“Acedia” Art Print by Jeremy Geddes (Onsale Info)

Jeremy Geddes will release his latest stunning art print next week. “Acedia” is a 24″ x 41″ giclee, has an edition of 375, and will cost $290 AUD. The large version is 44″ x 73.5″, has an edition of 15, and will cost $1200 AUD. These go up Tuesday, November 20th at APPROXIMATELY 8am Melbourne Time (3pm, Monday, Chicago Time). The regular will go up HERE, the large HERE. Visit JeremyGeddesArt.com.

Click the image to see it larger:

9 Responses to ““Acedia” Art Print by Jeremy Geddes (Onsale Info)”

  1. Last time I bought something from Australia the AUD was much lower than the USD.. Now the USD is lower. I blame Obama.

  2. W-O-W!

  3. @dirtyd
    Its Obama’s fault for everything bad like that’s why the gang shower wall is blowing up at the caucasian girl and the poor pigeon. LOL!

  4. If I were financially rich, I would definitely buy this

  5. If you were rich wouldnt you go for the original? Think bigger.

  6. You are rich; you are on the internet afterall. Poor people don’t have internet access. Choices make you rich. – E

  7. If I was rich I’d have Geddes paint all the interior walls of my house

  8. Wow!!!

  9. If I were rich, and if I liked the painting, I’d certainly purchase the original. But I really don’t understand the zeal to own a inkjet poster copy of a photo of a painting, even if it is printed on nice paper. Limited edition or not, seems crazy. But I understand that’s just me. And I’m cranky today.

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