Tyler Stout’s Reservoir Dogs Poster (Onsale Info)

Mondo will sell Tyler Stout’s new Reservoir Dogs poster tomorrow. It’s a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 700, and will cost $60. The variant has an edition of 280 and will cost $110. Note, you can only buy one or the other. These go up tomorrow (Thursday, November 15th) at a random time. Visit Mondotees.com.

EDIT: Get full details about Tyler Stout’s copies, offered via lottery, HERE. Lottery ends tomorrow (Friday, November 16th), so get in there!

Click the images to see them larger:

33 Responses to “Tyler Stout’s Reservoir Dogs Poster (Onsale Info)”

  1. yup!!!

  2. If only I had an ear to cut off to celebrate…besides my own of course

  3. Needs more guns.

  4. I’ve wanted a Stout since I started buying posters to hang on my walls. I’m not a collector, so I lack the motivation to sit in front of my computer and constantly refresh the page to snag one… and I lack the funds to get one second hand 😛

    But this is awesome

  5. im totally diggin the print but im def not supporting the Mondo cash cow..after i found out they have insiders who get first dips on prints im out…if this was tylers own sale then yes i would buy, his lottery ststem is the best around. Stay LEGIT Mondo. att. AGA

  6. Source for the accusation of insiders receiving dibs? – E

  7. What on Earth are you talking about?

  8. yeah Tyba, its turned into a scam. People only buy to flip these. So all of us unlucky folk who work and have lives have to resort to eBay and pay 3-1000 times what they were for sale for in the first place. I am a collector, but its all changed. I can’t buy one of these because folks tacking on money get them all.

  9. what a shit! @andres

  10. holy crap on a bible that bloody v is awesome!

  11. I heard that Rob, Justin, and Mitch get fist dibs on any posters they want! 😛

  12. @kneel13
    Why shouldn’t they get first dibs? If it was your company, you would get first dibs? Maybe for them it’s not first dibs but testing the product. This makes no sense if you are upset about this. Like many things in life, its just the way it is. I bet they have every poster mondo put out. So what?

  13. Kneel is just joking.

  14. 60 bucks? Really?

  15. I can’t believe people are crying about the $60 price tag. They’re selling a product worth $200-300 for $60. It will sell out instantly. Why SHOULDN’T they raise the price? They’re a business, not a charity.

  16. It’s worth 200-300$ because of the ARTIST. And the market pegs it as such. Not because of those fat, nonathletic nerds in Austin. If the extra monies will go to the artist: raise it to whatever the hell you want. Only if it will go to the artist. The Austin business has done fine so far without raising their prices and milking their patrons further why the need for it now? – E

  17. that site is so shitty.
    I couldn’t have a better internet connection, refreshed into them being put into the store, and still waited about 30 seconds every time I clicked a button to proceed to the next page.

    cue 50-100 copies being on ebay in the next hour

  18. gotta love when it calculates shipping for 5minutes after it already did once..and then after signing into paypal it just sends you randomly to the home page… awesome

  19. failed :(

  20. collusion

  21. failed, but at least now I can get some work done :)

  22. we have a bit of a Rise Above Records situation happening here…

  23. Yeah +1 for the shipping calculator. Oh, well maybe i could get lucky and get ap.

  24. Too bad I didn’t know about this poster earlier.

    Between this, Vania’s LTR, and the posters from Mondos Horror show, they’ve been rocking it.

    Nice work.

  25. didn’t mention that after signing into paypal and clicking continue…the payment then froze for nearly a minute.. (my connection is perfect and i even tested it, leading up to the drop.) Then more calculating shipping AFTER accepting a price that was already generated from the PREVIOUS calculating shipping notice. Why the need for the second calculation? Didn’t do that to me for the Durieux posters! Then it sells out. Do other people just have super computers or is there some sort of priority given to certain accounts? If paypal was that screwed..how was anyone able to get in? let alone “280”

  26. I noticed that Mondo has over 35,000 Twitter followers, so I’d imagine that the potential competition for any given sale could be HUGE! Also, this was an incredibly awesome poster for one of the all time best movies ever!
    I’ve scored a lot of posters and I’ve missed a lot over the years. I still sometimes get bent out of shape when I miss out on a sale – this one was a bit rough given my love for the subject. My best advice to folks is to try and forget about it and move on with your day. Try not to visit sites i.e. EB where you’re going to be reminded about the situation for a couple of days – it will just irritate you. Try to remember that another cool poster is just around the corner. You just saved yourself some money that you could probably use for something far more important. BREATH! And last but not least; it’s just a poster 😉
    I’m cool with you telling me to go take a flying leap too – I know it’s not easy to miss out on a poster you really like

  27. ah well, there’s always another awesome drop arouind the corner….

  28. woooosha!

  29. I’ve never been a fan of Tyler Stout’s Mondo poster work, as he crams as much crap, making ALL of his posters look damn busy. This poster doesn’t change a thing. Guess this guy doesn’t believe in the universal design principle: LESS is more.

  30. Another one that should of been an open edition…like Olly. Well, at least there is Optimus Prime tomorrow and Acid Free knows how to release a “licensed” product. I see for those who run Mondo, that their personal collection is going way up in value.

  31. Cant imagine Mondo doing another timed edition. Especially not with an image like Reservoir Dogs. That olly timed edition was too simple of a image to print i would think. Remember people were getting different final results prints for that batman olly? some lighter than others. i think they would run into quality control issues unless they gave themselves plenty time. whatever.

  32. Oh man, did I luck out. Totally dropped the ball with the Mondo drop, but I was one of the few to be chosen for Stout’s lotto. Hooray!

  33. @mattb – well said!!! That is some great advice for everyone tying to get these posters.

    Anyway its still a great poster from a great artist and congrats on all who manage to snag one :) until the next big poster drop…


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