New Concert Posters by Landland

Minneapolis’ own Landland continue to create some of the most underrated concert posters in the world. The new batch is, as always, screenprinted, limited, and very affordable ($20-$25 each). Visit their shop.

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  1. Amazing work as always. Landland continues to crank out awesome prints.

  2. Landland f’ing rules.

  3. Landland is crazy good. Tremendously talented pair that just seem to get better and better. Anyone seen their art print “Untitled (Chippewa Lake Park)”? Whoa…

    Here’s my only issue: their poster for the “River City Revue” uses one of the meander maps of the alluvial plain of the Mississippi that Harold Fisk did back in 1944. They’re gorgeous maps – in my opinion, some of the most amazing maps ever created. Was it “theft” for Landland to use Fisk’s map without attribution? I guess not. Would it have been cool to at least give him a shout out, somewhere on the poster, so that people don’t think Dan Black did the map? I think so.

  4. I lurves me some LandLand

  5. Thanks guys. For real.

    An attempt to address an issue: It probably would have been cool to give Fisk a shout out, or some sort of “the drawing I made for this poster is heavily based on a map Harold Fisk did back in 1944” explanation. I’ll totally give you that, and anyone paying attention to our stuff knows that I barely need an excuse to over-explain anything or give excessive credit where it’s due.

    My omission in giving props in this situation wasn’t an attempt to slight anyone else’s hard work or give anyone the false impression that I’m claiming to have drawn this during my residency in a total vacuum…it had more to do with the fact that anyone who saw it in progress, and who saw it up around town immediately was like “Oh yeah, the Fisk maps…” It honestly just felt like common knowledge. I hope that doesn’t sound like a cop out…it’s not meant to.

    I’m probably not the best judge of my own ethics, but I try to be really conscious of this stuff and always try to stay on the up and up. If this is one of the situations where I should have spelled things out a bit more, I can totally respect that.

  6. I totally respect your response, Dan. And thanks. Very cool of you to take the time. It certainly crossed my mind that – the poster having been made for a Mississippi-centric event – people there who saw the image would be familiar with it. And I do want to be clear that Dan did not copy Fisk. He used Fisk’s Mississippi plate 22-8 and simplified it, incorporating a reduced color palette. Still, there’s no doubt that Harold Fisk was the source and so I think deserved some kind of credit, somewhere on the poster. Call me old fashioned.

    By the way, if you’re interested in seeing more of Fisk’s meander maps of the Mississippi, check out Radical Cartography’s page on them. There’s are links there to high-res versions of all of the maps, including those still archived at the Army Corps of Engineers. Amazing…

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