“A Distant Winter” Interview Number Two – Martin Ansin

I was more than happy to get some answers out of Martin Ansin about his work in the upcoming “A Distant Winter” exhibition at Phone Booth Gallery. Ken is up tomorrow. Enjoy!

What can you tell me about the work you’ve completed for “A Distant Winter”? Does it follow any kind of theme?

I think all my pieces in the show have a sci-fi vibe in common — although the “story” that is shown in the prints isn’t really continued in the original artwork, there are some points in common, like the winter setting and a blue, red and white palette.

Would you say the new work is pretty in-line with your normal output, or are you trying some drastically new things?

New things, absolutely! I think that everything I’ve done for this show comes from a different place, compared to my regular work. It’s been a great adventure for me to explore some new ground, and a lot of fun too!

What has the process been like? What mediums are you working in?

For the original pieces the process was a little harder at first, if only because the physical media needs a different kind of attention to detail than a print design on a computer. These are acrylic and ink on paper, a process that I used to do a lot a few years ago. It’s been a while!

How is the approach on personal paintings and art prints different than client work (i.e. concert posters, movie posters, etc)?

Client work is easier to handle at first for me, you usually grab the client’s direction and you know where you want the message to go. Personal work doesn’t come with such a clean road ahead, since it’s you signing the thing and not a band or movie.

Being known as an artist that mostly works on posters, do shows like this inspire you to create more original art?

Definitely, I find this really inspiring. I think that ultimately this kind of work is what can make the rest of your work interesting.

And just to confirm, you’ll be in attendance, correct?


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  1. Ansin = Number One.

  2. Shortest interview ever?

  3. Such an admirer of Martin’s work, that show is going to be a real treat.

  4. I met Martin Ansin and Ken Taylor. Actually shook their hands, had them sign some posters. It was unreal. And left with some great posters too

  5. Graphic concept art at its best!

  6. This show looks amazing!

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