Collaborative Art Print by Kai and Sunny / Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

Holy cow, I guess if you want Shepard Fairey to release his best art print of the year, just have him collaborate with Kai and Sunny. This one is a 22″ x 30″ screenprint, comes in two colorways (editions of 200), and will cost $125 each. Some copies will be sold in-person at their show opening at Subliminal Projects this Saturday (more info here), while the rest will go online Thursday, September 12th at a random time via

Kai and Sunny / Shepard Fairey

Kai and Sunny / Shepard Fairey

Kai and Sunny / Shepard Fairey

6 Responses to “Collaborative Art Print by Kai and Sunny / Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)”

  1. Gold and Silver PiƱatas. Me Rikey:)

  2. Anyone have any suggestions for someone trying to buy this? Does anyone tweet that they are on sale? Or should I just constantly refresh the page all day?

  3. No tweets. Wait for print sale button on Obey site where all other prints are for sale. I like to refresh the Prints button instead of refresh; little closer, save time. Takes u Paypal have funds available in primary account available or paypal ready so I log in and am out fast. Then goes back to OG which has few more pages to go through. One of them has your info filled in already except last name. I fill in my last name 2x next to the star bullets asking fill on quickly. Bottom buttons proceed. Final page too on bottom hit button finalize.

    Your info should already be in Obey database if you’ve bought something from them before. I’ve heard some people say they have paypal open already before. I always login and am still pretty successful. Sorry if this is confusing but most of it is hurry hurry hurry. Good luck!
    +1 gold

  4. Thanks for the advice, however what do you mean by refresh the prints button? And do you by any chance know if it is going to be in the “prints” category: or the “large format prints” section:

    Thanks again, I appreciate it

  5. Release Date: TOMORROW, Sept. 12, 2013 at a random time between 10am and 11am PST in PRINTS.

    Top left PRINTS. Refresh that or keep clicking. That’s how I do, so mouse arrow is closer to buy button at moment it drops.

    Also don’t refresh a page if you don’t have to. Let the pages load and be patient for them. I only refresh when there is a sorry website temporarily down or something like that.
    If its taking to long to load a page cut paste to another window page and refresh.
    People have different styles to this but that was mine.
    Good luck!!!

  6. Oh, I saw drop in @ obey Facebook if you wanna double check.

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