Aaron Horkey’s Poster for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

I don’t normally post about things that are already sold out and will never make it online, but I really, really have love for Aaron Horkey’s new poster for LOTR: The Return of the King. It debuted at last week’s Mondo Mystery Movie X, and will not get an online release, but it’s an absolute stunner, even on screen (and trust me, it looks a million times better in person). It’s a 19.25″ x 39″ screenprint with an edition of 260 (the variant has an edition of 125). I’ve also included one of Aaron’s pencil sketches, just to give a glimpse into his almost-all-by-hand process. Enjoy!

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  1. Hey Mitch, what is the rationale behind no online release and low run from what may be one of the most popular artists and movie franchise titles to date? Mondo’s otherwise stellar customer service and concern seems to be out to lunch on this one. It is a beautiful image that flippers are making hay with each sale. Pleae do not do this with other LotR licensed images. Just FWIW,

  2. Don’t care that it’s not for sale, this is beautiful. I’m not even a Horkey collector and I’m jealous of everyone that got their hands on these.

  3. Tim this was a poster for a Mondo mystery movie. The posters from these events are exclusive to the events themselves.
    This poster marks the beginning of what’s sure to be an outstanding series. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to own some LotR goodness.

    Superb work as always from Mr. Horkey. Love everything about this poster.

  4. I love the picture and the detail, simply amazing, but what does it have to do with LotR? Saw the movies and read the books, am I missing something?

  5. would love to have a Mondo event in the midwest. This looks stunning

  6. I really don’t understand Horkey’s draw. He’s talented but produces nothing which anyone living with a woman would allow on their walls. Enjoy the profits sexually deprived dorks

  7. Gee, Matt, you sound like a real pimp.

  8. @ matt
    Im a married man and i would put this up regardless of what my wife said. I dont even want to look too much at it unless i can get my hands on it. Anyone one of these will do. I dont even care about LOTR. Simply Masterful. sigh…

  9. Now that I think about it, Aaron Horkey probably got set off by some of the negative cOmments made on ebeans about Only Death Is Real. He might have wanted to show people what’s up.

  10. @modmouse, The eagles attack the Nazgûl at the last battle before the Black Gate. The flower/gnarled wood is likely representing the white tree of gondor. Amazing work by Horkey as always.

  11. if your lady doesnt want horkey on the walls, the problem is your lady, not the horkey.

  12. sounds like matt’s lady wears the pants in his house.

  13. IJ … I definately get the MMM exclusive (first) release. My question is why limit it to only those who can get to that (premiere) offering. Give other diehard Mondo/Horkey/LotR fans a chance to own one of the first run versus the eBay release.

  14. Amazing attention to Tolkien lore….love the eagles and nazgul above in clouds

    I hope this is a long series w twice as many pieces as SW:)

  15. What the hell kind of comments are in here some times…

    The Horkey poster is amazing. No doubt about it. By the way, I’m a woman and I would hang up everything he makes. How he’s not more well-known is a travesty.

    To be honest, I really wish it was easier to own this poster. Out of all the LOTR posters coming up, I bet this will still be near the top of the list when it comes to artistry, technique, creativity, and depth. Horkey is never too literal. Looking forward to seeing what others come up with though.

  16. @ian Don’t forget about the moth on the tree, which is most likely a reference to Radagast saving Gandalf’s ass from the top of Orthanc. Also notice that the Fell Beast and Eagle are fighting withing a ring.

    Absolutely perfect poster, I’m stoked to own one of these. I hope that Horkey does one for each film…I could see him nailing the Ents from Two Towers. 😉

  17. also take note that the two fighting creatures are in a shape resembling a yin-yang…I might be reaching here…but Tolkien’s work tends to revolve around good vs evil.

  18. @Clint — I was totally talking after the movie about what Horkey could do with the other two films, and the Ents were the first thing that came to mind for Two Towers!! What could Fellowship be, though… The Dark Rider and mount?

  19. I think you’re right Clint
    I noticed the circle around them
    O boy….looks like we’re in for a few months of analyzing Tolkiens work Vs. visual symbolism:)…again…amazed

  20. I’m reminded of the time I flew out to austin, rented a car and a hotel room, took the time off of work.. and went home with a dawn of the dead proctor. damn these MMM’s

  21. that pencil sketch is stunning

  22. I hate it because I can’t have it
    Please add new posts to knock this off the front page – I can’t bear to look at it any longer

  23. Matt, what an asinine non sequitur. Maybe I know only cool women, or maybe you’re a complete dud. Judging by the evidence, it’s probably the latter.

  24. @clint, good eye, i didn’t even see the moth! Poster gets better and better ha

  25. sonuvabitch these event only releases are chapping my arse this month

  26. lol @ MattB

  27. @Emily…The Balrog would be amazing for Fellowship. That whole scene with Gandalf over the last bridge in Moria.

  28. By sheer luck I scored one of these and they are gorgeous. My chick likes this one, I dont see what woman would forbid something this awesome from going up on the wall.

  29. What ever happened to Aaron’s Letterpress retrospective series with Dead Arts? They stopped at series number two of five..

  30. Snagged one of the bay. Sweet!! Expensive but well worth.

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