New Posters by Shawn K. Knight

As I’ve said before, I’m blown away by the recent poster work of Shawn K. Knight. These new ones are all screenprinted, limited, and cost only $20 each. Visit his shop.


11 Responses to “New Posters by Shawn K. Knight”

  1. Awesome work..keeps gettin better Shawn

  2. seriously cool and unique style

  3. I love this guy’s stuff! It’s like someone gave Pazuzu a ballpoint pen.

  4. Gnarly Dude!

  5. Is Shawn Pushead or a Pushead ripoff?

  6. there are similarities, but I’d hardly call it a ripoff

  7. Really great stuff!

  8. black breath kills it so does this dude win win

    anyone that uses skulls is a push head rip off?
    if any thing you could call it a sloppy messy (in a good way) baizley. but i would not go that far myself.

    can’t wait to see more from this guy

  9. C’mon… Its a skull.
    Did Pushead rip off the misfits? They had a skull too.
    I can see similarities but the style is very different.
    Dont be a hater. This is great art and Shawn is a great guy.

  10. Thanks for the kind words, guys. Still figuring my shit out, and lots more to come!

    @ other Shawn: Definitely influenced by Pushead, just like Baizley & so many other artists of our generation. The fact that you thought it could have been his work is the best back-handed compliment I’ve ever received.

  11. @shawn knight… Keep it up very awesome!

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