Martin Ansin’s Frankenstein Poster (Artist Copies Onsale Info)

You’ll get a quick shot at some artist copies of Martin Ansin’s Frankenstein poster. It’s a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an AP edition of 57, and will cost $90. The variant has an AP edition of 37 and will cost $145. These go up tomorrow (Thursday, November 8th) sometime “around” 2pm Central Time. Visit

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  1. This “blog” has become nothing but a Mondo mouthpiece with a few non-mondo prints to disguise it. Keep up the excellent middlemanning, Mitch.

  2. Would be nice if they’d done both prints in metallics. Like looper just different colors. Mondo should know everybody wants the variant over the reg. looper just seemed win win with either the gold or silver version. Wishfull thinking won’t get me anything. Oh well. Just saying ..

  3. I personally dont care for metallic inks on posters so glad i have the choice.

  4. I actually chose the regular after looking at both in the gallery and I like metallics. The violet color in the reg just feels more like horror to me. They are both super nice in person tho.

  5. Glad to know some people like reg better. Thought everyone was into the metallics. Paper is thicker for variant I think also. I scored Monday on reg through Mondo and was reading up on EBeans. They are metallic fiends over there.

  6. Willtim, not that I feel the need to defend myself, but yes, I obviously cover Mondo releases. Outside of any involvement, Mondo releases are some of the followed and talked about in the entire scene. To not report on them would be irresponsible. If there were only one Mondo release per month, I’d only cover it once a month. But since they happen more often than that, and I feel that most (maybe not you) of my readerbase would like to read about them, they can seem pretty often. In the end, this is a blog, so if you don’t like the content, it’s probably not worth your time.


  7. PS, in the past week, I count 15 non-Mondo posts, and 3 related to Mondo posters. Quite the disguise.

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