“Bush Hog” Block Print by Derrick Castle

Derrick Castle just completed this beautiful, handmade block print. “Bush Hog” is 8.5″ x 11″, has an edition of 30 (per colorway), and costs only $10. You can get it in red or black. Visit his Etsy Shop.

Derrick Castle

Derrick Castle

5 Responses to ““Bush Hog” Block Print by Derrick Castle”

  1. It’s listed as $9.99 on his etsy shop.

  2. These are awesome. His whole shop if filled with killer stuff.

  3. This is a great print, and a really great price too! Mitch, there’s a typo on your price as it’s only $10 per print.

  4. Great work. FYI these are $9.99 not $30. Love your site, keep on keeping on.

  5. This is so cool. I like the red one.

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