“Haru” Time-Limited Art Print by Ken Taylor

Phone Booth Gallery is currently selling a new Ken Taylor art print as a timed edition. “Haru” is a 17″ x 36″ screenprint for $35. Visit PhoneBoothGallery.com.

Ken Taylor

3 Responses to ““Haru” Time-Limited Art Print by Ken Taylor”

  1. Pretty cool…large 10 color print including red metallics for $35 is a great deal.

  2. Love the idea of time limited releases, good luck!

  3. Paul, I couldn’t agree more!

    Good art is good art regardless of if there’s only one copy, or 5,000!

    Too many people are in this to invest and make money which makes it harder for the people who actually love the art to be able to get it and hang it up. I’ve been shut out of Mondo releases only to see about a quarter of the print run already up on ebay 20 minutes later for 4x the original price.

    I appreciate when artists like Ken Taylor do timed releases because then you know how many people are actually in it because they like the print and not because they think they can flip it to make money!

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