Stunning Ultraman Prints from ZIGAME Japan

Japanese company ZIGAME just released a handful of amazing Ultraman posters, and they’re available online. There are screenprints and giclees for sale, all of which are limited. See many more at




6 Responses to “Stunning Ultraman Prints from ZIGAME Japan”

  1. I really like them and almost pulled the trigger until I saw the prices….

  2. $325 for the baltan one before shipping. Get real.

  3. Great posters but those prices are a lot more than I’m willing to pay for them. I was thinking $50 or $75 tops.

  4. I’m sorry…everything expensive in JAPAN.
    We try to low price next time.

  5. Is it already framed? could that explain some of the cost?

  6. These are great but as everyone else said, way too expensive.

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