Giveaway: “Our Lady of the Dead” Art Print by Dan Mumford (Plus Onsale Info)

Another day, another shot at an awesome art print for free. Warpaint Press has sent over a copy of their upcoming Dan Mumford print, “Our Lady of the Dead”, for a lucky reader.

  • To enter, simply comment on this post.
  • Please only comment once, I will be checking, and you will not win if multiple entries are found.
  • If you don’t see your comment right away, please be patient, it is likely awaiting moderation.
  • The winners will be announced tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.

As far as the general sale, it’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 200, and wil cost $30. If you want the sure shot, these will be released today (Monday, April 8th) at 11am Eastern Time. Visit

Using the Random Number Generator at, the lucky number was found to be 286. Congratulations George S., you’ve been contacted. Thanks for entering!!!

Dan Mumford

318 Responses to “Giveaway: “Our Lady of the Dead” Art Print by Dan Mumford (Plus Onsale Info)”

  1. Amazing print. Absolutely love Dan Mumfords work and style.

  2. Very nice!
    This could be a cover artwork for a Mariachi/Rock- Band!

  3. Me please!

  4. So thats lana del rey right?

  5. this i a wonderful piece, colors… of reds/oranges.

  6. Hello there! And stunning print by the way

  7. Nice print!

  8. Da bomb!

  9. Yes, please and thank you.

  10. Beautiful! Yes please! :)

  11. Dan Mumford is the master of lights and reflection!

  12. Great print, love the eyes.

  13. Count me in!

  14. Outstanding work! Enter me in!

  15. Love it!

  16. Like it. Pick me pleassseeeeee!!

  17. that’s a nice print!
    hope i win

  18. Great Print, would look awesome on my wall…

  19. Dawn of the Dead!!

  20. would love to hang this print on my wall

  21. awesome piece – fits my bedroom nicely.

  22. Yes please!

  23. YEs Sir!!

  24. Wow, love it, stunning colour & detail.

  25. Beautiful piece by Dan!

  26. Great art work!

  27. hard to get something fresh out of the whole day of the dead idea. but this is really stunning

  28. Gorgeous Print!

  29. This is a unique and beautiful take on Day of the Dead artwork. I love the warmth of it.

  30. fingers crossed

  31. Beautiful work!

  32. Thanks for the giveaway Mitch!

  33. Really digging this one. Hot colors, would look killer in my office.

  34. This would look great on my wall and I’ve already got a frame for it!

  35. Awsome! thank you

  36. Let’s do this!

  37. me likey

  38. Awesome. Thanks


  40. Rad print! Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. Sweet.


  43. nice print

  44. Love it

  45. Awesome print!!!

  46. very nice, would look good in my party room…

  47. ¡un día para los muertos atractivos!

  48. Great job!

  49. Dia de la muertos meets lowbrow…sweet!

  50. Yay!

  51. Ima gunna win

  52. yes! I want, please.

  53. Fantastic print

  54. Nice! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  55. free poster!

  56. Gorgeous print. It’s like she’s dying just for me.

  57. Great color beautiful execution…

  58. Sure would be nice to win. :)

  59. this comment is way to low to get picked, its always
    like 100 something

  60. Yes please – great print.

  61. Great colors

  62. Yeah! So cool!

  63. This print must be mine!

  64. Sweee-eet!

  65. pick me, pick me…

  66. Dia de los Muertos

  67. Thank you for the chance at this. Beautiful print!

  68. that’s a nice one.

  69. Beautiful print!

  70. Very nicely done.

  71. Looks awesome!

  72. want it!

  73. Nice print, looks great. remind me a bit of a some of Brian Ewings work

  74. Very Nice!

  75. Awesome!

  76. Hope i’ll be lucky !!!!

  77. Red rum…..ooops I mean red nose.

  78. Pick me!

  79. Excellent! Yes Please!

  80. Awesome!

  81. Very evil, yet religious.

    Thanks Mitch!


  83. Very nice. Thanks for another chance at a giveaway!

  84. Nice print! Hope to see it on my wall.

  85. Dan rocks – his band with his sons however are a pile of wank

  86. perfectly evil

  87. Awesome as always, thanks for running these contests!

  88. suuuuuure

  89. Very cool design!

  90. Yes please!!

  91. …as always, Thanks Mitch & thank you Warpaint

  92. Sweet print. I’m in

  93. Do want!

  94. Very cool!!

  95. Looks Great! Thanks!

  96. Nice print, love the sugar skull theme.

  97. love the crazy tats on her face

  98. Thanks.

  99. I like it.

  100. Another amazing print by a genius artist.

  101. Sweet!

  102. Very cool to be offering this up! Thought I’d throw my naem in the hat…

  103. I want it!

  104. great art print, gotta have

  105. cool

  106. looks great!

  107. Gorgeous work! Did he use Lana Del Rey for reference?

  108. Awesome print!

  109. This needs to be hanging on my wall.

  110. Yes Please! Thanks You.

  111. awesome piece of art!

  112. Great print!

  113. Winners win things!!! And this print is wintastic!!!

  114. Dia de los Muertos
    is this print 6 months early or 6 months late?

  115. Nice.

  116. Great print, love it…

  117. Count me in!

  118. Dude. All Day.

  119. Awesome print!!!

  120. nice one

  121. Yes, please! Love Mumford’s work!

  122. I one!! Thanks guys…

  123. great print!

  124. The colors that they can produce today are amazing…

  125. IN!!!!11 domo!

  126. Im in!

  127. I’m a sucker for some calavera!

  128. Sweet! Good luck everyone!

  129. Double yes! Please let me win this!

  130. Very nice!

  131. You’ve got your left hand
    You’ve got your right hand
    You’ve got praying hands
    They pray for no man

  132. Simply beautiful. Would really love to own this print. Fingers crossed !!

  133. Thanks in advance for picking mee!!!

  134. Awesome – thanks!

  135. Woo Hoo!

  136. Very Cool and intense. Thanks!

  137. its mine, back off

  138. sick print! thanks Mitch

  139. Excited!

  140. Dig it!!

  141. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  142. Everything this man touches is golden. Those roses are so simple but still spectacular.

  143. A lot going on in that print. Thanks!

  144. damn.

  145. Contest comment!

  146. Very nice!

  147. Lana del Rey maybe

  148. Proper Bo!

  149. sweet print

  150. Nice!

  151. Pick your nose.

  152. Dead. Sexy.

  153. Praise be to God!

  154. Amazing!

  155. Dang, that is a cool looking print

  156. Gorgeous print, best of luck to everyone!!

  157. Count me in!

  158. New to the site! Love all of it!

  159. Love it!

  160. Very awesome, has all of my favorite colors in it.

  161. WANT!!!!

  162. This is an incredible looking print!

  163. Gorgeous!!!!

  164. This print and I were meant to be together. Make it happen internet leprechauns!

  165. Nice Giveaway!!

  166. Please, i like this

  167. Nice!!


  169. Dude

  170. Amazing print. Love the colors!

  171. Very cool print and the Lana Del Ray comments are cracking me up !!!!

  172. The dead shall rise…thanks Mitch!

  173. Wonderful colors on this print. Would look amazing in my den!

  174. Thanks again

  175. Beautiful print! Thanks!

  176. Love it!

  177. Beyond epic!

  178. Really gorgeous poster.

  179. this rocks thanks

  180. Love Love Love

  181. Mumford is THE MAN.

  182. Sweet!

  183. Flippy flo flava

  184. Mine

  185. Beautiful!!!’

  186. Holy Hell. NEED!

  187. first comment, first like

  188. Great poster design – love it!

  189. This print is beautiful. I would give it a good home.

  190. Amazing print! …..want

  191. Really nice!, it would be so sweet win it.

  192. Love the style. Congrats to whoever wins!

  193. Me want!

  194. Contests on my favorite blog? Love it!

  195. :)

  196. Not usually my cup of tea, but quite nice!

  197. Amazing print! I want this SO BAD!

  198. Man Hands!!!

  199. has dan ever thought of doing a deck of cards? Our Lady here would make a killer queen of hearts

  200. so dead… so lady…

  201. This is so sick !

  202. This is so sick !

  203. Good times

  204. Dan Mumford: Amazing as always…

  205. Amazing!

  206. Amazing image! it really captures what Mexico’s Day of the Dead represents while also giving an eerie look

  207. Another vote for Lana Del Rey

  208. stunning poster! fantastic

  209. Here’s my entry, thanks !!

  210. Me!

  211. Count me in!

  212. Beaut! Would look great on my wall in Dublin!

  213. Sweet!

  214. I really hope I win this!!

  215. eddie turpintine says he like this poster and he want to hang it up on his wall

  216. Really cool looking!

  217. I was eyeing this one. Winning it would be even better!

  218. Boom

  219. gorgeous artwork!

  220. Stunning print! Maybe I’m lucky once 😉 thx

  221. Yeeeeeei!

  222. Eh up!

  223. hey hey

  224. Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays!

  225. Count me in!

  226. I’ll definitely give this one a shot!

  227. Simply beautiful.

  228. Hopeful for Lydia

  229. Good luck everyone

  230. Great Poster!

  231. Lovely print. Love the day of the dead look.

  232. Very nice! I would love to have.

  233. praying to the print gods…

  234. yes please!

  235. Do want! I love Dan Mumford!

  236. monkey

  237. ill keep trying till I win something…love these giveaways…

  238. Great print. Sign me up!

  239. In!

  240. Moosie!

  241. Awesome!!!

  242. In for this, I love it!

  243. want!

  244. NICE!

  245. I want that lovely print!

  246. Dan The Man!

  247. Nice One! Beautiful…

  248. Noice

  249. Love Dan/Would love to have this print.

  250. I wonder what her Vagina looks like??????

  251. HOOK ME UP!

  252. This is awesome! I would love to add it to the poster collection I’m starting.

  253. I am not only posting something in hopes of winning a freebie, i’m posting something to say DAMN! Thats gorgeous!

  254. This looks awesome

  255. Nice print!

  256. Dan does it again,great vivid linework,love it,want it! Dia de los fingers crossed!

  257. Looks awesome.

  258. Shoyoroll. – E

  259. I want this print……Sick

  260. Nice!

  261. Nice!

  262. Sweet.

  263. Yes!

  264. Very nice poster

  265. Just stunning!

  266. Amazing! I love this!

  267. Cool print!

  268. Haven’t won one yet….it’s worth a shot.

  269. comment

  270. Dibs!

  271. Commented!

  272. Thanks,moeski

  273. Beautiful.

  274. It is mine.

  275. Please, thank you!

  276. Love it!

  277. it’s gorgeous! thanks for the giveaway!

  278. Beautiful.

  279. Mumford = Amazing!

  280. Very cool print!

  281. I’ll hold my breath until it arrives. Ready? Set. Go!

  282. I love this print . Hope i win

  283. Outstanding print. Gorgeously Done and bad ass

  284. Awesome.

  285. Beautiful print. Thanks for the opportunity.

  286. Awesome print

  287. Yeah! Please – that would be so awesome! Thanks for the giveaway!

  288. YES!

  289. Awesome print, cool contest.
    I’m in.

  290. Its awesome.

  291. I’m hoping that the tine zones are working in my favour and Tuesday morning deadline has yet to come for you. This print is good. Wait what am I saying, it’s fucking great.

  292. Awesome print. Thanks.

  293. Oh Mama!

  294. super c00l poster yayyy!

  295. Nice Giveaway! Thanks”

  296. Amazing…love Dan Mumford’s style!

  297. Great print! Fingers crossed

  298. awesome print. I’d love to have one.

  299. This print looks amazing!

  300. Yes please!

  301. is it too late>

  302. Beautiful stuff, and a great giveaway!

  303. yes please

  304. ME ME, thanks Mitch.

  305. pretty

  306. Looks great.

  307. Hey now!

  308. What a hot mess

  309. WINNER WINNER ! right here ! thank you so much I knew i’d win.

  310. It would be pretty super to win this!

  311. :)

  312. Great poster.

  313. Wow. This would look great on a shirt too.

  314. I like Dan Mumford

  315. comment!

  316. Lana Del Ray without question!

  317. Me likey!

  318. Fingers crossed. This would be an awesome addition to my collection.

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