Drew Millward’s “Popobawa” Vinyl Figure

I’ve known Drew Millward, both professionally and personally, for almost seven years, so I’m incredibly proud to see the release of his first vinyl figure. Produced in conjunction with Disturbia, “Popobawa” is 6″ tall, has an edition of 150, and can be had for £34. I can think of few folks on this planet more deserving of your support. Visit Disturbia.co.uk.

Drew Millward

Drew Millward

Drew Millward

6 Responses to “Drew Millward’s “Popobawa” Vinyl Figure”

  1. I don’t collect these vinyl figures, but this sure makes me want to

  2. All kinds of awesome

  3. So pumped to see this guy making toys. Lovin’ this.

  4. This guy is a HUGE talent. Must have.

  5. These are so cute vinyl figures. The design is very unique and catchy.

  6. Millward rules!

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