“The Thing” Art Print by Drew Struzan (Mondo Info and Interview)

Looks like Mondo is gearing up to release a new screenprinted version of Drew Struzan’s legendary image for “The Thing”. It’s a 26″ x 38″ screenprint, has an edition of 440, and will cost $250. The glow in the dark variant has an edition of 150 and will cost $350. These will first be available at the Summer of 1982 screening. Get more info, plus a great interview with Struzan at Movies.com.

17 Responses to ““The Thing” Art Print by Drew Struzan (Mondo Info and Interview)”

  1. I’m very curious to see what they did with the GID ink.

    I’m assuming it will be the “light” coming out of the hood of the parka.

    But I would really love it if the GID inks were actually some titles.

    Either way, Struzan FTW.

  2. 250$ pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffthhhhhh! 😀

  3. Love it but wish there was some text that read “THE THING”.

    Of course I think it’s stunningly beautiful and am going to try to get my hands on one regardless.

  4. holy CRAP!!!!! the internet is going to die!!!!

  5. Doesnt look like many of these will make it online as they are going to sell them to non-ticket holders aswell!

  6. I expect quite a lot of these to go up on eBay for ridiculous amounts, especially as only the remainder will go up for online sale.

    I’m going to go for it, but if I can’t I’ll wash my hands of it, I would rather go without than pay the absurd amounts that some individuals are asking for. There are Tyler Stout Akira prints that have been sat on eBay for quite some time now, asking for upwards of £1,100.

  7. Damn. Signed by Struzan, too. I’ll be fighting for this one.

  8. Good lord .

  9. It is more of an art print than a movie poster. Very cool though.

    However I do not think that any artist will ever top Tyler Stout’s version of The Thing. That poster is so bad ass.

  10. Way too expensive

  11. Ill go for it simply for the sake of going for it (if any make it online), but Frankenstein blows this image away as far as Struzan’s go.

  12. Content trumps poster quality in the end. All due respect to Frankie but before they announced the poster I had watched Frankenstein maybe once before (and only once since). I watch “The Thing” at least 3-4 times a year, a top 5 favorite movie. So while yes, Frankenstein is the better poster, I love this one 1000% more.

  13. And everyone has their opinion 🙂 Ive seen The Thing maybe 3 times ever, but ive prolly watched Frankenstein 20-25 times. All just preference is all.

    Did we ever hear who did the separations on this one/how many colors it is? Seems like a lot of cash if its not a decent amount of colors. Granted I know even if it were 5 colors it would still sell out in seconds online.

  14. Im gonna sound crazy, but, frankenstein was long and waiting. Which i couldnt score: wished i had. although this image may be classic to some, i dont think as much as frankenstein. Plus this Thing is too blue for me. Not matching most of my collection pieces. I think its a great image though. Not my cup of tea for the price. Good luck yall. oh yea, and i like that it has no letters.

  15. Someone is making some money off of this.

  16. re: Baker

    I’ve seen estimates of 15 colors but no confirmation yet, as far as I know

  17. Man, I gotta have one of these so so so so bad. This is in my top 5 favorite movies of all time and that image is one of the single most iconic film poster images of all time. Please put some of these online Mondo and give us a chance.

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