Walton Ford Exhibition Poster

Wow, Walton Ford never ceases to amaze me. This poster for his new exhibition is a 20″ x 38″ digital print for $70. Visit PaulKasminGallery.com.

Walton Ford

6 Responses to “Walton Ford Exhibition Poster”

  1. The imagery isn’t really my cup of tea, as I’m not a big fan of snakes, but I find something undeniably beautiful about this piece. I would love to see this exhibition in person. I’m pretty blown away by the fact that the original is a watercolor. I haven’t seen many watercolor paintings with that level of detail. Not that I’m any kind of expert on watercolors 🙂

  2. Oh man! And I swore I wasnt going to purchase anything new this month, caved on day two…thank you Walton Ford!

  3. Outstanding! I only wish it didn’t have the exhibit info on it and it was a standalone piece, but the art itself is gorgeous. Love the mix of whimsical and sinister. Curious about the rest of the show!

  4. Pretty easy to cut a mount to cover over the exhibition info if it bothers you

    Very cool peice

  5. I love snakes, but am quite picky about snake themed art. This is great, and I’ve already placed my order.

  6. son of a bitch Walton ford is the best.

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