“Reverberate” Art Print by Erica Williams

I am blown away by this beautiful new letterpress art print from Erica Williams. “Reverberate” is an 11″ x 11″ letterpress print, has an edition of 75, and costs $30. Visit her shop.

“Sidewinder” Art Print by Rob Schwager (Onsale Info)

Rob Schwager will release another new art print tonight (his prints have been disappearing quickly). “Sidewinder” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 100, and will cost $25. They go up tonight (Tuesday, July 31st) at 7pm Eastern Time. Visit TinyBirdPress.

New Concert Posters by Shawn K. Knight

When I was at Flatstock in Chicago, I was able to get some close-up looks at Shawn K. Knight’s posters, and let me tell you, they look amazing. This stuff is all screenprinted, limited, and very affordable. Shawn is hugely underrated, get in early. Visit his shop.

Heads Up – Tonight’s Tiny Showcase Print is by Andy Kehoe

Just a quick heads up, Tiny Showcase will release a new art print by Andy Kehoe tonight (they don’t show the image in advance). It will likely be a small giclee with an edition of 100 for around $20. These go up tonight (Tuesday, July 31st) at 7:30pm Eastern Time. Visit TinyShowcase.com. EDIT: Here’s the […]

Dye-Infused Metal Prints by Patrick Fatica (Onsale Info)

Patrick Fatica will release a series of thirteen dye-infused metal prints tomorrow. They all have editions of 20 and will cost $35-$45 each. They go up tomorrow (Wednesday, August 1st) at 12pm Eastern Time. Visit FaticaArnsenal.com.

Tycho Show Posters by ISO50

ISO50 (aka Scott Hansen) created some limited edition prints for his tour as electronic music producer Tycho. They’re digital prints that range in price and size. See the whole selection via his shop.

“The Hand Of Ming” Art Print by Jason Edmiston (Onsale Info)

Jason Edmiston will release his “The Hand Of Ming” art print today (this image originally debuted at the inaugural Mondo gallery show). It’s an 18″ x 27.5″ giclee, has an edition of 75, and will cost $75. There is also a 24″ x 36″ version with an edition of 10 for $150. These go up […]

Dave Matthews Band Posters and “Lightning Bugs” Art Print by DKNG (Onsale Info)

The work coming out of DKNG is incredibly consistent lately. Their Dave Matthews Band posters are 18″ x 24″ screenprints, have editions of 730 (much less online), and will cost $50 each. They go up today (Friday, July 27th) at a random time. Visit DKNGStudios.com. They also have a beautiful new art print available now. […]

“The Haunting” Art Print by Yosiell Lorenzo (Onsale Info)

Yosiell Lorenzo will release a new print in his ORPHAN series today. “The Haunting” is a 7″ x 9″ stained and mounted print, has an edition of 20, and will cost only $35 shipped ($45 for non-USA). It goes up today (Friday, July 27th) at 11am Pacific Time. Visit his shop.

New Prints by Aesthetic Apparatus

The fine folks at Minneapolis’ Aesthetic Apparatus have a bunch of new concert posters and art prints up for sale. Everything is screenprinted, limited, and every affordable. Visit AestheticApparatus.com.

“Bees” Art Print by Rob Warnick (Onsale Info)

Rob Warnick has an adorable new art print coming out today. “Bees” is a 10″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 55, and will cost $30. The variant will also be $30, or you can score the set for $50. It goes up today (Friday, July 27th) at a random time. Visit WarnickArt.com.

HUGE, Crazy New Art Prints by Cleon Peterson

Serigraphic Systems will release some insane new art prints by Cleon Peterson next week. “Will to Power” and “End of Days” are 30″ x 40″ screenprints, have editions of 55, and will cost $250 each. They go up Wednesday, August 1st at 12pm Pacific Time. Visit Serigraphic Systems. NOTE: The other image is a little […]

“efiL” Art Print by Yosuke Ueno at 1xRUN

1xRUN just released a new art print by Yosuke Ueno. “efiL” is 16″ x 20″ giclee, has an edition of 60, and costs $65. Visit 1xRUN.com.

Myths and Monsters – An Acidfree Gallery Print Show (Onsale Info)

Acidfree Gallery just sent over images for their upcoming Myths and Monsters show, and they all look amazing! In order, we’ve got Laurent Durieux, Tom Whalen, Dave Perillo, Graham Erwin, and NC Winters. These will all be limited edition art prints (Laurent’s is a screenprint, the rest are giclees). Everything goes up tomorrow (Friday, July […]

Lord of the Rings and Dragonslayer Posters by JC Richard (Artist Copies Onsale Info)

JC Richard will sell his artist copies of his Lord of the Rings art print set and his Dragonslayer poster later today. The LOTR set is a package of three 12″ x 30.75″ screenprints with small AP editions for $200/set. The Dragonslayer poster is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint (again, in a small AP edition) […]