“Godzilla Sushi” Art Print by Victor Melendez and Jeff Wilkson

I am in love with this poster by Victor Melendez and Jeff Wilkson. “Godzilla Sushi” is a 17.5″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 75, and costs $25. Buy this one up. Visit Victor’s shop.

25 Responses to ““Godzilla Sushi” Art Print by Victor Melendez and Jeff Wilkson”

  1. That’s sharp.

  2. I kind of love this.

  3. godzilla sushi is tasty!

  4. Cool print. He must be feeling the ‘omg bumb’; it is now $30.

  5. shipping is only $5 though.

  6. I just bought this 😀 Love it!

  7. Bought one this morning when I got to work, when I went back to buy another one for my brother the price was raised :0. Regardless. Amazing print

  8. in for one. awesome.

  9. This is rad! Great concept and execution!

  10. Edition jumped from 75 to 150 and $25 to $35

  11. Either that is the smallest man on earth or the print isn’t 17.5 x 24.

  12. Yes, the price has raised from yesterday to today…
    Amazing mistery…

  13. Would love this without the (de)tail thing.

  14. And the edition size has doubled. That’s kind of crummy.

  15. seems a little greedy that the edition jumped from 75 to 150 after it sold out and went from 25 to 35. feel sorry for anyone who bought one thinking they were getting a quickly sold out print. shame

  16. The text by next to the circle on the tail says “Swee Spot.”

  17. Really annoying he increased the edition after I got in the 75. I emailed and he seems apathetic about it.

    OMGP careful listing this dudes stuff in the future.

  18. Is this Olly Moss? Lol!

  19. Goddamn FANTASTIC print!

    I have ordered one. It will terrify my 4 year old as he sleeps.

  20. Totally dig this.

  21. Contacted this guy. Very annoying response. “Sorry you feel that way.” Half hearted apology

  22. Very rude person. Hope he burns out fast.

  23. The photo is deceptive as well. Notice that the person is doing the fisherman’s trick of holding the print with arms outstretched toward the camera. What’s the point of doing a size comparison shot if you’re going to cheat?

  24. Yep, ordered right away but now have my regrets. Pretty shady to increase the edition and the price.
    Thats not what we purchased. Get it?
    Stay the fuck away from him from now on.
    Hey, the biz is getting bigger and the the creeps are starting to take advantage of us.

  25. If anyone wants to sell it for the $35 + shipping. I will buy it.

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