Baroness Tour Poster by John Baizley and Aaron Horkey (Available Now!!!)

Burlesque Design just posted this new red version of John Baizley and Aaron Horkey’s new Baroness poster. It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 139, and costs $50. Visit

12 Responses to “Baroness Tour Poster by John Baizley and Aaron Horkey (Available Now!!!)”

  1. I can’t tell if I like this… or LOVE it.

  2. These colors are insane. Total eye candy.

  3. damn. gone before i could snatch one.

  4. Killer!

  5. Holy shitballs! I KNEW there would be none left when I got there. This is pretty freakin amazing…

  6. Fuck, missed this. 🙁

  7. Luckily, I snagged this piece of awesomeness and hopefully will get a low #.

  8. was not feeling this one as much as i would most baizleys.

    the horkey lettering wasn’t enough but there where like 7 or 8 on the bay last night for 200 bucks a pop and they are gone now.

    so what do i know

  9. I really like Baizley and Horkey, probably my two favorite artists right now. I was excited to see this work, but after I took a look at it, putting Horkey on there as an artist is misleading. The lettering you see on the post is part of Baroness’ current t-shirt and album stock that’s coming out.

    They basically just pasted it over a Baizley illustration. Had Horkey done something original for it, I would have picked it up.

  10. …you say “I would have picked it up” as if that were an easy thing to do.

  11. It was definitely an easy thing. Maybe you were not around when they dropped/waited for the tweet that never came, but the shit was up and a definite easy checkout if one were so inclined. Fact. Shit did not sell out instantly, fake guy.


  12. I’m confused, are you trying to sound cool or be tough?

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