A Peek at the Prints from Arrested Motion’s City of Fire Exhibition Tonight

Arrested Motion is in Beverly Hills gearing up for the big show they’re curating at Stephen Webster, and they were nice enough to send over previews of all prints that will be available. The show is tonight (Tuesday, June 5th) from 7pm-10pm. A handful of each edition will be available at the opening, then the rest will go online Thursday, June 7th 10am Pacific Time. For more info on the show, visit Arrested Motion. To buy the prints on Thursday, visit Static Medium.

“Obama Hulk (The Incredible Barack) by Ron English

14″ x 20″ Giclee, Edition of 30, $350:

“Casa Grande” by Dave Kinsey

16″ x 20″ Giclee, Edition of 100, $125:

“We’re Not OK” by TrustoCorp

16″ x 20″ Giclee, Edition of 75, $100:

“God Help US” by TrustoCorp

16″ x 20″ Giclee, Edition of 75, $100:

“Shallow People” by TrustoCorp

16″ x 20″ Giclee, Edition of 75, $100:

48 Responses to “A Peek at the Prints from Arrested Motion’s City of Fire Exhibition Tonight”

  1. Typical liberal artist not being intellectually honest with himself and spewing hatred on those who happen to believe differently than they do (in this case people on the right side of the political spectrum) Liberalism is the religion of those on the left.

    You just alienated about half your audience.

  2. Do a search on EB and you’ll find 30 negative posters on George Bush (not a single positive one) but not a single negative print on Obama. Funny how biased and what a bunch of lemming zombies these artists are that they only see fault on the right but no faults on the left. March off the cliff in unison you drones of the left.

  3. Kyle we all know liberalism is a mental disorder but don’t tell Ron English, Shepard Fairey and all the artist who still believe in Hope and Change! Funny how Bush got out of office everyone was against wars yet now Obama continues them and uses drone attacks on the daily the left leaning artist are SILENT hmm wonder why?

  4. Someone needs to take their meds.

  5. omg a liberal artist…will wonders never cease.

  6. Don’t be messin with The Obama

  7. No matter which way you might lean politically that Obama poster as a piece of pop art is radical. I actually got a little drunk with Ron English at the Manifest Hope show way way back in 2008 and he’s for real as an artist. Just hanging with the guy made me a fan.

    He said he was impressed that I had worked in advertising because you have to be smart and conceptual to be in the ad game. I asked him why he wasn’t in advertising and he said, ‘What and listen to someone tell me what to do all day? No fucking way.’

  8. Sorry, we’ve already got an official statist propagandist poster artist. Y’know, he’s that guy who likes to do those mediocre “Obey” prints, that point out how people are being controlled by a propaganda machine.

  9. @Kyle You DEF have a valid point. I agree that the pendulum can swing in both directions. But subject matter aside, this IS Ron English now.

    But radical would be a “liberal” artist commenting on the Left. I’d like to see more of that.

  10. Here’s a piece that ran in the Free Press down in Houston: http://www.flickr.com/photos/graysoncoffee/3054536530/

  11. Here’s a piece that ran as the cover for the Free Press in Houston: http://www.flickr.com/photos/graysoncoffee/3054536530/

  12. Very cool pieces. Too bad Maury Povich is spelled wrong on the last poster (Mory).

  13. when i read about left and right i know its gonna be some crappy comment about Obama. He doesnt get enough credit for the achievements he tries to do, and then gets cockblocked by republicans at his every move. Tell me what president is perfect? non! and there never will be. Im just glad hes not a racist. And thats one bad print by Ron English and Dave Kinsey. Nuff respect where it is due.

  14. @ knock knock – I never made a “crappy comment” about obama or said anything negative about him and don’t understand your statement insinuating racism so please elaborate on your comment.
    I just want these artists to show some semblance of impartiality once in a while when they decide to make a print depicting something political. All I see is the same old shit portraying republicans as religious, money grubbing, ass holes who hate the poor. Anyone with an ounce of honesty knows that’s not the case and that both sides of the political spectrum have their good people and bad people.
    With that being said I’d like to see a print where Obama is portrayed negatively (for the first time) by an artist here on OMPPOSTERS or EXPRESSO BEANS and not as a God or where George Bush was portrayed positively. Do these “artists” have so much of an agenda that they refuse to acknowlege the mistakes that Obama has made or have they deluded themselves so much that they no longer recognize them anymore. I dare you liberal artists to take that challenge and to be impartial for once instead of doing the easy and mindless school boy routine where you hit some political figure below the belt because you disagree with them and portray them as a whore.

    Don’t get me started on the print where they depicted Palin as a whore. Sure hope her kids don’t see that classy print. I’d personally be ashamed and embarassed to show my family that print. I’d never imagine depicting Pelosi or Barbara Boxer as whores or sluts but I guess that’s what differentiates me and conservative artists from much of the left.

  15. @ knock knock “He doesnt get enough credit for the achievements he tries to do, and then gets cockblocked by republicans at his every move.”

    You can’t be serious with this line right? He understand that Obama has been funded by Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, etc…Obama even said Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan ran one of the best managed banks after that implosion by them lmao. Correct me if i’m wrong but wasn’t Democrats in control of Congress for years and what got done exactly? Ohhh that’s right ZERO but yet we saw no prints by any “artists” reflecting that but when Bush made a mistake all the liberal tree huggers came out and bashed him in print. You limousine liberals are as predictable as the sun rise in your arguments.

  16. so i like the dave kinsey print i might pick that up

  17. That Kinsey is awesome. Wish it were a BLKMRKT screen print but it’s a damn beautiful image either way.
    Trusto’s magazine covers are great. Very smart.

  18. Here is a link to George Bush print on Expresso Beans: http://expressobeans.com/public/search.php?text=george+bush&class=0

    Here is a link to Obama prints on Expresso Beans: http://expressobeans.com/public/search.php?text=obama&class=0

    Compare and see for yourself. Some of the Bush prints depict him snorting coke off of a bulls balls, as a blood thirsty vampire and mock religion. Where are the obama prints exploiting the mistakes that he’s made? I love how these artists act like they’re so open minded and enlightened but for some reason they all think alike as if they’ve been trained by the same indoctrination camp of “the left”. No new ideas or thoughts from these guys, just the same mindless babble and they all agree with one another so there’s no discourse where they have the opportunity to learn about another opinion or way of looking at things. Just keep living in your enlightened bubble.
    Sorry about the rant but I’m a little pissed off and I haven’t even been drinkng tonight.

  19. @ kyle – These artists are just playing the game. It’s all about money. Think they’d sell hundreds of copies of a print praising Bush? Probably not. Make Obama look like our savior or sling some shit at conservatives and watch your stuff fly out the door. To most of these guys it’s not worth potentially alienating fans or hurting sales; so why take risks? Just do the same stuff over and over and follow the trends. They’re in it to make a buck like everyone else. This is their “job”. We hold these artists to a higher standard than ourselves, but really they’re just guys/gals like us trying to make a living. Is this kind of “art” for me? Not at all. However, it’s not worth the aggravation so I just roll my eyes and move on.

  20. Kyle:

    It’s not an agenda, their artists and have their own opinions. With the war government is waging on the arts in terms of education funding in the US, its no surprise that opinions form that are against certain policies and the people who bring them forward.

    Personally, I’m not sure if the print by English is positive either. The Hulk represents something that is certainly not problematic. In fact, I’d say this print could be seen as a commentary on the lack of control displayed by Obama in weilding his not inconsiderable power?

    Maybe I’m just reading too much into the Hulk character. But it should be said that I’m not American and didn’t come to the table with, as you say, an ‘agenda’, or that I wasn’t expecting a certain message to be on display and immediately saw it as a critique.


  21. Kyle, since when do artists have to be impartial? If you want to see a negative Obama or positive Bush poster get out your crayons and get to work.

    And I agree with Kim. The Hulk is not necessarily a positive image.

  22. Too bad about that Maury Povich typo; sort of ruins that last one.

  23. I can’t believe I know this… but TrustoCorp spelled Maury incorrectly.

  24. @ grasking – I prefer colored pencils

  25. All of these prints are weak except for the Kinsey.

    I agree on the Palin comment. I can’t stand her but labeling her as whore is childish.

  26. Some of you need to get off off omgposters and go back to your regularly scheduled viewing of Faux news and praying to your fictitious lord and saviour Karl Rove.

    If you do not like the art, do not buy it. Could not possibly be simpler, assholes.


  27. Delta-

    How did that Governor’s race in Wisconsin end up last night?

    I missed the “news”. :)

    I LOVE ART!!

  28. @Kyle,

    Here are a couple of good pieces that are critical of Obama. Maybe not for reasons that you’d agree with, but…



    Also, remember that if you don’t see your views represented in art, pick up a brush! I agree that it’s good to see a number of different opinions represented.

  29. Wining babies go listen to rush douche bag.

  30. I’ll stop wining when Obama stops bitching about the unemployement rate that he inherited over 3 1/2 years ago. Accountability comes with the territory when your the POTUS.

    DeltaSigChi4 and Skank remind me of the 4th grade bully who always called the kids names and picked on them until one day the smallest kid in the class finally stood up to him and kicked him in the nuts and made him go crying to the teacher.

    We’re entitled to voice our opinion about art. That’s what this forum is for so if you have an issue with it then too bad.

    @ Skank – I want to see your artwork portraying Rush as a douch bag as you stated earlier.

    @DeltaSigChi4 – I want to see your artwork of Fox News or should I say Faux News (so original).

    I want to give a shout out to Scott Walker who won the governorship for the state of Wisconsin for the 2nd time. WOOT!!!!

  31. This isn’t a fairy tale boy. I’m not crying wolf, or to the cops like Zimmerman. I call it like it is. Racism at its best. Teabaggers alike, republicans; you are the big bullies of this country. That Wisconsin vote wasn’t won by votes either. There are two kinds of people in America. The racist and the non. Bottom line. I know people don’t wanna hear it, but it’s soo true.

  32. Don’t act like youre and innocent person Kyle. You think it’s a good thing to take away union workers benefits from Wisconsin. Are you gonna blame them, like you do Obama for all the problems in the world? Give me a break! Grow some real nuts!

  33. @ Skank – So I’m a racist because I support Scott Walker. Hmmmm, seem s logical to me.

    I never said anything about union workers but now that you mention it doesn’t it seem unfair that the tax payers of Wisconsin have to pay for their high wages in order to pay for the Union Machine and for their dues?
    Is it wrong that Scott Walker doesn’t want to spend more than he take in? What ever happejned to fiscal responsibility?

    Quit with the persoal attacks, it gets old. Don’t take it so personally, that is unless you’re a union worker in Wisconsion.

    The people of Wisconsion spoke and Scott Walker is the victor whether you like it or not.

    You alluded that Mr. Walker didn’t with by votes and I’m curious to what you mean by that ignorant and uninformed comment. Could you be suggesting that Mr. Walker outspent his opponent nearl 3 to1 as Obamam did against McCain in ’08 nearly 2 to 1? Please eleborate.

    Oh yeah, when you make blanket statements like calling Repuplicans and Tea Party members racist then you defeat your cause and lose credibility. Race has nothing to do with this discussion as far as I’m concerned. Republicans don’t play the race card.

  34. Special interest funding for Scott Walker to manipulate. And yes I am a union worker in Cali. Stop playing the blame game without looking at yourself first. Thank you bye

  35. There is special interest funding with almost all candidates including Obama. You can’t have it both ways Skank.

    Believe me, I’m not going to point out a spec in someone’s eye when I have a plank in mine. I realize that I have faults and am nowhere near perfect. Just quit with the fucking name calling and blanket statements about Republicans and the over used disrespectul name you like to call Tea Party Members.

    I heard that California is going bankrupt and has more people leaving the state than coming in because of the high taxes and environmental extremists and that’s why your governor is asking for a 3-4% hike in your taxes. California was just voted least friendly state by the Fortune 500 as well and that can’t help your situation. Try coming to Texas where there is not state tax, unemployment is comparatively low and high paying non union jobs are being created by the hundreds everyday. Mondo/ Alamo Drafthouse is also located here and that’s a plus as well.

  36. Kyle:

    Discussing the art posted on OMGPOSTERS on its own merits is fine, that is why there are comments. No one is saying that comments have to be positive, but for everyone else’s sake keep it on point.

    Ranting about politics and liberal bias is better done elsewhere. I don’t come here to read your personal opinions about political issues that aren’t related to the content of this blog, I am fairly certain that I’m not alone in feeling that way either.

    It’s easy and pain free to post as the system is now and I’d hate to see implementation of more security features just to keep the comments on topic.


  37. If you are Mr. Know it all tell me when Mondo is sending out Avengers prints. Lol!! Shysters over there in Texas’

  38. I think Alamo and Mondo is all you have in Texas. Weak sauce. Sticking to one source. Why does Mondo do events out here in Cali then? I’m just drunk. And you are a racist Kyle. Or Teabaggers. With blanket thoughts of blah blah blah.

  39. Skank has no credibility but you’re good entertainment. keep it comin’.

  40. Good night my friend. I’m sure it’s past your bedtime. Thanx for your insight :)

  41. The Hulk-bama print looks great. Wish it were a different size (maybe 18 x 24).

  42. Love the Trusto Corp series. The Obama is ridiculous.

  43. Am I missing something? Where does it say Palin is a whore on that print?

  44. Maury Povich is spelled wrong. That’s kinda irksome.

    Also, Kyle, you’re on the side of Ted Nugent, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Grover Norquist and Newt Gingrich. Losers for days. Don’t back a greedy, hateful, corrupt team of complete idiots and then be surprised when people describe them as such. Every bit of progress we’ve made as a country has been by fighting against people like them. The civil rights movement was made in spite of Conservatives, not because of them. Seriously, they’re on the wrong side of history. Also, everything you have said undermines your argument. Honestly, you look silly.

    And finally, look into why unions were formed in the first place.

  45. You know what, I’m already sorry about that last rant. This isn’t the place for all that. I just get riled up sometimes. My bad, y’all.

    But Maury Povich is spelled wrong, though.

  46. @ ZONU5-

    You talk about being on the wrong side of history yet you obviously support a guy who is sending us down that wrong side. Let’s talk about great people who use race as a weapon like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Harry Reid..need I go on? You talk about the civil rights issue yet these same people are holding the African American community down and MLK wouldn’t even appear with people like Jackson and Sharpton…matter of fact MLK had more Republican leanings and it was well known. You talk about looking silly yet you flip flop and apologize for your “rant” which was more like a whimper anyway which is typical for the left they just can’t uphold a stance and stick with it. I know the mod will more than likely delete this unless it contains some Shepard Fairey love or something positive about Hulk Obama but hopefully i’m proved wrong and all sides can be heard since Kyle surprisingly got through.

  47. So, I guess Kyle didn’t want to talk about art after all.

    Go figure.

  48. Obama Hulk just sold for $3000. Snap it up whilst you can.

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