Universal Monsters Posters from Mondo (Onsale Info)

Mondo will release the remaining Universal Monsters posters today. The info for each is listed below. These go up today (Monday, November 5th) at a random time. Visit Mondotees.com.

Frankenstein by Martin Ansin

24″ x 36″ Screenprint, Edition of 430, $50:

Creature from the Black Lagoon

24″ x 36″ Screenprint, Edition of 430, $50:

The Bride of Frankenstein by Kevin Tong

24″ x 36″ Screenprint, Edition of 380, $45:

The Invisible Man by Francesco Francavilla

24″ x 36″ Screenprint, Edition of 405, $45:

The Wolf Man by Phantom City Creative

24″ x 36″ Screenprint, Edition of 350, $45:

7 Responses to “Universal Monsters Posters from Mondo (Onsale Info)”

  1. Love that kevin tong print

  2. Dare I say it… the invisible man takes the cake!

    You guys hear about the invisible man sequel? Its titled Romney
    After Tommorow 🙂

  3. the lettering on Frankenstein is cool

  4. I wish I could be as confident as you about that, Beans.

  5. What no announcement about Halloween Ken Taylor on Poster and Toys? Sold Out! oh well, couldnt afford it, but i would have found a way if i knew ahead of time.

  6. i second that about the halloween…i’ve been fanatical about that poster and feel majorly slighted as someone who purchases many posters through this site.
    also…The Invisible Man is a GREAT poster. I love it. Was bummed about not getting the creature print, though

  7. Invisible Man for the win.

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