All Pigs Must Die Preorder Package (Lots of Florian Bertmer Artwork)

I posted this the other day on OMGVinyl, then I realized you guys would probably be interested in the Florian Bertmer art print that’s included.  This is a preorder package for the new EP from Massachusetts hardcore band, All Pigs Must Die (check out a couple of tunes on their MySpace).  For $65, you get the […]

Dan Grzeca Mystery Tube Sale

Looks like this is the week of mystery tubes.  For $50, you can get a huge tube of test prints, misprints, back catalog stuff, etc from Dan Grzeca.  You’ll get 6-7 prints and a t-shirt.  Visit his Etsy Shop.

Brian Ewing’s Super Rad Box Set

To celebrate the release of his book, Brian Ewing has just released this “Super Rad Box Set”.  For $75, you’ll get a signed copy of his new book, a t-shirt (available in black or white), an exclusive button set, and the 8″ x 10″ giclee (edition of 100) pictured below.  This is an awesome deal. […] – New Logo Shirts and Apron

Let’s be honest about this, the vast majority of all people interested in concert posters got into this scene through, so it’s nice to throw some support their way whenever possible.  They are now offering shirts and aprons with their fresh new logo design by Bobby Dixon.  Show them some love at

“Cat-At” Art Print by Dan Grzeca

Dan Grzeca’s newest art print is a hilarious, ridiculous take on Star Wars.  “Cat-At” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint for $20.  It is also available as a shirt.  Visit his Etsy Shop.

New Megabolt Shirt/Art Print Set for Charity

Steven Kasprzyk (you might remember him from another fundraiser) has a great new charity t-shirt/print combo up for sale.  Some friends of his lost their six week old child to liver failure, so Steven had Auden Van Laeken, the late child’s cousin, design a t-shirt and print with all profits benefiting the Makenna Van Laeken […]

New Art Prints and a Watch by Brian Ewing

Brian Ewing has some exciting new stuff out.  First up, he has completed the second print in his “Las Muerte” series.  “Arañita (Spider Baby)” is an 18″ x 24″ giclee, has an edition of 75, and costs $100.  Visit Secondly, Mr. Ewing is the latest person to collaborate with Vannen Watches.  His “The Black […]

The Evil Dead Posters and T-Shirt from The Alamo Drafthouse (Onsale Info)

The folks at The Alamo Drafthouse will drop a whole load of items from their recent screening of The Evil Dead today.  Olly Moss’ poster is a 16″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 250, and will be $35.  Florian Bertmer’s poster is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 150, and […]

Nakatomi Mystery Tube Sale

Nakatomi is having another mystery tube sale, which means more great deals are to be had.  For only $50 you’ll receive either five prints or four prints and a t-shirt.  This can include slight misprints, scratch and dent stuff, test prints, etc.  Visit

“Greasebat Combat” Art Print by Jeff Lamm

To help fund the production of Jeff Lamm’s first vinyl toy, the folks at Monster Worship are selling some awesome shirts and prints that he recently did.  “Greasebat Combat” is an 11″ x 17″ screenprint, has an edition of 23, and is only $15.  The t-shirts are also $15 each.  Visit

Fright Rags + Mondo “Plan 9 From Outer Space” Package (Onsale Info)

Fright Rags and Mondo have teamed up to create an awesome package for the classic film, “Plan 9 From Outer Space”.  The t-shirt is by Brandon Minga and will come in pretty much every size imaginable.  The poster is by Todd Slater and is a 17″ x 25″ screenprint.  The edition for the package is […]

New Nakatomi Art Print and T-Shirt by Nick Derington

The new Nakatomi art print / t-shirt invitational is by Austin comic artist Nick Derington.  The 18″ x 24″ screenprint and the t-shirt will both be available for one month, or until 100 are sold, whichever comes first.  The print is $30, the shirt is $20, you can get both for $40.  Visit

“Sudyka” Black Metal Benefit Shirt by Mike Fisher

Previously an in-joke among poster artists and Flatstock nerds, the “Sudyka” black metal shirt is now available to the public.  Yes, this refers to Diana Sudyka, and to the fact that her last name sounds like a black metal band.  As if that weren’t good enough, the proceeds will benefit Mike Fisher’s daughter, who is […]

New Pushead Shirts at Upper Playground

You don’t see a whole lot of new stuff out of Pushead these days, so even a couple of new t-shirts are big news.  These can both be had for $24 each at Via Toybot Studios.

Alex Pardee Limited Edition Watch by Vannen (Onsale Info)

Vannen has teamed up with Alex Pardee’s Zerofriends to create a VERY limited new watch.  Produced in a scarce edition of only 40 pieces, each comes in signed, customized packaging (no two are alike).  Every watch will also include a limited edition art print.  These become available exclusively in Zerofriends’ NYC store on Saturday, March […]