Aaron Horkey’s Graveyard Poster and “The Siren” Art Print (Onsale Info)

Ok folks, here it is, the sale info for Aaron Horkey’s newest prints. First, they’re both 20.5″ x 39″ screenprints. The Graveyard poster has an edition of 188 and will cost $65. “The Siren” has an edition of 120 and will cost $125. Both go up tomorrow (Tuesday, February 12th) at a completely random time. Visit Postersandtoys.com.

Aaron Horkey

Aaron Horkey

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  2. Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out!

  3. f*#k me in the goat ass this is awesome

  4. Graveyard is awesome in person. Hoping to snag a Siren!

  5. Amazing work indeed. Sorry, why is the variant almost twice as much? Are there metallics?

  6. I really dislike random time sales. I need to be able to work during the day in order to support my poster buying :)

  7. @willy,
    Siren is an art print as opposed to being a gig poster and there’s less of them

  8. Did Mr. Horkey hide a sting ray in the snake’s scales (above the eyes) or am I seeing things?

  9. What a difficult site to browse. (Postersandtoys)

  10. Alec–

    Someone on Expresso Beans hinted at that being an osprey… I don’t see that, but others on the forum did. I think a manta is far more likely.

    It’s a helluva cool print–and I agree that random times are tough–give us a ball park! I, too work all day–opening a new store means I have zero time to come upload/refresh the website for S&G…. Oh well. :(

  11. @wizdom101 thanks, did not realize the bottles were different (gig vs art print), figured out the edition size part though 😉 Both very impressive, will try to hunt down close-ups of bottles.

  12. @alec he stamped one into it in the bottom corner. I couldn’t find one at all in graveyard.

  13. Nope I’m wrong. There is one on the word on the bottom in the center along with one embossed into the right corner.

  14. Here’s rooting for an east coast am drop. I’ve got a 1pm class and I’d love a shot at this one.

  15. How do we know when it go up? The items are already posted with 0 stock.

  16. I wish there was a close up of the bottle for the The Siren art print.

  17. @ ml
    Click on the poster you want. Not the add to cart. Refresh until it says In Stock. Follow all instructions very carefully on how to check out. Memorize them. you should be registered and logged in already. Duct tape your eyes open so you don’t waste any time checking out at the exact time it drops. Lastly don’t get butt hurt if you didn’t score and start to bitch about it. :)

  18. I think I just got one! On Sale now!

  19. amazing….

    already three pieces are up on ebay…. just like 5 minutes after they sold out.


  20. What does “counting” mean?

  21. Drat! It went up and sold out during my drive to work. Can’t win ’em all.

  22. Agreed man. There should be a fucking rule against that crap. BONA started canceling people’s orders if they “scalp” posters before they’re sold. Other companies should follow suit. Automatically flipping these prints for the prices listed is insulting to the people that wait up all damned night/morning because they actually want one to hang on a wall.

    Pirating assholes.

  23. the drops on that site are special…to put it nicely

  24. I completely forgot about this.. how priorities change :)

  25. Wow, an 8:25am random drop. Thanks Jerk!

  26. So stoked I was able to score the gig poster!

  27. @Joe

    It’s not Mitch’s fault that you don’t understand the meaning of the word “random”. Regardless, missing out on a poster drop hardly warrants you calling him a “jerk”. He’s the reason you even had a chance to buy the thing in the first place.


    1. proceeding, made, or occurring without definite aim, reason, or pattern

  28. ran-dumb

  29. Here is a secret for the secondary market. If everyone does not buy them and wait, the price will drop. Simple as that.

  30. Artillery Design has the best site for poster drops…period.

  31. @Shawn
    Would be nice if people actually took your advice. Problem with that is these prints are in high demand. What wonder about is how many people actually keep them. Instead of sell or trade them? Big old cycle going on here.

  32. @Shawn
    Would be nice if people actually took your advice. Problem with that is these prints are in high demand. What I wonder about is how many people actually keep them?Instead of sell or trade them. Big old cycle going on here.

  33. I got my old Horkey (Fall 2006) Converge in our main floor bathroom for everyone to look at while they are taking a poop.

  34. I guess the real question is as follows: Is the band any good?

  35. Shawn,
    Nice image.

  36. This is a good example of the deminishing quality of horkeys prints (the siren)you will soon see a drop in valu just take a good look at his last 12prints excluding maybe 1 i already sold off my collection ive had for couple yrs now get cash while you can before they aint worth a shit

  37. You are welcome.

  38. @joe
    I think you are confusing quality with flip-ability. Every single one of his last 12 prints has a higher 6 month average than what it originally sold for. No, you may not be able to make 100 – 200% on everything, but if you want to buy it strictly to sell it, you will make a profit. Many of us buy it simply because we enjoy his work, not to try to make a buck off of it. Regardless, saying Horkey doesn’t produce ‘quality’ work anymore is one of the more ridiculous statements I’ve ever heard.

  39. joe,
    This is a good example of the diminishing quality of “collectors” such as yourself.

  40. I tend to shy away from flipper prints…huge turn off

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