The Lord of the Rings Poster by Olly Moss (Onsale Info)

This, my friends, is going to be a big one. Olly Moss’ The Lord of the Rings poster is a 15″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 580, and will cost $50. The variant has an edition of 285 and will cost $90. These go up today (Thursday, December 13th) at a random time. Visit

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  1. Whoa! I really like this narsil-baraddur concept. Great work!

  2. You’ve got more hope of getting a blow job from the Pope.

  3. Missed….again. Got all the way to shipping calculator this time.

  4. hahah how was ANYONE even able to buy one. complete bullshit time and time again

  5. foiled again!

  6. Great print though…really. My favorite from Mondo / Moss thus far.

  7. Yeah it’s pretty disappointing how poorly the site works. It’s also highly annoying to see how many show up on ebay right away. Within 3 minutes of being sold out 4 had sold for 200-300. I hate flippers.

  8. I was able to snag one although it took a good 4 – 5 minutes to get through the process.

  9. This poster wasn’t on my radar. But let’s face it, folks: while Mondo is the source of some unbelievably fantastic posters from some of the greatest artists on the planet, and regular peeps such as you and me do manage to snag a few here and there, these buzz-filled, blog-driven, Twitter-tagged drops are now almost completely controlled by speculators. It’s about as certain as the sun will rise tomorrow that speculators have cracked Mondo’s “Limit One Per Customer” system. It doesn’t take much to make it happen. 10, 20, 30 at a time are being snapped up and turned around on eBay. Mondo is now in an enthusiastically symbiotic relationship with an element that might very well ruin our print and poster collecting hobby. They’ll tell you “Don’t be silly.” And there’s nothing illegal about it, not by a long stretch. But it’s miserable, just the same.

    Congrats to those who managed to land one of these green or orange whales.

  10. Maybe it was 2ish minutes. I’m not a math major (and was rather excited).

  11. @ thrftypix
    cash is king- its a sad world after all :(

  12. @ skank
    True, dat. And we’re all big boys and girls, so we know. But the Mondo/Speculator/eBay axis is a troubling one, nonetheless. Of course, won’t stop me or most of us from continuing to love amazing posters and prints…

  13. i absolutely believe that there is insider shit happening. when the site wont let you add anything to a cart for over 5minutes and then you get the “sold out” notice..there is definitely something up. especially after adding it immediately after it appeared. why else are half of the flippers are using ebay accounts with low feedback numbers. it’s peculiar..this last happened for stout’s reservoir dogs poster….you would think that traffic would have been bat shit crazy on black friday but what do you know…everything was smooth.. hmmmm

  14. There is zero reason to even conjecture about 10+ prints being scooped up at once – it simply doesn’t happen. It would be a trivial thing for Mondo to root out if it existed as they physically ship all the posters themselves: just make sure you’re only sending 1 to any given address. It’s far from rocket science.

    And if you’re accusing Mondo of being complicit in this act? Oh boy, now we’re in la-la-land. Why would they do that? Why not just… charge more per poster? And realistically, how are they achieving it? How do they have so many fake eBay accounts, each which needs to be verified as a unique individual to sell on eBay? And how are they posting these to buyers of the eBay auctions from so many unique addresses across the US, each forwarded tube also having remnants of the original Mondo->flipper postage sticker as well? Or are eBay and the USPS in on it too?

    No, the answer is much more mundane. There are thousands of people vying for hundreds of prints, which results in a lot of disappointed people – simple as that. Hate the limited edition market and its harsh ratios of supply/demand, feel disappointed you didn’t score, etc. – but try to refrain from ridiculous conspiracy theories as it just makes you look silly.

  15. settle down. and why would they do it? uh… money.
    and they are charging more per poster. 90 for a different color

  16. It’s a variant with fewer copies produced, hence the higher price. That is far from unusual and is a mainstay in other collectible fields like comic books and action figures – not to mention just about every other poster seller as well. And they are 100% upfront about the different prices and runs for variants. That has nothing to do with the totally unfounded accusations that they are somehow being dishonest and participating in some supposed flipper/ebay scam.

    And my question “Why would they do that?” clearly meant why would they lie to their customers, defraud eBay, defraud the USPS, and take all associated risks to make more money, when they could just raise the prices on their webstore and get the same result honestly? Artists frequently charge very high prices for their AP copies, and they do so openly and honestly – they don’t obfuscate the origin of the prices and create fake eBay profiles and lie on the USPS “From Address” fields as people are accussing Mondo of doing.

  17. If you really want to talk conspiracy lets talk about the millions of trees laid to waste to satisfy our poster collection fetish – i believe mondo should be reprimanded (like bp) for the total disregard of environmental responsibility and should be stopped! Cease all production and ship seized posters to me! That’ll teach em.

  18. I managed to snag a regular. I got an error after submitting my payment, but then received an email stating that my order was received. I guess the only good thing you can say about the drops is that they usually occur around the same time of day.

  19. Almost had one, but then I realized I wasn’t logged in. Dammit. Next time.

  20. Here is how I land these prints – I’ve missed a few, but for the most part I’ve been able to get through checkout. I presume this is how everyone does it.

    1. At 8:45am (pacific in my case) get on Mondo. Most posters are release just before 9am.

    2. Once there, exhaustively press F5 to refresh the page. If you are lucky you’ll refresh literally as the posters are put up. If you give up or your attention wanes at what ends up being the critical moment, you’ll lose out.

    3.If you get through the shopping cart and to payment/shipping – be patient! Never, ever re-click. If your browser is waiting for, continue to wait. If you re-click you’re done. Just wait and hope you’re one of the first to get to the shipping calculator. If it times out, no dice.

    In terms of all of this conspiracy – I do think it would be possible to script a bot to refresh and proceed through checkout automatically. That being said, I doubt that really occurs. You just need diligence and a fast internet connection.

  21. Supply vs. Demand. Mondo wants to keep the demand high. Plus everyone involved gets to keep a copy each and their friends get some, too. Did anyone think about that? I wonder how many “friends” get first dibs. Also, their personal collection is growing in value. It is all about money. And, this is why people flip. Everyone in involved is guilty of that. Why do you think Olly will get to sell his copies tfrom 2x to 3x the price? Plus, he gets 15% of the print run. It is all about the money.

  22. “word”, your accusations are so ridiculous that I really won’t spend too much time addressing them. I can think of few things more ass-backward than the Mondo team spending time opening new eBay accounts to sell after release. Next time, please think your defamation attempts through for more than two seconds before posting. Cheers.

  23. ^ agreed

  24. Admin bringing forth the pimphand. – E

  25. And as cool as this poster is, I still like my Vania more. :)

    Sorry to all of those that missed it. (I’e been there..)

    Save those pennies and get it on ebay…or ask Santa.

  26. ok..then why all the new sellers/flippers from texas on ebay?
    umm was i the one saying that someone cracked mondo’s checkout system? no i wasn’t so you can calm the hell down my friend. no defamation just very obvious that LOTS of copies never made it to the online sale. very obvious my friend. only certain posters one seems to want some of them. :)

  27. admin your judgement is cloudy since you are tied in to mondo as a reseller of the AP’s

  28. its very frustrating missing out on the poster of the year. you are right i prob should think before posting..but i wasnt the first person to voice concerns that many others have already had, before msyelf.

  29. “no defamation just very obvious that LOTS of copies never made it to the online sale”

    No, that is far from obvious. There is no reason to support such an accusation, and that is why people are reacting negatively to your posts. There are well explained rebuttals to every aspect of this “conspiracy” as posted by you and posted by others, yet this same silly theory is still regularly trotted out.

  30. I’m going to start bootlegging his prints so more people can have them. Molly oss

  31. I have to be honest. I have no idea what this poster is all about. But it sure does look cool considering it was done by Moss.

  32. @ Cory
    I think I’m the one who started this. I will say that when I described the “Mondo/Speculator/eBay axis” I was in no way suggesting that Mondo sets up shadow eBay accounts to speculate in their own products. And I certainly never suggested this whole nasty situation is the product of a “conspiracy,” so chill dude. That said, if you don’t think speculators have, in one way or another, “cracked” the system and are having a field day as Mondo acts as their personal mint, you’re smoking something powerful. And whether you manage to buy 1, 5, 10 or 20 of these posters, using whatever methods, if you turn around on the same day and sell it/them on eBay YOU ARE A SPECULATOR, period. Let’s face it: Mondo could go a long way to making these drops more pleasant, and call off the speculator dogs, if they were to release regular versions of posters in timed editions (1 hour? And leave the variants to the F5 crowd). Hey, Olly Moss himself has been known to do just that. But to me it’s clear that Mondo doesn’t want to do anything of the kind, at least not on a regular basis. They want the buzz, they welcome the insanity (including, I would suggest, the miserable check out “procedures”), they tacitly encourage the speculators by their seeming lack of concern or inclination to make any changes to the way they sell their posters.

  33. thriftypix, I think you are speculating.

  34. luls

  35. Edition Sizes:
    The reason Mondo don’t sell open edition posters is due to licencing. HOW MANY TIMES DO THEY HAVE TO POINT THAT OUT? These titles don’t belong to Mondo; they belong to Universal, Warner Bro’s, etc. etc. Mondo collaborates with studios to design and promote posters…THAT’S IT! Art print and official movie posters are two completely different products.

    Conspiracy Theories:
    Whoever said Mondo sells posters on eBay is effing stupid with no no critical thinking skills. From my perspective, Mondo’s monetary gain from selling on eBay outweighs the damages to their brand if they’re caught. They could lose their licensing, fan base, brand name, etc. Someone please forecast Mondo’s projected revenue in 5-10 years. The reason why there are many Mondo sellers on eBay from Texes is because Mondo started in Texes, so it makes sense that many of the resellers are located in the same state. Still this doesn’t mean Mondo is backdooring hundreds of copies to friends and familes. The accusations regarding multiple addresses is retarded too. Mondo is in the art/poster industry; they are not drug dealers pushing weight.

    Asses the variables and do the math, 10.000 collectors,1000 posters, servers, bandwidth, location, etc. Give up? I can’t figure it out either but WHINING AND ACCUSATIONS WILL NOT SOLVE YOUR ISSUE. When the webpage crashes during carting it’s most likely due to heavy server traffic. What the server is doing is randomly dropping IP addresses to accommodate the traffic it already has. When the wheel of death keeps turning during checkout, that means your IP address is currently waiting to be connected with the server. If you’re located in China/East Coast and Mondo’s server is in Texas, the IP address closer to the host will likely connect to the server much sooner. Computer servers don’t cheat, they’re coded to be efficient and it knows when to drop/add new addresses depending on the traffic. Idiots that keep suggesting programs and scripts would have to hack the server (not Mondo’s website) and install a code so they can remote connect from their computer to constantly find the product link. BUT THINK ABOUT THIS FOR A SECOND, if someone knows how to hack a secured business server and go through extensive firewalls, why the fuck would that person even care about money? Homie probably makes close 70k-100k as an engineer.

    YOUR BITCHING WILL NEVER EVER STOP FLIPPERS…EVER! Everyone has sold something for profit before so stop with the bullshit. The lottery system encourages more flippers to enter because it’s too easy. As more entries are submitted the ratio diminishes a collectors chance from 5:1 (regular sale) to 10:1 (lottery). Holding a product in the cart solves what exactly? Essentially the variables mentioned above will still be in play and then the race continues again. No way in hell am I waiting 2-3 hours to complete a checkout.

    Truth is majority of collectors are whiners by nature. When a collector can’t acquire something the first instinct is to whine to their peers. And when I mean peers, I mean grown as man asking another grown as man to console him because he missed out on a colored paper. SOFT!!! Read any Mondo thread and you’ll quickly identify the Vanilla Ice attention whores that are trying way to hard to be witty and to belong. Then simple logic is thrown out the equation and the flipper-pointing accusations begin. If this game is too harsh on your health then find a softer game else where. I heard collecting Ken dolls is hot shit right now. I’m sure plenty of ya’ll will fit right in…

  36. @ Taso
    That’s sheer speculation.

  37. What’s the fuss about? This poster is not even that good… Let’s face it, today art is all about the $$ signs in peoples eyes and $$ notes in “artists” & “publishers” pockets…

    OK, Moss is a talented designer that is a fact, but how many other great and talented artists are out there who also got limited edition prints that no one want to buy? Because they haven’t got the artificially created buzz about their work! People can be easily manipulated to create a desire of something that isn’t really there… lol especially if the $$ signs are attached to it.

    And all these conspiracy theories…. of course Mondo have some friends who got their first dibs! Are they flippers? Who knows, maybe yes or maybe no, who really cares… It’s so naive to assume that it would not happen. You got friends right? Why wouldn’t you give to your friends something they want before you give to everyone else?

  38. I flip Mondo posters from time to time, but there’s no “magic” hack or checkout scam that I’m taking advantage of, nor do i score every print drop that I go for. I’m also a computer programmer with lots of web experience, so if Mondo’s site could be hacked, I’d at least be aware of it, although I wouldn’t ethically be able to exploit them because I’m not dishonest.

    When there’s such demand for prints, it’s inevitable that they’ll be a lot of unhappy folks, but to say that Mondo is involved in the poster flipping market is absolutely absurd, especially when you consider the millions (yes I said millions) of $’s their already making by releasing the prints.

  39. Since Mondo is in Austin we could get Alex Jones to start the conspiracy theory then recruit Jesse and his team to research this more and turn it into fact. They’ll get to the bottom fo this.

    Seriously, we don’t need open runs of prints as suggested above. We enjoy this for the game and the fact that these are collectable. Artists we love will continue to put out art that we will have an opportunity to get. If you want nice prints with open runs go get a reproduction by one of the masters at Why tell Mondo what their business model should be?

  40. “That said, if you don’t think speculators have, in one way or another, “cracked” the system and are having a field day as Mondo acts as their personal mint, you’re smoking something powerful.”

    I don’t agree with this at all, and I fail to see ANY evidence of such a thing occurring.

    First, a good percentage of Mondo posters are unflippable – only Stout, Moss, Struzan, Ansin, and Taylor (maybe one or two others I’m forgetting?) posters have had any real after-market value. The many Shaw, Whalen, Star Trek, etc. posters they release on a much more regular basis either are immediately worth less than Mondo is asking on the open market, or quickly fall to low price. After eBay fees and such, there is no money to be made on many.

    And with the high-valued posters that are released more sporadically, there is still no evidence of anyone “cracking the system.” Like I said, wouldn’t it be trivial for Mondo to root this out? Just don’t send more than 1 to any address! The only way someone is getting more than 1 is if they have multiple addresses they can ship to, each with its own valid billing information – in which case, they haven’t “cracked” anything, they’re 100% playing by the rules. They’d still have to go through the checkout process twice, with two independently valid accounts and two independently valid billing/shipping addresses. And there’s not even a reason to look into it this detailed – the number of posters on eBay is not an unreasonable percentage of the total run on any given poster, and fits well with the general observation that many people out there are speculators and will take advantage of a limited edition market to try to make some money.

    “And whether you manage to buy 1, 5, 10 or 20 of these posters, using whatever methods, if you turn around on the same day and sell it/them on eBay YOU ARE A SPECULATOR, period.”

    No one said there aren’t plenty of speculators out there. I’m just saying each speculator is turning around and selling 1 (or 2 if they also snagged the variant, etc.).

    “Let’s face it: Mondo could go a long way to making these drops more pleasant, and call off the speculator dogs, if they were to release regular versions of posters in timed editions (1 hour? And leave the variants to the F5 crowd). Hey, Olly Moss himself has been known to do just that. But to me it’s clear that Mondo doesn’t want to do anything of the kind, at least not on a regular basis. They want the buzz, they welcome the insanity (including, I would suggest, the miserable check out “procedures”), they tacitly encourage the speculators by their seeming lack of concern or inclination to make any changes to the way they sell their posters.”

    They have embraced the limited edition market, yes. As much as you and others (and yes, myself on many occasions) do not like it, that is their decision to make. And in many ways, that is what has LED to their success. If their posters were easily obtainable, the interest and hype would not be the same, and they most likely would not have the prestige or bankroll necessary to fund many of the more extravagant projects they work on. You can tell yourself “I’m a real fan, I’d buy the posters anyway!” and hey, maybe you would – but human psychology and supply/demand economics suggest the overall landscape would be very different if Mondo was simply doing open editions, so consider that before railing against the limited edition system.

    Is it perfect? Of course not. But there are pros and cons, and Mondo has decided the pros outweigh the cons for them. Accept their decision, react however you like re: your purchasing decisions, but again try to avoid raging about it because a) it’s nothing we haven’t heard before, and b) it’s not going to change.

  41. All Mondo has to do is sell the prints like Acidfree Gallery did with Optimus Prime. Simple as that. It would solve all the issues. And, I will say this. No wonder Doyle left Mondo. Justin has stated that he gets one of each print made. That means his collection isl worth at least 5 figures. How do I know this? Look at the prints that have sold from Doyle’s personal collection on ebay in the past few months and Mitch’s dropping of some “lost and found” Mondo prints on that were selling anywhere from $500 to a $1000. I do wonder how many of the three’s “friends” get first dibs and then resell them on ebay the moment the print is dropped.

  42. I guess in hindsight…it really truly does not matter. Just imagine if you were one of the parents in CT that just had your child killed.

  43. @ Cory
    No “evidence” that speculators have cracked the Mondo system? Really? Listen, if people are getting their hands on even TWO of every print that Mondo drops (not a particularly difficult thing to do if it’s all you care to do, it’s how you make your living, and you cover your tracks while doing it) and turn them around on eBay, then that’s “cracking” their system, as far as I’m concerned.

    And when did I ever suggest that all or even most of Mondo’s posters are truly flippable? Never did. That said, your list is too short. Speculators might not always make Stout, Moss, Struzan, Ansin, and Taylor money, but there are PLENTY of other artist’s posters that make them a handsome profit. How about: Kevin Tong? JC Richard? Francesco Francavilla? Aaron Horkey? Laurent Durieux? Daniel Danger? All of these artists’ posters have regularly turned 100-200% profits for the flipping crowd.

    By the way: in my opinion, speculators can simultaneously “crack” the system, still be “playing by the rules”, yet be operating against the spirit of those same rules. For example, if five of your pals acted as poster buddies for you on the LOTR drop and three hit paydirt, and you struck gold as well, then each of you “played by the rules,” yet you end up with four LOTR posters to sell. Nothing illegal about it. But does that make it ok? There are lots of people who think it does. I’m not one of those people.

    No kidding Mondo has “embraced the limited edition market.” Nothing wrong with that. And while you say that I don’t like it, that I’m “railing against it” (huh?), the fact is: I do like it. I’m an art collector, a print collector. I appreciate the value of limited edition prints. I own a bunch of them, framing as many as I can possibly afford to frame. Part of the appeal of a limited edition, honestly, is that it’s, well, limited. I would be horrified to see Mondo move to an open edition model. Luckily, I have nothing to worry about.

    Finally, I don’t feel any rage about what Mondo does. Good for them for helping to introduce us all to a new era in (generally) screen printed movie posters. But that’s not going to stop me from “railing against” speculators, big and small. Sorry.

    Phew. Enough of that. Have a great weekend, everyone.

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