Toy Story Poster by Tom Whalen and Dark Shadows Poster by Ghostco – Both New from Mondo (Onsale Info)

Mondo will release two new posters this week. The first is Tom Whalen’s Toy Story, a 24″ x 36″ screenprint with an edition of 540 for $50. The second is Ghostco’s Dark Shadows, a 24″ x 36″ screenprint with an edition of 270 for $45. Toy Story goes up for sale today (Thursday, May 10th) at a random time. Dark Shadows goes up tomorrow (Friday, May 11th) at a random time. Visit

51 Responses to “Toy Story Poster by Tom Whalen and Dark Shadows Poster by Ghostco – Both New from Mondo (Onsale Info)”

  1. That’s one handsome Shadows poster but I haven’t seen the movie yet, so I can let myself pass. And as for the Whalen – aaaargh! my wallet! my wallet!

  2. Yea, the Shadows is really nice, if that was shown to me blind I’d almost think it was a Taylor with the rock shading. Haven’t seen the movie and heard it wasn’t good so I’m going to pass but it is tempting.

  3. Im LOVING that Dark Shadows poster! I bought the Daniel Danger “Woman in Black” before I saw the movie and was pleasantly surprised when I saw the film. With Tim Burtons recent track record Im not so sure how pleasantly I would be surprised. Its going to be a hard one to pass up, as Im sure it will sell out no matter what.

  4. I thought that was by Tomer Hanuka at first.

    I love Whalen’s Toy Story!

  5. Toy Story poster is a little dark, I hope the jpeg is not the true look of the poster. Dont think I could hang the poster in the kids room.

  6. Well that was depressing. Damn Disney and their awesome movies that remind me of my childhood!

  7. How did landivision on ebay get two?

  8. The toy story variant has better colors plus has Luxo Jr. on it. I shall get that one instead of the original.

  9. Tom Whalen can do no wrong! I will make it my life’s goal to own that print.

  10. fuck all you guys that buy these posters to flip them on eBay. scum of the Earth.

  11. Both of these are amazing.

  12. Matt rocks it again!

    More Ghostco please.

  13. @josh
    They are benevolently affording you the opportunity to attain a print that you could not score yourself. Would you rather that hardly any prints made it to the secondary market so that those that did show up were bid up to astronomical levels by collectors?


  14. I had a nice email exchange with Mitch of MondoTees in the wee hours of the morning regarding supply and demand. As I discussed with him, with my knowledge of economics and his knowledge of the industry, there really is “no easy solution” here.

    I’ve reached what I suppose to be the most accurate summary here:

    “As demand grew for their products amongst the citizens of Sanctuary, the Angels of Mondo didn’t know what to do; they had no means of increasing supply. Evil demons rose from the pits of hell upon learning this fact, and used their supernatural abilities to attain a significant portion of the resources of the High Heavens of Mondo. Those evil demons were led by none other than Diablo, who used his powers as Prime Evil to deceive the Angels into selling him as many as fifteen copies at once! This caused the supply and demand curve to shift even further, to the point where even King Leoric himself had to sell his soul to experience the beauty of Mondo firsthand.”

    For Mondo: Keep up the good work and reasonable pricing. They aren’t happy this is happening either but this is a very complicated situation so we have to bear with them. Like piracy, these people are almost always one step ahead of the game, as as such they learn how to “game the system,” and secure releases with the sole intent of flipping. Every sale that goes to these guys makes one less sale for each legit customer that cannot manage to get through the checkout system in time. Hopefully one day they will have a solution, for they want happy customers as much as they want to put out quality products

    For Customers: As collectors surely we do not want them to increase their print runs, and we appreciate that Mondo release such nice pieces at reasonable prices. The best we can do is bear with Mondo, and support them (while gently pushing them to figure out a way to deal with the eBay flippers without having to spend an exorbitant amount of money doing so). If you are an especially adept computer programmer with a magical algorithm to solve this problem, I’ll sure they’ll listen to anything you have to say.

    To Josh (above), and other people with Josh’s sentiment: Yes, I agree with you 100%. Let’s try to not take this out on Mondo though. Let’s support them as a small domestic company as best we can, because we like their products, despite how difficult they have been to attain at times. To take it a step further, do what I do, and refuse to purchase from flippers, because you are against the effects of it on the market. I mean that right there is a solution that would completely eliminate this problem, albeit would require complete solidarity between the whole community.

    And this goes out to the whole community, and I wish every single follower of @MondoNews could read the following sentence and practice it BEFORE they start their Mondo rant:


    Mitch explained to me that they think about this at Mondo every week, but as I said above, there is only so much they can do on their end. How about us, as consumers who are against the practice, help them out.

    Boycotting is an effective way of hurting business. Properly isolating and boycotting the flippers, would mean that they have no market. No market = No profit. If there was no profit to be made, they would go somewhere else.

    To clarify, when I refer to flippers, I only refer to those who purchase a print, regardless of content, with the sole intent of selling it on eBay for a profit, either right after it’s purchased, or as soon as it is received. I am not referring to people who are selling (for example) older prints, art that has appreciated in value, or people who buy 3 prints, and realize they only want 2.

    -Mad Max

  15. @mad max – thanks for the reminder the community how petty people can become when dealing with things they can’t own for cheap.

    i could careless if bums can’t afford a poster due to their financial status. i’m set and that’s all that matters. get a job bum! instead of getting a better job or getting a higher education your solution is to rant and tell others how to spend their hard earned money? dude stop wasting your breath.

    someone should make a site called

  16. What about those who truly need the money and this is a way to make some to get out of hard times?

    I have mentioned to Mitch about doing timed editions on regular prints and keep the variants limited. He said they can not do this because of License agreements and Intellectual Property right agreements and the artists like it that their prints are worth more. But, I think they have enough pull to change this.

  17. @natas
    At what point is something not limited edition? If they did a one-hour timed edition, that would basically eliminate flippers and traders because they’d figure no one will buy/trade the print because everyone who wants one can get one, which would bring sales down.

    If only the people who intended to keep the print purchased, I bet the majority of these runs would still be under 600. Even if 1000 are made, that can still be considered a limited edition item.

  18. the toy story print was the first ever mondo release ive ever attempted to score and i made it through. it was actually way smoother than i expected. thankfully, im not too fussed about most of the stuff the mondo releases so i will be staying 1/1 for quite awhile im sure.

    that said, vote with your wallets. buying prints from flippers only sends the signal that what theyre doing is ok and will continue to make them money. personally, i cant stomach the idea of paying 3 or 4 or 5 times the amount for something that was available at regular price 60 minutes earlier. nobody needs anything that bad.

  19. Isn’t that what people want….the chance to get a print and not pay the secondary market price. You must be a collector and collectors are the only ones who are against this idea.

  20. @natas
    No, I’m agreeing with you. I’d be down for timed editions for the reg’s, I’m saying that even if it ended up being a run of 1000 it’s still a limited edition item. I understand if a studio specifically says no more than 300, but otherwise I think the timed runs would be lower than most assume if the flippers and traders didn’t have incentive to purchase as well.

  21. @DeltaSigmaChi4, Time to teach some economics…

    I applaud you for making your own opinion, and it’s one I haven’t really heard in the community.
    Although, I hate to tell you, I believe your theory is fundamentally wrong with what you mention about them helping you secure prints.

    This is long and solely a discussion on economic theory, there is a TL;DR at end.

    An exception is if the flipper’s price is LESS than the opportunity cost of the time you spend attaining a Mondo poster plus the cost of the poster, the flipper has a comparative advantage in securing the poster and as such, you should purchase it from him.

    The supply level of Mondo itself will not shift here under any circumstances, unless Mondo changes it’s policy regarding reprints, or starts doing unlimited editions. We already know nothing like this goes on, so we can assume that it will stay constant.

    The demand curve however, changes substantially based on the flip market. As long as there is a market for flipped Mondo posters, and flippers buy them, this will cause the curve to shift to the right, and cause a higher price equilibrium.

    The only demand curve that can be affected is if you are referring to the supply and demand curve related solely to “Flipped” posters. In the market for “Flipped” posters, your statement *could* apply true as there can both be changes to the Supply and Demand side of the equation. However, while theoretically a lower Supply would consequently result in a higher price equilibrium, you are not regressing this data against the S/D curves of the other markets.

    First, a lower supply of flipped posters implies that this will bring the supply from Mondo back up. However, since demand is relatively inelastic, these will still be sold. We assume these will be sold to the end-user, as in this model people do not buy the print for resale. This will keep the price equilibrium down.

    To assume that collector’s don’t resell (or only resell at a substantial increase in price,) is often from my personal experience is not true. I have often resold my old collectables to make room for new ones. When I do resell I usually go to eBay, and I’ll base my price off factors such as what I paid, condition, and a simple high-low price point analysis. In most auctions I create, I utilize buy-it-now, so I would not be raising the equilibrium price. When I want to buy an older collectible that has long sold out, I’ll use Kidrobot as an example here, I often have no trouble locating it.

    ONE OF MY KEY POINTS AGAINST YOUR STATEMENT is that you make the extremely incorrect assumption that all the “secondary-market,” or pieces that are going to the “collectors,” are being sold right after they are launched on Mondo. We have only been defining flippers as the people who buy the print with the intent to sell either directly after purchasing or directly after receiving the print. You have not even addressed the market that doesn’t get to these auctions on time. Just as in to what you describe as a secondary market in your statement, a similar market occurs regardless after the flippers have sold their prints (limited availability). Do you see what I’m getting at here? The flippers are only “helping” you get a print you couldn’t get if you know about the release, missed the drop, and you could only stand to benefit on a personal from the flippers IF they have the comparative advantage. The flippers are just delaying the amount of time before sellers can discriminate based on a level other than supply and demand.

    This new “Third-market” or what would normally be the “Second-market” if the flippers didn’t exist, now is basing its prices off the second market, which DOES raise the price equilibrium. So this “collector’s market” situation is going to exist with or without the presence of flippers, except with flippers already in the equation, the “collector’s market” is going to be at a higher price equilibrium, because the flippers have taken a cut of the price as profit.

    The case you describe “hardly any prints made it to the secondary market so that those that did show up were bid up to astronomical levels by collectors,” implies that you think the average market equilibrium would be higher if there were no flippers, but here’s what would most likely happen:

    Mondo would make a sale and the main buyers will be collectors who are generally interested in keeping the artwork. The market equilibrium would raise after release only as the art appreciated in value as with most other fine work. Similarly, the less desired pieces would probably maintain a stable market equilibrium.

    Without flippers, the Highest Price sold on record *may be higher than the Highest Price sold on record with flippers, but only for this initial period of time where the flip market exists. This is because flip-markets are still using “second-degree price discrimination”(price varies according to quantity sold) and collector markets use “third-degree price discrimination” After the flip market is gone (or if it doesn’t exist), we will then approach a collector’s market regardless.

    This is because in a “collector’s market” third degree price discrimination can occur. In this model, price varies by attributes such as location or by customer segment, where the attribute in question is used as a proxy for ability/willingness to pay. There may be a collector who wants to go out of his way in a market, and offer a large price for an item, because he cannot find it anywhere else. Or he doesn’t want to wait, and so he causes an outlier. This could occur on either case, what about the people who want the toy story print next year?

    Do you see where I’m going with this yet?
    Sorry if I am unclear please let me know if you need any clarifications.
    I tried to use only basic economics terms.

    So what have we learned today?

    On a personal level it’s possible to benefit from the existence flippers, only under a couple of circumstances:
    -They possess a comparative advantage to you, because by factoring in the opportunity cost into the equation of securing a print, you stand more to gain by buying the print later that same day on eBay
    -On highly desired pieces, they delay the amount of time it takes for the market to cross the boundary from second degree price discrimination (by quantity) to third degree price discrimination (by market segment, e.g., collectors), so there’s the possibility (depends on the nature of the flipper) of securing a print at a lower price on a more desired piece of artwork before it hits the collector’s market. This situation could not apply to “less-desired” pieces because of their nature.
    In either situation of demand, the existence of flippers stands to raise the price equilibrium. If they fail to do this they will stop doing business.

    Do not make the mistake that flippers help the market by any means. Or prove me wrong with sources and/or economic theories to back up your claim that a higher market equilibrium would occur if there were no flippers. If flippers could lower price equilibrium they wouldn’t exist as they don’t stand to profit, they can only stand to raise price equilibrium. Theoretically, if there were no flippers we would approach a “collector’s market” faster than if there were flippers, but after that initial time period both methods end up in a “collector’s market.”

    If you have a problem with Mondo flippers: DON’T BUY FROM THEM

    Feel like I’m writing a novel here~


  22. i don’t give a shit if the poster is LIMITED or not. i don’t care about “value.” i care about purchasing a bad ass piece of art and THAT is what collectors should “value” not the “market value” or “appreciation” of the purchase.

  23. Wow, that was too much. The problem with Deltas statement, is that he considers flippers benevolent. They are opportunistic, not benevolent. Benevolence implies caring, they don’t give two shits about the art of the poster. Nobody who truly cares about something would prey on it’s very existence. We live in a world of opportunists, people who find means for personal profit, by taking advantage of something else. Sadly, they have every right to do so. I am an American businessman, and therefore a Capitalist myself, so I have to accept the flippers right to flip. BUT, they should stay the fuck out of these forums, that are intended for those of us that love this genre. Don’t come in here and post as if we (the art lover) give a rotten shit what you have to say, as if we consider you anything more than a degenerate pariah. In MY perfect world, there is no Ebay, and the flippers have to stand on the corner with a “Will sell poster for food” sign like the rest of the lazy ass bums. Amen.

  24. @jbanda — If you’re talking to me, you’re implying a very different discussion than the one I was having, and are pointing to the nature of Mondo’s products themselves. I have no issues with Mondo’s products, I quite like them and I wish I could have more of them. These aren’t produced by a manufacturing organization these are quality pieces of art, usually hand pulled, signed, and numbered with care. Who are you arguing with here?

    @Fake Ryan — I’m also confused with who you are addressing, and besides saying that you’re an “American Businessman” so you support capitalism but don’t want flippers in the forums. Where is the flipper here? Did I miss something? Did you read both of my posts? If you did, you would know I’m so against flipping that I refuse to buy a flipped print. And who are you to censor the internet? Let a flipper come here if he wants and I’ll rip him a new asshole.

    @all: Obviously we come here to support the art, the flippers just follow @MondoNews. Learn the difference between a flame/rant and a discussion. If you have a problem, vote with your wallet. Don’t buy from flippers.

  25. Its 2012, right? Are people really still bitching about flippers? It blows when you don’t get the poster you want, and thats usually what happens in every Emek, Mondo, Stout, Tong, etc sale.

    But they are also setting the value for everyone else, and sometimes low. Think of the fools who flipped The Big Lebowski for $300 afterwards. Oops.

    Its a risk game either way. Flippers can lose too by real economic standards (selling before actualized value.)

    Ultimately they are pieces of art we’re all collecting and want to see appreciate. The only way they can is if someone is WILLING to pay that amount.

    This granola, altruistic approach that you care where a person’s motives lie is as idiotic as it is reckless to the value of the print.

    Great, you like it and you plan on keeping it FOREVERRRRR!

    Bullshit. You’ll sell it if you need to, and you’ll be glad someone drove the price up so its worth more.

    Quit crying and good luck in your future endeavors.

  26. Mad Max, there a few flippers in this thread right now, they know who they are. And no offense bro, but your posts are encyclopedias, nobody is going to read ALL that. Giving a junior college course on economics is not considered ripping someone “a new asshole”. Thanks for your time though.

  27. @Ryan Call me naive if you want for not realizing any of the above people were flippers.I’ve been here prob 3 years, and now I’ll never have to write that novel again. Also, that’s why I use TL;DR’s when depth writing online, I’m sure you’ll see I have one at the end, 4 sentences.

    @DeltaSig: I had assumed you were just an idiot by exhibiting such a level of pure stupidity. So congratulations on trolling me to the point of feeling like you deserved the boring ass lecture from me on micro101 when it turns out you are actually the one directly contributing to the problem. I wish you the fate that Ryan already wished you, and hope you sincerely gtfo.

  28. Hi max, it’s really cool that you had some Econ classes and now feel brilliant enough to preach on the Internet. While you regurgitate texts to paint a shade of validity across your babble i am confident many reading are comfortable assuming you accurately describe the economics of this market. Fortunately for you and them, they won’t question you because you and them all want to agree that you are “the deserving fans ” being wronged by these flippers.ย The less pleasant truth is that you, your misguided subscribers, and even the artist create your own displeasure by manufacturing scarcity and paying a premium to know that you own a “limited” piece of art.

    While you, your fan club, and hipsters across american metropolitan areas scoff at the idea that they themselves are their own worst enemy the facts are the facts…. None of you will sell any of your art that has appreciated at face value. If not, then you Remus are feeding from the same tit as your brother the flipper. And, face it… Being a “collector” is all about having something someone else doesn’t have. If I were wrong, you and all those who agree with you would spend far less money accumulating worthless reproductions to enjoy.ย 

  29. Get some girl friends you losers!

  30. Yeah, jeez! ๐Ÿ˜›

  31. or boy friends!

  32. Damn it, I missed both versions. Fuck a doodle do. @Pizzo, cool beans.

    I still think a timed edition would be wonderful. Would of loved to see what the numbers would of been for Avengers.

  33. On average I keep half of the prints that I purchase and sell the rest (for a profit). Would you guys define me as a piece of shit flipper?

    Also, I don’t really care what your opinions are on the matter but I am curious to hear some of your outrageous thoughts on the subject. I guess you could argue that I care a little by simply asking the question but whatever.

  34. come on guys. this is a toy story poster.

  35. neg vibes need to be elsewhere because toy story is a happy time.

  36. Jesus Christ. Suck it up. There will always be flippers and they are trying just as hard as you are to get the print. Collectors want them to collect and flippers want them to flip. I have been on Mondo for 3 years and I win some and lose some. No one is reading these long diatribes on Economics, Supply and Demand, the Greed and Evilness of flipping, or the like. You win some and you lose some. Get over it. Nah……..not really, these threads turn into pure comedy. Keep it as it ever was.

    BTW….the Dark Shadows print was gorgeous but holy crud was the movie crap.

  37. @Josh, About dark shadows… fuck~ I was hoping that would not be the case; I’m guessing you saw the movie today? Loved the print but usually won’t purchase an IP that I’m not a fan of (made Avengers week easy for me as I’m a DC guy =D), but decided to make an exception for TB/JD. Oh well, there is still a lovely frame waiting for it on a grey wall in my TV room, so let’s just hope nobody else watches the movie either haha

    diggin the line work and expect it to look great in person, can you tell if it’s made with 2 or 3 inks?

    btw, i’m long over feeding our neighborhood trolls so i’ll leave that to the rest of y’all~ i’m flattered you consider me as comedic gold though ๐Ÿ˜‰ but srsly, as you said, you’re right. it’s still the same debate every week as it was when I started my collection too *shrug* doesn’t mean that I have to be content and settle with price arbitrage (you lose some, big deal, qq more pls). so to this day I’ve never bought or sold a flipped print. meh. to each their own.


    ps: damn about Dark Shadows being a shitty movie and that’s what I’m still thinking about.. it’s really grinding my gears =P

  38. @dd happy times? shit… which toy story were you watching?

    ts3 had me crying my eyes out and I think the poster is a fairly dark piece that speaks to it. definitely the opposite of how I perceived the vision of the original toy story, but that came out when I was like 10.

    pixar is usually exceptional (and this applies to some cartoons also) in delivering a light and happy story to kids while sending the adults home with a much darker message. lest the jokes that kids laugh at and they don’t even properly understand.

    love the style and its a great piece, but for me was an easy pass as it wouldn’t blend in my apt.

  39. Too bad this is the last print from the Mondo/Pixar line. I was really looking forward to Up and Incredibles.

  40. @mad max – to be honest no one cares about how another collector feels when it involves something the next person wants. we’re not buying necessities so why should flippers care if a poster is purchased by a collector or a flipper? it’s one thing if we’re all hungry and someone was flipping food…now that’s something to gripe about. at the end of the day a poster will go to someone that appreciates it…so stop crying because this is a vicious cycle.

    you think people that scored care about your cool story? they’re just laughing at you, and if you had mentioned your story in person they’ll laugh in your face too. also this will sound like total nonsense to some of ya’ll but flippers do collect the things they buy; they just don’t hoard on every cool poster.

    there’s nothing worst then a grown ass man with a career crying to everyone about a freaking colored paper. no wonder you prefer to express yourself online.

  41. Same here, natas. A damn shame.

  42. what’s a flipper? the dolphin?

  43. OK, so i just came to terms with the fact that all of the long-winded rationalization of my failures to purchase a “poster” (yes that is all they are) is merely due my selfish desire to have what I can’t have in the manner I would like to have it. It’s all so simple. And my “collector” argument is so transparent it is honestly embarrassing. I just want the “flippers” to go away so “collectors” like myself can profit… uhhh, sorry, I mean so these enlarged baseball cards can be truly appreciated by those I deem fit. All of my so-called knowledge cannot mask the fact that I am acting like a spoiled baby.

  44. Mad Max, you annoy the piss outta me.

  45. “Mad Max”, did you call me an idiot and address remarks to me in absentia? Are you schizophrenic? No one forces anyone to bid on listings or buy from so-called flippers. That is the fucking bottom line. Do not like how the poster market goes? Go collect used stamps or beanie babies or circulated state quarters.


  46. uncirclutated state quarters is where it is at.

    As long as things are in limited edition, people will complain. This goes from vinyl to sports cards to toys (case figures and treasure hunts for hot wheels). So again, if you do not like the flippers do not buy it. Eventually the market will go down. Otherwise send Mondo a nice letter explaining to them a timed edition would be nice or ask them for their own copy.

    BTW, collectors are just as bad as flippers. The only difference is one hoards for themselves and the other makes $$$ for themselves. Eventually the collector will sell their collection. They always do.

  47. Agreed. Except that Robocop Stout Metal Variant owners seemingly aim to be buried with their’s. Only then will those ISO will be able to acquire them: simply show up with a shovel and lots of extra time.

    ‘Mad Max’ acts like these prints are selling for 5x or 7x their original prices. Just fucking buy them from someone that scored and quit your petulant whining.


  48. There is a Robocop Stout Metal Variant? Holy crap. Would love to see how much that goes for on the market.

  49. Yep, I would bury that with me.

  50. rofl this is great.

    Trying to see where I stopped posting, and where someone actually started pretending to be me.


  51. @Hammertime – seriously just shut the hell up, you self absorbed fuck. All you’re doing is whining about how others are reacting to persistant issue of flippers- which Mondo admits IS a problem. No one needs to know, nor do we care about your opinions if you can’t think beyond your own self-interest. At least Mad Max’s first post posses interesting input.

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