Adventures In Design Episode 26 – Live in Chicago

Adventures in Design just put their 26th episode up for grabs. They recorded this one live in Chicago, and as per usual, it’s an entertaining show. Visit

Adventures in Design

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  1. these guys are such turds

  2. The main guy is a little bitter. He’s criticized some pretty good posters while his stuff isn’t all that great. He’s really sharp and quick witted however.
    I think overall though it’s an entertaining show and nice they are doing it considering it’s more of a labor of love.

  3. the 2 main guys are total soft bodies, james flames has some great artwork though

  4. Don’t like it? Don’t download/listen to it.

  5. Why pick on their artwork? This post is about a podcast, if you don’t like it, don’t listen. If you don’t like their artwork, don’t buy it. Stop being so negative. Also if you are going to criticize others artwork, maybe you should get your own podcast or at least include a link to your art so we can see how “good” you guys are!

  6. (EDITED) These guys are fantastic,
    although Mark does take the spotlight much more often, he’s done this with complete awareness and admitted it numerous times.
    The podcast is entertaining and has some educational value for us in the field, because honestly, they are more successful than i am-i hope to one day be as close to having that much success in my life, all 3 of these dudes fall into this, and are awesome..besides never answeing my “fire or hire” post 😀 ha!

  7. They’ve got worthwhile advice in every episode. With the added benefit of not being boring like the majority of other design related podcasts.

  8. It’s a solid podcast, gets me through tons of work and lets me know the stuff that bothers me bothers others too.

  9. Guys, its a free podcast, dont like it dont listen. Listening inspires me to produce better design. I own a many Hero and Delicious posters and with luck I’ll grab a james flames print soon. For me Brickamania runs rampant (unless he’s singing).

  10. Best podcast out there. Excellent guest. Got a laugh & education from every episode.

  11. Love this podcast. Billy is the best.

  12. I’d let them lay their podsperm in eargina any time.

  13. Hey first three guys: I’d love to see your work, since apparently Mark, Billy and James aren’t good enough to talk smack about design and you are. In the mean time I’ll keep listening to the best goddamn poster design podcast there is. Circle of Trust. Motherfuckers.

  14. Sorry guys but I have to disagree with the negatives on this one… AID is, as Alan put it, a solid podcast. The biggest thing I like is that they talk about all kinds of things; the ups and downs of this business. Look it’s an absolute waste of valuable time to sit and try to talk about something in a very PC kind of way. If it pisses you off and you have an opinion (good, bad, or indifferent) then fuckin’ man (or woman) up and say it. Cause if you don’t say exactly what you mean exactly the way you mean it then it can cause confusion and confusion waist the time of everyone involved.

    Are they all the absolute best at what they are doing, fuck I don’t know… but THEY don’t seem to think so. Although I would have to admit that they must be doing something right cause Mark is MC’ing the WMC this year! So fucking wish I could go… They are always talking about how this shop or that person is bad ass. But they are also pointing out how we as a society are becoming complacent and wanting others to do the heavy lifting for us. People who cut corners, cheat, steal, or otherwise take away from the business and/or the art form need to be fucking called out and if you don’t like that then let me tell you two things… First off… STOP FUCKING LISTENING YOU FUCKING FUCKTARD… you don’t have to listen to them. No one has a gun to your head! Secondly, you are probably on kickstarter right now trying to get someone else to pay your fucking way in life instead of doing it your damn self! So fuck you from beginning to end!!

    I have to agree with Taso on the fact that this is a labor of love… it’s crazy how much comes out of each episode and the time it must take to put it all together… I wouldn’t want to have to pay that bill out of my pocket!

    SO to all the haters… You’re going to be haters no matter what and we all know that and we all know that your neurotic negativity is a total smoke screen for the fact it’s really only you that you hate. It’s not AID’s fault you were born little! Deal with it!!

  15. well I love the show. I think a lot of designers think as I do, that these guys speak our minds all the fucking time. They say what a lot of us would say about the industry. Why? because they do what we do, have the same kind of failures and victories and bad days and good days. so bless ’em and let them do what they do for a long time.

  16. Damn straight! This podcast is groin-grabbingly awesome and Mark and Billy rule.

  17. Well, for starters, AID is a fucking killer podcast in general, not just compared to other design-related podcasts. Freakanomics, TED Talks, Radiolab, Design Matters are all fine, but there’s no podcast I look forward to more than AID.

    And as far as Mark & Billy being bitter, I think you’re missing the point. From the first episode on, they’ve made it clear that the show wasn’t going to pull any punches and in some cases, call bullshit on anyone who’s ripping off other artists or just peddling shithouse art / design. Or people doing shit like unlicensed movie posters and then selling digital prints of it for around $150 while artists like James Flames, Mark & Beth, Billy, and plenty of other authentic artists are selling their handmade art for $30 a piece. That’s pretty fucked.

    I’m glad that Mark, Billy & James are willing to call people out for being fuckwits. Why not? After all, if people have a problem with it – don’t download the fucking podcast!

    The Circle of Trust DOES run deep & for good reason. TEAM MARK BILLY AND JAMES!

  18. Hands down my favorite podcast. Outstanding quality and content through all of their episodes so far. I’ve learned so much about the business and living of freelance design from listening to this podcast. Mark is a born raconteur (I even find myself looking forward to the plugs for French Paper Company, they’re so entertaining–and I hate commercials.) and Billy never fails to step up and tell it how he sees it. James Flames is a newer addition to the permanent cast and I love what he’s contributed so far. It takes guts to lay it out on the table the way they do, risking reputation in the design community (and pussy drive-by insults like in this comments section) to offer personal insight and call out bullshit. Just for introducing me to the gig poster world that I had no idea existed until I listened to this podcast, they have my thanks forever.

    tl;dr: AID has my highest recommendation.

  19. Total soft body, should be called Cupcake design

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