists involved in the upcoming “A Distant Winter” show at Phone Booth Gallery (Martin Ansin, Ken Taylor, and Rich Kelly) a few questions about the work they contributed. First up is Rich Kelly, hope you enjoy. For more info, visit the show’s Facebook Page. […]

Adventures in Design Podcast – Episode 9 – Featuring Rob Jones and Mitch Putnam (Me!)

Adventures in Design just posted their newest episode, and it happens to feature an interview with Rob Jones and I. We talk about this site, Rob’s poster work, and a lot of Mondo stuff. Grab the download via iTunes.

An Interview With Jay Shaw About His Show This Weekend, Plus a Couple of Previews

In anticipation of Jay Shaw’s solo show opening at the Mondo Gallery on Friday, I asked him a few questions about the posters, his process, and his influences. You also get to peek at two more previews. Enjoy!! To start, can you tell us a little bit about what the show will actually entail? Definitely. […]

Tyler Stout Interview at Japan Cinema

Japan Cinema sat down with Tyler Stout for an awesome interview. The dude is one of the nicest, most humble artists working today. Check it out at

Jon Smith Interviews Drew Millward

Jon Smith does some pretty awesome/hilarious interviews. He recently sat down with Drew Millward and asked him a handful of (seemingly) completely random questions. Check it out here.

Shan Jiang Interivew

Japan Cinema recently posted this quick interview with China’s Shan Jiang. If anything can be learned here, it’s that he NEEDS to do more Mondo work in the near future. Check it out at

Hypebeast Interviews James Jean

I could read interviews with James Jean all day, I find his work endlessly fascinating. This new one is a gem, check out

ChangeTheThought Interviews Martin Ansin

You don’t often see interviews with Uruguayan illustrator Martin Ansin, so Changethethought’s recent sit-down with him is an absolute pleasure to read. Visit

Tyler Stout Interview at IPaintMyMind

My friend Evan put up an awesome interview with Tyler Stout yesterday. Check it out at IPaintMyMind.