Martin Ansin’s Taxi Driver Poster (Onsale Info)

You’ll get one last shot at Martin Ansin’s Taxi Driver poster tomorrow. It’s a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an AP edition of 55, and will cost $225. It goes up tomorrow (Thursday, April 25th) “around” 2pm Central Time. Visit

Click the image to see it larger:

Martin Ansin

18 Responses to “Martin Ansin’s Taxi Driver Poster (Onsale Info)”

  1. I was hoping for $200, but what’s another $25 at this point? Just glad too see that 55 of us are getting a shot!

  2. nice price, lol

  3. Why so expensive? I know. I’m too cheap!

  4. It’s reflective of the aftermarket prices at the moment.

  5. This is still the lowest price you’re going to find for this piece.

  6. Cheaper on eBay. – E

  7. 225…god damn

  8. As long as the majority if not all is going to the artist, as I’d much rather give them $ than the flippers.

  9. great poster, but a little rich for my blood at the mo. happy hunting folks!

  10. I wonder if any of these will end up on ebay?

  11. Considering this was an event exclusive, I’m very pleased to see that we have a chance at scoring this poster – but I’m disappointed by the price. We get the chance at the print, but at little to no difference than what we’d have to pay the flippers unfortunately.

  12. Great googly moogly – That’s brisk.

  13. The artist deserves every penny he can get from this awesome poster and doesn’t owe it to anyone to give it away at a flippable price. I think the 30% discount from ebay price is generous enough.

  14. I don’t think anyone begrudges an artist making money. It’s just kind of annoying when one person pays a crazy amount for a poster and now 225 is a discount.

  15. Looks like one sold on eBay Monday for $375. I see five listed right now, for $300, $350, $400, $450 and $523. Show me any other place where you can get this print for $225. This is, at worst, $75 cheaper than eBay prices. (And those prices will only be going up after the AP sale.) To me, $75 is a significant price difference. This is absolutely your last chance to get this print at that cost.

    If you want to own it, this is your best bet. If you want to flip it, you’re going to pay $240 shipped for this–assuming you sell it for $300 on eBay and lose $40 between the eBay and Paypal fees (10%+3%), you just made twenty bucks. Congratulations!

  16. What time did these end up getting released? I started refreshing the page at 1:35 pm CST. It still read releasing around 2pm on the item page but also said out of stock as it did yesterday, which I think it default for new items.
    Throughout my constant refresh I never saw an available total for stock. All of a sudden it said sold out. I was refreshing every 2 -3 seconds. Anyone else try to grab one?

  17. I’ve never understood this mentality that a street artist can release a screen print for hundreds of $$ each but an illustrator is not suppose to. If Brainwash can release a stencil of a photograph for $300 a pop then I value this incredible work of art at $3000 each then.

  18. @ Beans

    A lot of factors involved. Mostly HYPE!

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