Foxing Concert Poster by Teagan White

Holy cow, I’m in love with this new Foxing concert poster by Teagan White (one of the most underrated artists I can think of). It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an AP edition of 30, and costs $30. Visit her shop.

Teagan White

7 Responses to “Foxing Concert Poster by Teagan White”

  1. Amazing! Very happy to see her work popping up on the gigposter circuit.

  2. Really love this print. It was fun watching her paint part of it on Periscope. Her use of color is always so spot on too. Glad you turned me on to her work a while back.

  3. It’s an excellent imageā€¦ really dig it

  4. me too – grand!

  5. This is so. good.

  6. Damn, I had really wanted to nab one of these. She is so top notch.

  7. So glad, Looking forward to seeing more poster work from her down the line

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