“A Distant Winter” – Show Online – How Are These Three Rich Kelly Prints Not Sold Out Yet?

The leftover stock from “A Distant Winter” went up for sale today at a random time. I took a quick peek tonight and expected everything to be gone, but the three Rich Kelly prints are still available. I’m shocked. These are as good as anything he’s released so far, and all at great prices. They’re 18″ x 24″ screenprints, have editions of 100, and cost $50 each. Let’s help clean them out. Visit PhoneBoothGallery.com.

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  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again and again. Rich Kelly is my favorite illustrator working today. His unique perspectives do so much to tell the story in his work. This series is awesome.

  2. +1 1/19/15

  3. Some of his best work yet.

  4. Well, you convinced me — I had to grab a January 19th print.

  5. Sadly, hype speaks louder than talent more often than not… Love Rich Kelly, but he’s underhyped.

  6. Hey Mitch, just saw that you posted this. Thanks for the kind words, I had a lot of fun making these pieces, hope it shows. The opening was an absolute blast, so good to meet all of the people whose work I had been drooling over for years.

  7. Yep, I was surprised as well. Bought the whole Rich Kelly set. Great work.

  8. so good. Wish I could afford more than one bu alas could only pick up the 1915 print.

  9. My Favourite pieces from that show were Rich Kelly’s, January 19 1915 is amazing.

  10. Such great prints, tough to pick a favorite- that ‘1953’ layout is so good it hurts.

  11. Just because you think he is amazing doesn’t mean everyone does. Not everyone wants to hang a picture of Amelia Earhart with a smashed head on their wall. His style is not for everyone.

  12. True. However, I have a platform to voice my opinion.

  13. My two favorite artists right now are Rich Kelly and Zach Landrum. Great new work from Rich. Can’t wait to see what the rest of 2012 has in store. Keep up the amazing work!

  14. I love the Shackleton piece. Just picked one up!

  15. to each his own, (hyped or not) the Kelly pieces IMO were the most original and thought provoking of the show…

  16. While the admin has a right to express his opinion, it’s becoming more and more of trend and I find myself visiting this site less and less.

  17. That was such a good show. I ended up buying one of every print and Rich’s are my favorite.

  18. How many blogs do you read that don’t inject opinion?

  19. Surprised the May 29th is still around, that and Gang II were, hands-down, IMO Kelly’s best from this particular collection.

    That said, Ansin’s “Alaska (Triptych)” is the clear-cut champion of the entire exhibition.

  20. All of the artists did an amazing job with this show. I think the point is that Kelly deserves as much credit as Ken Taylor and Martin Ansin in terms of creativity, execution, and for being awesome in general (especially with the fans at the show). Kelly is really underrated.

  21. Injecting opinion is the prerogative of any blogger. If I could play devils advocate for a moment I would say that there are times when it does get a bit insular over here. When the Mondo promoters and fellow Mondo artists come in to pat each other on their backs it can sometimes feel more like a club than an art blog. If Rich’s work didn’t sell out it’s not for lack of hype. Sometimes his stylisation does get in the way of his subject as is the case with Amelia Earhart who looks more like Schlitzie the side show freak than a heroic figure. The art world is a big place and this Mondo-centric scene for all it’s success is still only a tiny corner of a microcosm of a very particular scene in the world of art. Rich Kelly is a promising young artist but he and all the other Mondo artists have yet to even appear in a single Society of Illustrators Annual. So thanks Mitch for being objective and bringing us a varied and inspired take on the poster scene in between all the obvious internal promotion. We get it.

  22. Rich Kelly is not underrated.

  23. Tomer Hanuka has been in society of illustrators. If your going to shit on this scene at least get your facts straight.

  24. Since when does inclusion in an annual (which only publishes work selected from a pool of paid submissions) say anything at all about quality?


  25. ^ Agreed. That was a really stupid comment to say.

    And Grant is right about Hanuka.

    Plus this site is called OMGPosters….and it promotes poster artists….

  26. Incredible work from mr kelly, every artist really topped himself but i think richs theme is my favorite.

  27. I agree with Kim. The society of illustrators is a dated institution. The juried shows are totally political. I wish I could have been on the west coast for this show. Very cool. I also love the Shakleton print especially since I just saw the documentary.

  28. It amazes me that people can bash Rich’s work… Even from a collectors standpoint. There’s a reason that some of your favorite artists own Rich Kelly prints, the mug is extremely talented and just because you don’t care for it doesn’t mean that he’s not. I don’t care for the majority of Andy Warhol’s work, but I’m sure at some point he made it into a magazine or two. Keep up the great work Rich, everything you did for this show is amazing! my favorites are the two gang paintings, and amelia.

  29. Rich is one of the most talented artists working today as well as a genuinely sweet soul.

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