‘The One Show’ Poster by Jeff Proctor

I wouldn’t normally write about a poster for a motorcycle show, but this new one for ‘The One Show’ by Jeff Proctor is more than deserving (in fact, it just may be the ultimate poster for a motorcycle lover). It’s a 24″ x 30″ screenprint. You can either get one at the show (February 8th-10th in Portland), or you can throw down $50 for a copy via Kickstarter.

Click the image to see it larger:

Jeff Proctor

10 Responses to “‘The One Show’ Poster by Jeff Proctor”

  1. Gorgeous

  2. Outstanding work.

  3. Great poster! The detail is incredible – look at the pebbles on the ground…

  4. Is the blatant Horkeyness overlooked because it’s done so well?

  5. Seems like a total Horkey rip. Well executed but still…

    I feel that way about most of Ken Taylor’s work as well but he gets much love on here so what do I know.

  6. I generally like Proctor… I own 3 prints by him.. But seriously… This is just a Horkey print done by someone else…

    Proctor has never had a very distinctive style of his own BUT this is just taking a very distinctive style from someone else.

  7. This is an excellent print and illustration.

    It has similar subject matter to a Horkey piece but technically it’s very different so can we please stop with the comparisons and appreciate the fine imagine making.

  8. I dunno, I can generally tell if something is done be Proctor or not, I think his line work is what gives it away for me. I can see where the similarities are being made but I think it may be more due to the subject matter than the actual style its drawn.

    Line work wise I think it’s clearly Jeff. But Aarons done a handful of detailed ground and shrub stuff and i think that may be what people are connecting to before the actual work. If that makes sense :/

  9. Yeah it resembles Horkey’s Andrew Bird and Cougar Den prints from a few yrs ago, that being said, it’s still nicely done!

  10. It’s like Detritus for motorcycle lovers…. but hey if anyone can pull off a Horkeyesque piece then more power to them. Well done.

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