“Ups and Downs 2013” Print Portfolio by KAWS (Onsale Info)

Well, you’d better have some serious coin if you’re after this new KAWS print set, but hey, someone does, right? “Ups and Downs 2013″ includes ten 23″ x 35” screenprints, has an edition of 100, and costs $24,000/set. These go up today (Friday, November 1st) at 12pm Eastern Time. Visit KAWSOne.com.


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  1. WHAT!?

  2. Thats the same thing that popped in my head, WHAT?!

  3. So this set will bring in $2.4 million??? Very interested to know the profit margin.

  4. outrageous

  5. Does anyone know if i can order more than one set ?

  6. Frak that!!!

  7. Wait, wait, wait…WHAT?!

  8. this is just stupid

  9. @archer, the set will actually bring in, if they are all sold, $2.88 Million because on top of the regular edition of 100, there are also 20 AP sets…

  10. how much!?

  11. who does this kit kat think he is? I guess this set ain’t for the people.

  12. So, basically, I could either afford to buy a few brand new cars, or 10 prints..

  13. It actually sold out

  14. Coming soon to James Francos house.

  15. I’m doing something wrong…

  16. Who the frack would pay that?

  17. Each print $2400. Cost to print…maybe $40. So, profit 2.36 million. Unless I am missing something.

  18. SOLD OUT?!?

  19. I wonder how much he’ll be selling the APs for… there are 20 of those!

  20. WOW!!! Some people REALLY, REALLY like Kaws.. But i guess its not different than if you can afford a $20000 bottle of Dom Perignon that is housed in a Jeff Koons container.. All I can say, is KAWS is getting PAID!!! and good for him on that one..

  21. +2

  22. I got a bag of pennies ready.

  23. It has to be because he’s such an established popular New York artist. He can put any price on anything and his fans will pay it.

  24. so to all you struggling artists out there let this be a lesson… stop trying to spend time being creative and coming up with original ideas or concepts, just take some bubbly headed skull and cross bones and put it on the head of pop culture cartoon characters…

    then later you can sell a series of 10 prints of uninspiring boring shapes and colors for millions.

  25. i am gonna assume that none of the money from these prints is going to the illustrator who created sponge bob

    who needs original ideas when you’ve got pop culture.

    who can draw the pirate turtle? you too can be an artist with your art hanging in museums!

  26. reading these comments I’m finding it hard to believe anyone here is either not familiar wit,h or ignorant to, the work of KAWS, his history and influence in street art, street fashion, vinyl collectibles and fine art.

    Sure the prints are ridiculously expensive, but this man has more than paid his dues for years on end and has the respect of the world’s finest pop artists and collectors of fine art. KAWS is a master of his craft and to complain about the price of his prints is like complaining about the price of a Ferrari 458 over a Toyota Corolla.

  27. The man is selling like few others at the moment, not surprised that his prints sell out at any price. They are downright affordable and accessible compared to most of his output.

    This is an editioned work, not a one off, so my guess is there is some licensing involved with Sponge-Bob characters as well.

  28. Ridiculous. I could have painted that.

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