Soundgarden Poster by Jermaine Rogers (Onsale Info)

Jermaine Rogers will release his new Soundgarden poster tomorrow. It’s a 21″ x 28″ screenprint, has an edition of 220 (only 70 online), and will cost $50. There is also a foil version with an edition of 30 for $100. Both go up tomorrow (Friday, February 22nd) at 3pm Eastern Time. Visit

Jermaine Rogers

10 Responses to “Soundgarden Poster by Jermaine Rogers (Onsale Info)”

  1. Bad form. If I was Sound garden I wouldn’t touch this with a ten foot pole.

  2. Agreed. I don’t need a poster site to proclaim a certain religion but I ABSOLUTELY don’t need one to bash a certain religious belief. Soundgarden needs to edit, but so does OMG.

  3. I have a much bigger problem with the lousy drawing than I do the political stance. This rendering is of the same level of quality that soundgarden is as a band.

    I’m glad there’s unease and discourse coming from a poster, no matter how juvenile the execution. I’ll take questioning ideas over nostalgia tributes on most days.

    The real question is, will soundgarden play songs for every STEM cell in my body?

  4. and why on earth should soundgarden OR OMGPosters edit?
    What a cowardly fascist and prudish suggestion.

    It’s a print from an established print maker for a successful band, AND it happens to challenge a completely moronic belief. I’ll go on a limb and assume the band endorses it too.

    I am NOT a fan of this poster, but I’m not so bothered by the puerile in-your-faceness of the subject matter either. If OMG should edit, add, or omit any entry, it should be for QUALITY, not any other dumb reason.


    send me a bible about it already

  6. Absolutely love this. The drawing, the colors, and the statement. Love it!

  7. Will try to get this. Great poster!

  8. religious nuts getting loose butthole over a poster. go read your book written by mortals.

  9. this poster isn’t nearly as awful as the torture christians have put people through over the years for “not believing”

  10. Like you have to be religious in order to object to an immature and clumsy statement on belief. I’m an atheist and Soundgarden still suck.

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