“A Distant Winter” Interview Number Three – Ken Taylor

I had originally planned to post this interview before the opening, but some first-birthday plans got in the way. However, the interview is no less awesome, and you can now see the complete show online at PhoneBoothGallery.com.

What can you tell me about the work you’ve completed for “A Distant Winter”? Does it follow any kind of theme?

I guess the unifying theme with my work for this was color, I wanted all pieces to work together as a set with both the prints and the originals. They all have a reference to winter and I was exploring a lot concepts that related to Japan. All the birds are Japanese and the people depicted in them, whilst not being literally Japanese, all have references to Japan in how they are depicted.

Would you say the new work is pretty in-line with your normal output, or are you trying some drastically new things?

Well, I guess, nothing drastically new – I was really just trying to have fun with it. The whole process with painting is still a real learning curve for me so it was a matter of really trying to get it done without completely stressing myself out, haha

What has the process been like? What mediums are you working in

Acrylic and just regular screen prints – I usually prefer to work in oils if I have the time up my sleeve but it’s been really great to experiment with acrylics on this show – it has been an invaluable learning experience

How is the approach on personal paintings and art prints different than client work (i.e. concert posters, movie posters, etc)?

I think sometimes I am my own worst enemy. When I don’t have a deadline or a brief, I tend to procrastinate. Movie posters usually have a pretty definite brief, but rock posters are much more open (though you’re still governed by the music, so that always provides inspiration). When it’s completely open like this I always struggle to lock down an idea that I am completely happy with. Once that is sorted I am fine, but that is the hard part.

Being known as an artist that mostly works on posters, do shows like this inspire you to create more original art?

Absolutely, also seeing the other guys’ work has been really inspiring for me. As soon as I get back home I want to start preparing for the next one. I am pretty excited.

And just to confirm, you’ll be in attendance, correct?

Yep, loving Long Beach as we speak…

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  1. Ken Taylor is sexy. He could have been a movie star.

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