“Heroes” Blindbox Art Prints by Olly Moss

If you like video games, you should probably grab some of these time-limited art prints by Olly Moss. The “Heroes” blindbox prints are 5″ x 5″ giclees for $15 each (or three for $40). They are packed randomly, and ratios are listed below. They’re not around long, so grab them up now via Olly’s shop.

Click the image to see it larger:

Olly Moss

12 Responses to ““Heroes” Blindbox Art Prints by Olly Moss”

  1. Dammit. I was really excited for a second, until I read that they were randomly packed. There are only three that I want, and I’m not going to pay 40 bucks if I’m likely going to get three that I don’t want.

  2. Same as Walter.

  3. nothing like trying to profit from others intellectual property!

  4. Trying? This artist is going to make bank.

    Also, how broke are some of you clowns that you cannot invest 13.33$ on a chance to get a piece of artwork you like? Broke ass fake collectors.

    Get a job, playa. – E

  5. Quite the homo-erotic homepage delta

  6. Can you buy more than one random set?

  7. Looks like the answer is yes.

  8. @Flip-a-sauraus: Yes, you can buy more than one. But they only guarantee that you will “not to get the same print twice in a SINGLE three-pack”, meaning that if you buy two, three, etc, you could potentially wind up with a bunch of duplicates.

  9. @Walter I will afford you the opportunity to pre-reserve your favourites today at the super-low price of 80$ each. Act now! Will ship once in hand. – E

  10. Utterly devoid of any signs of creative integrity. I’m sure he’ll sell a truck load…

  11. Olly moss is the new shepard fairey. Nothing intresting about these pieces at all. Just catering to the internet masses

  12. How dare he not be completely original and interesting in something he was just doing in his free time. And now he is just catering to the internet masses that asked him to sell them his doodles…..how dare he.
    (do I need to mention sarcasm?)

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