A Peek at the Prints from Arrested Motion’s City of Fire Exhibition Tonight

Arrested Motion is in Beverly Hills gearing up for the big show they’re curating at Stephen Webster, and they were nice enough to send over previews of all prints that will be available. The show is tonight (Tuesday, June 5th) from 7pm-10pm. A handful of each edition will be available at the opening, then the rest will go online Thursday, June 7th 10am Pacific Time. For more info on the show, visit Arrested Motion. To buy the prints on Thursday, visit Static Medium.

“Obama Hulk (The Incredible Barack) by Ron English

14″ x 20″ Giclee, Edition of 30, $350:

“Casa Grande” by Dave Kinsey

16″ x 20″ Giclee, Edition of 100, $125:

“We’re Not OK” by TrustoCorp

16″ x 20″ Giclee, Edition of 75, $100:

“God Help US” by TrustoCorp

16″ x 20″ Giclee, Edition of 75, $100:

“Shallow People” by TrustoCorp

16″ x 20″ Giclee, Edition of 75, $100:

48 Responses to “A Peek at the Prints from Arrested Motion’s City of Fire Exhibition Tonight”

  1. The Hulk-bama print looks great. Wish it were a different size (maybe 18 x 24).

  2. Love the Trusto Corp series. The Obama is ridiculous.

  3. Am I missing something? Where does it say Palin is a whore on that print?

  4. Maury Povich is spelled wrong. That’s kinda irksome.

    Also, Kyle, you’re on the side of Ted Nugent, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Grover Norquist and Newt Gingrich. Losers for days. Don’t back a greedy, hateful, corrupt team of complete idiots and then be surprised when people describe them as such. Every bit of progress we’ve made as a country has been by fighting against people like them. The civil rights movement was made in spite of Conservatives, not because of them. Seriously, they’re on the wrong side of history. Also, everything you have said undermines your argument. Honestly, you look silly.

    And finally, look into why unions were formed in the first place.

  5. You know what, I’m already sorry about that last rant. This isn’t the place for all that. I just get riled up sometimes. My bad, y’all.

    But Maury Povich is spelled wrong, though.

  6. @ ZONU5-

    You talk about being on the wrong side of history yet you obviously support a guy who is sending us down that wrong side. Let’s talk about great people who use race as a weapon like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Harry Reid..need I go on? You talk about the civil rights issue yet these same people are holding the African American community down and MLK wouldn’t even appear with people like Jackson and Sharpton…matter of fact MLK had more Republican leanings and it was well known. You talk about looking silly yet you flip flop and apologize for your “rant” which was more like a whimper anyway which is typical for the left they just can’t uphold a stance and stick with it. I know the mod will more than likely delete this unless it contains some Shepard Fairey love or something positive about Hulk Obama but hopefully i’m proved wrong and all sides can be heard since Kyle surprisingly got through.

  7. So, I guess Kyle didn’t want to talk about art after all.

    Go figure.

  8. Obama Hulk just sold for $3000. Snap it up whilst you can.

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