“Jewel” Art Print by Jason Thielke (Onsale Info)

Jason Thielke will release this stunning new art print later this week. “Jewel” is a 9″ x 12″ block print, has an edition of 50, and will cost $95. It goes up Friday, August 24th at 12pm Eastern Time. Visit JasonThielke.com.

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  1. Fabulous

  2. First thing that popped into my head was Ansin’s Bride poster

  3. Agree with Willy. Don’t artist have their own style anymore? He is biting Ansin big time.

  4. jason has been doing this style well before (years) Ansin came onto the scene.

  5. LOL, I can see the connection to Bride, but to say he is biting Ansins style, Really?? jason has been doing this for awhile, outside of the general pose, Bride and this print have nothing else in common.

  6. I saw this in person over the weekend, it looks really great.

  7. More stupid comments on here than on a down’s syndrom board. Biting Ansin? Don’t you guys have any other knowledge of artists besides ones who do crappy gig posters.

  8. Checked out his site. Not only is he biting Ansin, also David Choe and CincoGarcia. I guess it pays to steal others style.

  9. Love Jason’s stuff. He’s got a great piece up here in town right now at David Smith gallery. Wish I could afford one of his laser etchings. This’ll do for the time being though. :)

  10. Definitely looks a lot like Ansin’s bride. Not as clear cut as the time Sam Flores traced someone else’s work and added his big, ridiculous hands, but still, I’d say this is on the verge of thievery.

  11. We are clearly looking at two different Brides cause i just dont see it.

  12. Wow. “… biting Ansin big time”? “… on the verge of thievery”? Them’s be fighting words, on the verge of slander. The idea that Jason Thielke would need to rip off anyone is such a joke. Gotta love how the internet suddenly makes all sorts of ridiculous comments you’d never make to a person’s face somehow seem ok. Fact is, I love both Ansin’s Bride, which I’m lucky enough to own, and Jewel. I only hope I’m one of the lucky ones on Friday.

  13. Many silly statements on this.

    I’m mostly just impressed by this is a block print, takes alot of work to pull this off if it was cut by hand.

  14. This is cool. I’ve seen his work before but this one stands out. The only similarity to the Bride poster is the angle and the subject. The style is completely different, in my opinion.

  15. I think it’s pretty similar too, in the mouth and nose especially, but I draw my mouths and noses like that a lot (a J Scott Campbell bunny nose)

    Maybe they both used the same photo reference?

    Regardless, both are pretty interesting/beautiful.

  16. Well, a quick photoshop overlay shows a dead-on match on the nose, chin, position of the eye and the shadow under the chin, so how this is “slander” (I suggest you read up on what actually constitutes slander before throwing the word around) or “silly statements” is beyond me.

    Obviously it is fully possible they used the same ref, but anyone should be able to see why people would point out the similarities.


  17. OK OK He is very original. I take back my opinion. I will keep my mouth shut.

  18. Indeed, I should have been more careful. In fact, when Kim wrote that Jason’s work “verges on thievery”, the comment verges not on slander, but on libel. Perhaps you and others should be more careful before you throw words around that impugn the reputation of an accomplished artist?

    Look, this is a big deal. It seems to me that you have an obligation to back up charges like these. And let’s face it: you did a lot more than simply “point out the similarities.” Ricky wrote that Jason flat out ripped off Ansin’s Bride and you wrote that Jason came close to it – whatever that means. Writing that someone’s work “verges on thievery” strikes me as the quintessence of having your cake and eating it too: you get to allude to a serious charge without going all the way. Someone either steals something or they don’t. And doing a “quick Photoshop overlay” does nothing to reveal Jason’s intent.

    OK, I’ll shut up now. Back to the art, ladies and gentlemen.

  19. Well, thriftypix, fact of the matter is that it is not libelous either. For it to be libel, I would have to be making definite claims to the factual nature of my accusation, and in the case of a public person such as a fine-artist, do so with the knowledge that my claims were false or while willfully ignoring contrary evidence. However, I was making an assertion which was explicitly stated as my personal POV, based on the information at hand.

    By putting your work out there as an artist, you are making yourself available for commentary and criticism… and harsh opinions and hasty assertions.

    Was I agressive, and perhaps too much so, in saying it was “verging on thievery”, yep, guilty as charged. It is unfair to the man to say something like that before hearing what he has to say, and I apologize for my wording.

    Equally so, I would love for Jason to chime in, because to my eyes, there are too many similarites, in the placement and size of the facial features, for this to be pure coincidence. Maybe it really is as simple as both using the same ref?

    And BTW, being accomplished as an artist is no guarantee against anything.

    Sam Flores has a shitload of fans, work and makes a ton of money of his art. He also outright traces the work of other, living artists, as seen right here on OMG Posters: http://omgposters.com/2009/07/29/dragon-tree-art-print-by-sam-flores/

    Note how people jump to defend him even when the case is as clear cut as it was in that case, just lovely.

  20. It looks as though this “could” be the reference photo used for the face. Go figure, its of Elsa Lanchester. There are some parts of the face that are slightly different, such as the forehead and chin, although its nothing new that an artist would alter slight things, or even use this face and just draw the neck and shoulder placement. The eyes, nose, and mouth line up perfectly.


    This was after a 5 minute search in Google images, so I don’t deny the fact that there could be another photo with this same pose that is the actual source image. So I am open to the fact that Thielke did not copy Ansin’s Bride, but instead they both found the same source image and used that. I just don’t want to spend all day searching for that image.

  21. As a note, I only used the Theilke image as an overlay to that last image I posed, simply because it was the easiest to copy while I am at work. Not making a statement, just using the face.

  22. Well, it looks like we might have a winner and it all comes down to two artists working from the same ref?

  23. Kim, it would appear so. Looking back at the image you originally posted, only the face is the same on each artists work. The hair, shoulders, neck, ear, hand or lack of, are all different. Just the face is similar, and both could have easily got that from the Elsa Lanchester photo, which was very easy to find.

  24. 9×12 95$. 1 color. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. But I don’t like this size for the price and lack color. Should be like 35$ like Jay Shaws print.

  25. @Josh – Actually, that’s not Elsa Lanchester. That’s Loretta Young, with Tyrone Power. But cool that you found a possible reference.

  26. @ thriftypix, well i’ll be, looks like your right that is Loretta Young. Too hasty while searching at work, at least thats what i’ll blame it on. :)

    I did find the image searching for Elsa Lanchester, so it could be one of the two artists did the same, and simply liked the pose Loretta is in.

  27. You guys have Ansin on the brain. Ridiculous comments. Jason probably never even saw Ansin’s piece.

  28. @ Anna Witt: Couldn’t agree more.

    For now, I’m very happy to be one of the lucky ones to have purchased this gorgeous print. Fantastic work, Jason!

  29. @ Anna Witt

    Agreed. Unless it is blatant, I am more intrigued by the actual process artists use to gain inspiration. If two artists could have been inspired by the same photo, to make two different images, that to me is worth writing about. Especially since by background is in the Renaissance, it’s all so different now.

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