Giveaway: Win One of Three “Strange Attraction” Art Prints by Todd Slater

Well folks, I’ve got one hell of a giveaway for you today. Todd Slater reached out with the generous offer to give three lucky readers a copy of his sold-out “Strange Attraction” art print (an 18″ x 24″ screenprint). The first winner will receive the blue version (edition of 100), the second will receive the black variant (edition of 17), and the third will receive the red subscriber variant (edition of 38).

  • To enter, simply comment on this post.
  • Please only comment once, I will be checking, and you will not win if multiple entries are found.
  • If you don’t see your comment right away, please be patient, it is likely awaiting moderation.
  • The winners will be announced tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.

Huge thanks to Todd for providing the prints. As always, you can see more of his work at

EDIT: Using the random number generator at, the lucky commenters were determined to be 88, 537, and 731. Congratulations Steve, Bob, and Jimmy C. You’ve been contacted. Thanks to everyone else for entering, cheers!

Todd Slater

Todd Slater

Todd Slater

802 Responses to “Giveaway: Win One of Three “Strange Attraction” Art Prints by Todd Slater”

  1. All three versions look amazing

  2. Wow, this is stunning! I’d love to have one of these on my wall!

  3. Todd Slater is great!

  4. That would be great to win one of these posters!

  5. This print is absolutely beautiful!

  6. Love Todd Slater’s stuff!

  7. Wow, I love them! So pretty…. wish I can win the red :)

  8. Looks amazing!

  9. It would be amazing having this framed and hanging at my home!!!!

  10. These are so good.

  11. Great print! and great site! (this and your other incarnations)

  12. Awesome blue version. I want one.

  13. Three cheers for Todd!

  14. when my wife pets my peacock she turns into a fox and wakes up the lion inside of me while seeing the butterflies
    of satisfaction.

  15. Colors really pop out on the black paper.

  16. Love that dark blue variant! Beautiful stuff.

  17. Strange Attraction indeed!

  18. Todd Slater….Nuff Said!

  19. Great poster! I like the black one best.

  20. Wow. Great work on these. Loving the blue!

  21. Would love to have one of these prints!

  22. Cool, Thanks Todd. Keep up the great work.

  23. All three look great

  24. I’M A FREAKING PEACOCK! Let me spread my wings.

  25. Great work Todd!

  26. Missed this one, but own many great Slater prints & would love to add one of these to the collection… thanks!

  27. What a great poster and giveaway. Thanks!

  28. Stunning work by slater as usual…you can stare for hours at his pieces…simply mesmerizing!

  29. Amazing art… love it!

  30. Ta Todd and thanks to the OMG crew for running this. Best of luck people!*

    *By people I mean me. 😉

  31. wow love these, particularly the black, the detail is awesome.

  32. Majestic is probably the best way to describe these prints. Cracking stuff :)

  33. Beautiful work!

  34. Simply beautiful! I’m strangely attracted to to this print!

  35. Great print!!! Thank for the chance to win!!

  36. Awesome! I’ve been buying up ole Slater prints, but somehow missed this. Beautiful! I really like that Red!

  37. Thanks OMGV and Slater — you guys rock! :)

  38. Killer work from Todd! Thanks for the chance

  39. Sweet print!

  40. These are such beautiful prints. I tried to buy one when it came out (even though Christmas left me hard up for cash), but Todd’s website wasn’t working for me, and by the time it did they were already sold out!
    I was disappointed to say the least, so I’d be ridiculously ecstatic to get any of the colour variants- they truly are stunning.

  41. Thanks for the opportunity Todd and Mitch.

  42. This would be a great addition to any collection! Thanks for the chance!

  43. These are amazing! Very cool of you & Todd to do this giveaway

  44. Can’t decide which one I like best. I’ll take em’ all! :)

  45. I like the black one the best as well… very cool.

  46. They are all fab!!

  47. Awesome print; good luck!

  48. I absolutely love the black!

  49. Count me in

  50. Epic!

  51. Thank you for the opportunity! Cheers!

  52. Those prints look incredible… Good luck to everyone :)

  53. Awesome giveaway!

  54. You got the order right on 1st-3rd.

  55. Thanks for the giveaway Todd and Mitch! We used to raise peacocks when I was little

  56. Nice print!

  57. Now that’s an awesome print!

  58. Amazing, beautiful detail. Love them!

  59. That black variant looks like an amazing print. Thanks!

  60. Love the black variant

  61. Saw it the night before it sold out and passed. Don’t know what I was thinking. Maybe now?

  62. Love this art print! Todd slater is the man!

  63. Awesome giveaway and lovely prints, thank you!

  64. I love the black edition!

  65. wow, awesome print!

  66. Just thought i’d take a peak, OK ?

  67. As usual great piece Todd, would love to see it hanging in my daughters bedroom! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity OMG!

  68. Beautiful print by an amazing artist. Good luck to everyone entering.

  69. Great prints, Great giveaway

  70. Great print, thanks for the giveaway.

  71. Awesome print – would love to win one.

  72. awesome print. would love to have it.

  73. absolutely stunning.

  74. Nice work

  75. bummed I missed out on this one, great print, great giveaway

  76. very nice prints, would be happy to have any one of them in my collection.

  77. Great Print & Give Away!

  78. Peacocks!

  79. these look great!

  80. I want, please!

  81. Cool Print. Thanks!

  82. That peacock is great. I didn’t even see the black one in the store.

  83. Damn, this is easy on the eyes.

  84. wow. thats a beaut!

  85. Thank you!

  86. Wow- beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  87. Todd Slater does it again, great poster and giveaway. Thanks!

  88. Love the print!

  89. Boy oh boy it sure would be nice to have one of these fancy prints!

  90. Way cool!

  91. All three are stunning.

  92. Great stuff!!

  93. Thank you for the giveaway!

  94. Awesome!

  95. Awesome print! Thanks for the giveaway!

  96. Thanks for the Giveaway!!

  97. LOVE these prints!!

  98. All of these look fantastic!

  99. Oh gee, I sure do hope I win.

  100. Looks great!
    Thanks for the chance Mitch and Todd.

  101. Absolutely love this! All three are amazing!

  102. The red paper is absolutely stunning.

  103. These look excellent! We have a couple of peacocks on our farm; this would be a great addition :)

  104. I LOVE SLATER’S WORK!!! Seriously!! Great artist!!

  105. Cool print, pick me, pick me!

  106. Amazing work from Todd Slater. All are awesome but the black is my fave. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  107. Brilliant work! Fingers crossed!

  108. These are tight! Especially the Red!
    Thanks Mitch!

  109. In Hindu culture, the peacock is the mount of the lord Karthikeya, the god of war.
    Even though the Peafowl is native to India, in Babylonia and Persia the Peacock is seen as a guardian to royalty, and is often seen in engravings upon the thrones of royalty. The monarchy in Iran is referred to as the Peacock Throne.

    A follower from France .

  110. Very nice giveaway! Thanks!

  111. Beautiful print! :-)

  112. Love it!!

  113. Todd’s Lost In Translation is my favorite poster! I love his work.

  114. I would love to own one of those prints!

  115. Great use of line quality!!

  116. WOW! Gimme gimme gimme.

  117. Great print & great giveaway, please make my January blues go away

  118. Love these! Thanks for the chance to win.

  119. Looks great!

  120. These look great! Thanks for the chance.

  121. Very cool.

  122. Thumbs up for the great work Todd!

  123. yea freeness, peacocks, butterflies. go existence!

  124. Dear poster OMG, this is not a second comment to win the prize but prepared for why you therefore not publish my comment? While those posted later were. I sincerely believe that there is absolutely nothing offensive in my comment, it’s always good to mix art culture …. This is the name “Iran” that gives you trouble in my comment?

  125. Pure psychedelia. Amazing!

  126. Oh wow, I love peacock prints!

  127. Wow very cool thing of both you and Slater!

  128. I missed out in this art print & hopefully can score a copy.
    Awesome print

  129. Gorgeous print! And inspired by a Cure song too! I would love to see the red one in person. Thanks, Todd & Mitch!

  130. Amazing prints!

  131. great giveaways. Thanks for doing this!

  132. Would love to get one of these.

  133. Thanks Todd and Mitch. Slater slaying it as usual….

  134. Love the color scheme :)

  135. Free poster!

  136. Awesome, thanks!

  137. Fantastic offer… very kind. Congrats to those lucky enough to be picked…

  138. Slater’s the man. I’ll gladly toss my hat in the ring for this one!

  139. Amazing print! I hope I win!

  140. Awesome!!!

  141. Thanks for the chance at this giveaway!!!!

  142. Slater Alligator

  143. I didn’t know he had a black variant…
    It’s gorgeous! Would’ve bought if I had known.

  144. Slater Regulator.

  145. Love the number of animals he was able to add to this print.

  146. Amazing design by Slater! Would love to have one of these up on the wall

  147. Bummed it sold out before I could get one.

  148. these are very nice.

  149. Great print!!

  150. Awesome print and an awesome giveaway. Thanks!

  151. mmmmmmm…… that’s one sexy print

  152. Beautiful as usual! VERY NICE!

  153. Great stuff.

  154. Would love the red or the black! Great looking print!

  155. Gorgeous!

  156. Simply. Amazing.

  157. Awesome! Thanks!

  158. Nice work Todd!!

  159. a texas boy to be proud of! love todd’s work.

  160. awesome work Todd!

  161. Todd Slater rocks! Would love any one of these prints.

  162. Love me some Slater! Fingers crossed!

  163. Very nice prints!

  164. I just ordered my first Slater, and I hope to win one here!

  165. Nice looking bird!
    Wonderful work Todd!
    Thanks again..

  166. Todd’s work is awesome. Great giveaway!

  167. Love this print! Really admire slater as a fellow graphic designer. Hope I win!

  168. Amazing work as usual…just love that black!

  169. Todd Slater did it again! Love all the Variants!

  170. Looks awesome!

  171. Any of the 3 would be amazing to win–great print!

  172. Gimme some lovin´Todd me encanta su trabajo!

  173. Todd is Da’ Man!! Amazing Work!!!

  174. Yes, please!

  175. Slater is awesome. spend hours staring at these.

  176. hi.

  177. Wow, this would be an amazing gift for my girlfriend…

  178. Fingers crossed as well! Beautiful print and hope I get lucky with one.

  179. Holy cow, unbelievable detail! Stunning metallics too!

  180. Wow, that is a beautiful print.

  181. Amazing work by Todd, no surprise! This would be the perfect gift for one of my best friends who frames and hangs this beautiful art on his walls. His birthday is coming up next month and I know he’d love it even more than I do… If that’s possible :) Fingers and toes crossed!!!

  182. Incredible work. Love all three of them :)

  183. Love the print! The subtle wildlife imagery is great.

  184. Super sharp!

  185. Everything he does is awesome!

  186. I’d love to hang this up!

  187. Todd Stater is amazing. I would love to win one of these so much!!

  188. Hey, i’m a massive fan! I’ve bought your Muse poster and have it framed in my bedroom haha

  189. Would love to have one of these slaters. Thanks for the give away Todd and omg!

  190. Great work!

  191. The blue/regular edition is beautiful!

  192. That’s blue edition is very sharp, cool giveaway!!!

  193. Another masterpiece by the great Todd Slater!

  194. Very inspiring!

  195. Nice.

  196. This poster is sooooo good!
    Thanks for the giveaway Todd & OMG!!!!

  197. Slater is the man! Have his Zelda duo hanging in my house, love it, and a super nice dude too.

  198. Wow! What a giveaway! Todd and Mitch once again show how awesome they are! Missed this drop and just the chance to score one again is awesome!

    Thank you!

  199. Free posters!

  200. Awesome.

  201. Amazing work… as always!!

  202. Wow, that red looks fantastic. I have been waiting to see some pics of that version. Wish I could have grabbed a black on the drop, here’s hoping!

  203. I need this for my bedroom! <3 So Beautiful!

  204. Awesome print hope I get the chance!

  205. I love this print and artist – thanks for the chance at this giveaway!

  206. I kick myself every year for not becoming a Slater Subscriber

  207. Todd Slater kills it! Thanks!

  208. Todd’s work is amazing.

  209. Huge Slater phan!

    Please & Thank you.

  210. wicked awesome. want.

  211. Awesome – thanks guys!

  212. Todd slater is a mensch!

  213. Looks great!

  214. want…

  215. The list of Todd’s prints are eclectic and beautiful.
    Long may he continue to wow us with his art.

  216. Stunning as always.

  217. Todd Fucking Slater.

  218. Awesome work Todd, as usual!!!

  219. Todd skaters stuff is the ish!

  220. Love this Slater piece! I could hive it a great home!

  221. These posters look amazing…do want!

  222. The black one would go great with my Todd Slater Janes Addiction 2012 set…….butterflies and all.

  223. I will gladly take any color…..Thanks


  225. Beautiful prints – fantastic giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity!

  226. Great giveaway! Thanks for the 2nd chance at scoring one of these. Much appreciated.

  227. Nice looking prints.

  228. I have your Edward Sharpe poster and bought it more for the breathtaking artwork and love of horses then any devotion to the magnetic zeros. I am mesmerized by this one as well. My nickname for my girlfriend is peacock and I really would love this for her. This is just a stunning piece of art. Keep living the dream

  229. Todd you are an amazing artist! I would be luck to own one of your prints.

  230. I want that on my wall.

  231. those are some nice cocks todd

  232. TODD SLATER … you are gonna make my day with that giveaway!

  233. Love, love this print!
    Thanks for the shot at one, OMG and Todd Slater!

  234. Generic comment inserted.

  235. What a great looking print! Hopefully one of these days I’ll be able to make a poster like that.

  236. Love love love this print. Keep it up Todd

  237. Would love to own my first todd slater. Nice looking prints!

  238. awesome giveaway! thank you.

    ::crosses fingers::

  239. Would love to win one of those! Todd is one if my favorit designers.

  240. Todd’s brilliant work is a constant inspiration to me and my design work. He is the best, and I would be so happy to have this piece hanging in my new apartment/studio space. Amazing!

  241. Love Todd Slater’s work.

  242. peacocks and butterflies, just like whiskey and cocaine

  243. Beautiful prints!! I used to live with a Peacock and love them. I missed the drop…Thanks for the chance to win one Todd and Mitch!!
    Great work Todd!


  245. Absolutely beautiful prints and a very generous giveaway.
    Thanks for the opportunity !!

  246. Sweetness!!!!

  247. Thanks so much for the chance to win one of these!

  248. You are amazing Todd! Thanks for all you do!

  249. Rad!

  250. love that red variant!!

  251. Slater is a maniac – I can’t get enough of his art. Great idea for a giveaway!

  252. Sweet print Mr Slater. Thank for the giveaway OMG!

  253. Love this print! Would be wonderful to have one hanging on the wall.

  254. This site is the best! Thanks for all the work to share these amazing prints.

  255. Great prints, great giveaway!

  256. Nice!

  257. Love all of Todd’s prints.

  258. Would love to finally have a Todd Slater print!

  259. Todd is the man!!

  260. Love Todd and love free things!

  261. Killer

  262. Beautiful, as always mr slater.

  263. One of my favorite prints! Was super bummed I missed it!! Thank you for doing this giveaway, this is awesome :)

    Ps: that red one looks sweeeet!!!!

  264. Beautiful print would look great framed and hanging in our living room.

  265. Beautiful posters.

  266. Wow, that’s a beautiful print.

  267. So so so good! Would love to own one.

  268. Awesome print

  269. For the win.

  270. thanks for the opportunity!!

  271. Have a few slater prints. This would be a nice addition.

  272. These are awesome!

  273. Saw this and was sad to have missed the on-sale. Awesome work, Todd! Thanks for the giveaway!

  274. Love your work, Todd!

  275. These posters are very nice. I love the red variant!

  276. I can’t wait to hang this on my wall.


  278. I’d love one of these

  279. Great prints, great giveaway. Thanks Mitch and Todd!!

  280. Thanks man! These are sweet prints.

  281. Beautiful work.

  282. butterfly is the future ! love your work

  283. Such a cool artist and website. Cheers on the free giveaway!

  284. oo, nice! thanks for such a great giveaway!

  285. In Soviet Russia, print give away you!

  286. I would love to get the bronze medal! the red variant is amazing!

  287. Slater slays it again!

  288. Fingers crossed double for this print, lovey lovey love it!!!!

  289. Loving the red variant!

  290. Too Cool, Thank you for a chance!

  291. beautiful print!!! great giveaway as well. Thanks gentleman & keep up the great work Todd

  292. Awesome looking peacocks.

  293. Missed out the sale, loving the chance to win one here for these sweet prints!
    Good luck all.


  294. Amazing print! Thanks Todd!

  295. Shoot, man. That poster hurts my eyes.

  296. Nice print

  297. Beautiful prints! Well done Mr. Slater! 😉
    Thanks for the chance.

  298. Thank you so much for the opportunity. Missed on the drop, hopefully not here.

  299. both are fantastic

  300. Look into my eyes…So beautiful!

  301. So. Freakin. Good.

  302. Sick…!

  303. Each one beautiful, especially in red!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  304. Need some new art!

  305. Beauty!! That belongs next to my shiny turtle.

  306. This is dope and I totally wan to win!

  307. Amazing detail. My girlfriend’s last name is Peacock, so I’m obviously going to throw my hand in for one of these sweet babies.

  308. Beautiful! Well done – all three look great!

  309. Todd slater is amazing! My favorite poster artist by far. I bought one of his primus posters and would love another to hang on my wall.

  310. Love this! I’m a big fan!

  311. Todd is my fav poster artist – never disappoints and I love this one!

  312. My first art print was a Todd Slater. Still one of my favorites.

  313. Todd is the bestestestest(est)!

  314. these look awesome

  315. Beautiful print!

  316. (.)(.)’S!!!

  317. Beautiful !

  318. Braw

  319. Oh wow! Todd’s amazingly, vivid colors allowed me to overcome my colorblindness :) Love these prints! #cured

  320. Oh, my, those are so fine, I would love to win one :)

  321. THANKS!

  322. Digital fingers crossed.

  323. These look great!

  324. Great work again, Todd!

  325. Fantastic!

  326. Man I was late in getting tweets. I love the blue

  327. Gorgeous print as per usual Todd

  328. Great poster, thanks for the giveaway!

  329. Beautiful print Todd!

  330. What a beautiful print! My grandmother would love this :)

  331. Great stuff.

  332. This, is awesome. Thanks for the chance to own and display something so truly great. I look forward to the opportunity and hope I get to tell everyone the story behind it when they see it on my wall.

    Thanks again!

  333. Wow, these are awesome!

  334. Great Prints!

  335. Yes please~ Nice work Todd, thanks for the opportunity.

  336. Love Slater prints especially whammys please

  337. Killer prints, thanks for the chance!!

  338. That red would be sick!

  339. Beautiful prints!

  340. Peacocks are much prettier than pigeons

  341. Nice peafowl

  342. the black version rules. love Todds stuff

  343. This is an absolutely gorgeous print, i’d love to see it up close!

  344. Nice print !!!

  345. Todd Slater is amazing! Would love to proudly hang one of those prints in my apartment!

  346. Great prints!

  347. Incredible detail and design. Thanks Mitch and Todd! OMGPeacocks!

  348. Great Print!

  349. As usual, a beautiful print.

  350. Thanks! Proud as a peacock

  351. These are beautiful. Would love to get my hands on one.

  352. Happy New Year!

  353. Awesome!

  354. This poster is awesome. Love the subtle images inside of it. The Tiger face.

  355. Fantastic work TS!

  356. I would like to enter this contest

  357. More awesome eye-candy from the talented Mr. Slater.
    Keep up the great work! Any of these would be proudly framed and displayed in my home. Thanks for the chance.

  358. WANT!

  359. Amazing piece of work. Fly like a Peacock!

  360. Now that is a nice print I would like to add to my collection.

  361. All are beautiful, but I like the black the best.

  362. Yes, this will do.

  363. the art is awesome. Todd is a great artist.

  364. I want to add one of these prints to my redesigned bedroom. For Xmas I purchased my wife the Fleetwood Mac print for the room and one of these would be great in there too!!!!This current style Todd is exploring has produced some very powerful images. LOOK AT HIS WEBSITE!!!! It’s madness! I’m very proud to have a WEEN – NYE – Denver poster of this style too, from the show!!!!

    Thanks Todd – great work man!!!!
    Thanks OMG Posters!


  365. Love this….count me in!!

  366. love Love LOVE these!!!!!!!

  367. Awesome print Todd!

  368. black variant looks killer !

  369. Yay ! beautiful !

  370. An attractive giveaway–thank you for the opportunity!

  371. Tre splendidi lavori. Complimenti!

  372. cheers for the chance Todd & Mitch

  373. Very nice! Thanks so much.

  374. So cool!

  375. O’Doyle Rules!

  376. Beyond amazing! My fingers are crossed!

  377. Slater has done it again. These posters are awesome!

  378. I would hang this on my WALL

  379. Great work Todd, thank you for the chance!

  380. Thanks to Mitch & Todd!

  381. Beautiful Print!

  382. Beautiful print!

  383. great giveaway! thanks!

  384. Black version is my favorite, awesome print.

  385. very nice giveaway! thx much! :)

  386. Very cool, would love to win.

  387. Nice work and good deal.

  388. Nice giveaway! Awesome print!

  389. Tried to grab this beauty from Todd- amazing print!!!
    Thanks for all the hard work OMG!!!

  390. Sensual!

  391. Looks Awesome Todd!!!

  392. Love it!

  393. Wow, these are absolutely gorgeous. Would love to have one hanging on my wall!! Very generous to give these away

  394. Those posters are amazing! Thanks for the giveaway

  395. Awesome print! Count me in!

  396. Woah! beautiful prints!

  397. Beautiful artwork

  398. Really amazing work! Thanks for the chance Todd and Mitch!

  399. Hope I win, these are absolutely beautiful! Thanks Todd for the chance at these!

  400. Awesome. Would love to have one.

  401. Gorgeous poster. Thanks for the giveaway

  402. That black variant is killer!

  403. Beautiful print!

  404. Hello Todd!

  405. The red subscriber one kills.

  406. yeeee

  407. These look awesome…love the colors. Great work!

  408. Cool print. Huge Todd Slater fan! Pick me, Pick me…

  409. Great work by Slater! Thanks for the opportunity!

  410. Delicious bit of work.

  411. Thanks for doing the give-away!

  412. ^ ^

  413. Love these – have a few of Todd’s pieces – his Ween Cheshire Cat is my favorite so far, but this will give it a run for it’s money!!

  414. Wonderful print!

  415. Absolutely Mind blowing. Litteraly. i want one

  416. Thanks for the giveaway!

  417. Looks great!

  418. These are something, alright. Kudos to Todd on the art, and to myself for winning (don’t make me a liar, Mitch).

  419. AMAZING!

  420. very very nice !

  421. Cool piece. Coincidentally an open space on my wall…

  422. Awesome!

  423. Awesome prints!!! Love them all!!!

  424. Would love to win one of these!

  425. This is some beautiful Shit

  426. We need this in our studio in Amsterdam.
    I will be as happy as a peacock is spreading his feathers!

  427. WOW!! This print is destined to be mine!! I thought all hope was lost when I missed the drop on Todd’s site!! Can’t thank you guys enough for this chance!!

  428. I love Todd’s work. I’m dying to showcase his prints in my new home! This one is one of his best.

  429. Love Todd Slater’s work. Would be honored to own one of these beauties.

  430. Awesome. Good work!

  431. Excellent! Thanks for the chance!

  432. Really awesome work.

  433. Who doesn’t love a Slater giveaway? Thanks, Todd & OMG!!!

  434. Awesome!!

  435. what an incredible print and just as incredible of a giveaway. props todd and omg. gl to us all.

  436. Woah those are gorgeous! Fingers crossed!!

  437. Great looking prints!

  438. The red one is beyond insane. Love your style.

  439. The black one is so cool!

  440. Gives me the ol’ collywobbles in my belly.

  441. Nice Prints! Would love to win one!

  442. beautiful print, Todd!

  443. This Looks amazing

  444. Well done Todd and thanks for all your contributions to the poster community.

  445. Fingers Crossed on this one!!! And toes crossed too!

  446. All three look beautiful. Thanks Todd and OMG for the chance.

  447. Very, very generous offer. I’m framing mine for the kids’ room if I win the lottery here.

  448. Wonderful Print

  449. Those are amazing! Want want want!

  450. Great job on the print!

  451. Wow. That is stunning/

  452. I need some new art for the wall…

  453. Slater has been killing it latley, he’s deffinatley got me hooked with these prints

  454. Those variants look great!!!

  455. Hell yes trippy peacock

  456. extraordinary

  457. Good luck everyone! This is an awesome print.

  458. I Love the Blue / Gold Color combination!

  459. Thanks! These look great!

  460. Love these prints!

  461. Just had a peacock themed wedding in October! These prints are amazing, as I would expect from Mr. Slater! Well done!

  462. Oh I hope I win!

  463. sweet. yay. things. mitch.

  464. Love these! Love Todd Slater! Please pick me. I never win anything. Lol.

  465. Beautiful print.

  466. These are sweet! Would love to hang on my wall

  467. So excited to see Todd getting more and more coverage, especially with such a great looking print. Here’s to hoping for a Red variant!!

  468. Amazing line work. Would love to see this on my wall!

  469. Just awesome. He’s got skill.

  470. Another great piece from Todd and a fantastic giveaway!

  471. These are so amazing! I would love to win and would be a beautiful addition to my walls at home!

  472. Love this print!

  473. Beautiful work! Would love to get my hands on either one of those to add to the collection!

  474. Really great work here, Todd. Was sad to miss out on the drop last week, but here’s hoping for some redemption!

  475. Thanks!

  476. Great print Todd. Can’t wait to see it in person.

  477. wow… they are amazing!

  478. Really pretty!!

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    Remember MLK, he got shot one day, for trying to lead the way, and make a brighter day. Remember people.

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