Slow / No Posting This Week….And Some Quick Links!

The poster scene slows down this week and becomes mostly centered in Austin, TX for SXSW, so I always take the week to take it slow with posting as well. I do have a few links below though, some may require some research on your part. Cheers!

-Mondo will release Game of Thrones prints by Ken Taylor and JC Richard today. Info HERE.

-DKNG has copies of their Paranorman poster for sale HERE.

-Jermaine Rogers will sell a number of new prints on his website tomorrow.

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  1. Lazy Bones!

  2. So, I was fortunate enough to grab one of the regular Ken Taylor Game of Throne prints after not trying for a Mondo drop for a long time (if there’s one I really want, I just go secondary market now–why beat one’s head against the wall). Seems I was able to snag one because this was a “low demand” drop (still sold out in like 3 minutes), and comments on Mondo’s facebook kinda corroborate that. Also there’s 100 up on eBay and seemingly not a lot of buyer action.

    I’m still stoked I got a poster, as a huge fan of GoT, KT, and especially Winterfell and the three-eyed crow from Bran’s dreams, but what gives? Why the hate on these posters or at least the feeling they’re lackluster? I’m curious to hear how others feel about the Taylor prints and the JC Richards print, which I felt was equally cool.

  3. Crake
    I think in an ordinary week people would flip there eyes out on these but the Stout/Taylor show opening on friday at mondo gallery has people on edge holding they’re money tight just waiting for the show.

  4. There is so much good stuff coming, well not really coming but you can see it online, I see a horrible couple of online sales where the site crashes. Its gonna be U-G-L-Y!! I give props to Taylor, I thought Stout would beat him but the Silence of the Lambs, Rambo, American Werewolf, and Beetlejuice beat Stout. I loved Stout’s Drive but the variant he screwed up because he made Ryan Gosling look like George Clooney.

  5. Mitch!! Back to work buddy. I need a fix 🙂

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