The Avengers Poster by Tyler Stout (Onsale Info)

Mondo will release this new Avengers poster by Tyler Stout tomorrow. It’s a 24″ x 36″ nine color screenprint, has an edition of 750, and will cost $60. The variant has an edition of 350 and will cost $110. These go up tomorrow (Friday, May 4th) at a random time. Visit

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  1. Dammit, I wish I could get an alert as to when they go on sale.

  2. Martin Ansin is Poster King of this series. His glow in the dark and reg version blew me away. This kicks ass too, but as always has too much going on. Which in my opinion would make variant more attractive to bring in the less color into focus. Plus matches Thor poster from Martin Ansin more. LOL!

  3. Looks like every other Tyler Stout poster.

  4. Not a fan of the regular, but the variant is very cool. I liked, but didn’t love the movie, so this wouldn’t see the wall.

  5. Definitely prefer the variant. Agree the Ansin was the best of the series too

  6. Everybody remember, one per person. Mondo won’t let you purchase both the regular and the variant. Don’t want your order getting cancelled, right?

  7. Wow, they are bringing in almost $80K on this print along. That is some serious dough. But, I am glad that they are upping the numbers on this one. Everyone should have a good chance on this.

  8. @dylansdad:
    Wow, thanks. Honestly didn’t catch that in the announcement. For a second I thought you were trying to game the system.

    I feel weird about these. The colors on the reg aren’t too good, in my opinion. Thinking I’ll try to net a variant for trade-in value on Black Widow maybe.

  9. @Sam: The either/or rule was clarified in the official Mondo newsletter announcement.

    “There will be a limit of 1 VERSION OF THE POSTER PER PERSON. You will be able to buy the regular or the variant. Purchasing both versions will not be allowed.”

  10. @dylansdad: yeah, I had to go back and make sure after you said. This is new right? This is the first time I recall Mondo having this rule.

  11. I love the coloring of the regular edition. Phenomonal!

  12. Natas, not all of that money is a profit. They spend some in order to bring us more posters, I’m sure you know.

    The variant is more appealing to my eyes, but the regular isn’t bad either. Was hoping for more of a landscape view with the characters in some kind of action pose (instead of repeating them over and over again). I still think the PCC Captain America is the best, but the rest of the posters aren’t bad.

  13. i hate when i see another kyle posting as just kyle on this blog.

    it’s confusing to everyone.

    it’s makes them think you’re me dude.

    it’s just the life we live as kyles i suppose.

    there is nothing i can do about this, it’s up to you now.

    will you choose to differentiate yourself in the future, or will you forever live in kyles shadow ?

  14. my real name is John

  15. I was not busting on Mondo or anything. Just noting. The Avengers line brought in some serious dough.

  16. @kyle, this is your shadow…no worries. If you know who you are then it is all good. Does not matter what others think.

  17. OMf’nG, I just walked outside then back in and missed the entire drop.

  18. Wouldn’t you know our internet went out the moment that variant got in my cart. Oh Well.

    Bet West-Coasters won’t be pleased with the chosen drop time…

  19. Clicked ADD TO CART for the regular edition
    2 minutes later Sold Out
    Cool website man!

  20. Im a west-coaster, and this sucked!!

  21. I just got one! This has never happened before. Where am I?

  22. DUDES—- two words – PAYPAL BUTTON!!

    Jesus fuck, nothing like sitting on “Calculating Shipping” for fucking ever!

  23. Saw the movie last night, and would have loved to have this, but work got in the way of constantly F5ing. Hopefully the gallery1988 show will some good stuff.

    But seriously, I enjoyed the hell out of the movie. So good.

  24. Add this to the long list of Mondo/Tyler Stout prints I was not able to get. Item In Cart > Page Time Out > Refresh > Item Sold Out.

    Why do I even waste my time.

  25. Paypal button would be disastrous for inventory tracking. It’s very inaccurate.

  26. Was luck enough to score the regular edition. Can’t wait to see it in person.

    Hope this helps you guys differentiate between the two Kyles.

  27. I got the regular.. super excited since this was my first mondo drop that didn’t ‘out of stock’ when completing the checkout!!!

  28. Paypal seems to work out ok for other high-demand artists sales (MBW, Obey, etc.), would be better than the White Screen of Death I always get on Mondo.

    So some people get refunded on oversells. Better than the 15 steps it takes to get through checkout on Mondo… and that’s with an account already set up!

  29. The shipping calculator — which definitely has not always been there, and it ultimately redundant — and the goddamn facebook bullshit buttons on the bottom have clearly not been IMPROVEMENTS to the checkout, which has gotten worse not better. For this particular drop, it was fairly smooth probably due to preceding sales drawing some attention to the shittiness of their checkout, and the time decided to make this drop. The earlier, the better.


  30. anonymous, how many of those artists using Paypal buttons are consistently issue refunds? Most…

  31. The west coast thanks you for the early drop!

    +1 Regular!

  32. Do not use paypal button, use credit card.

  33. Gallery 1988 Avengers prints are up.

  34. Pssst…the gallery1988 artwork is up. I snagged a DKNG print which I love, and threw in a Cooper Iron Man.

  35. The online release of those avengers gallery1988 prints have really made my day!!:D 😀

  36. gallery 88 Awesome Thanks Natas and Zombie

  37. You are welcome!!! Actually, I liked them better than the Stout. Not my favorite of his.

  38. Mondo’s site works perfectly. 1100 sales in a few minutes without a single refund. Esao Andrews was trying to sell 80 prints yesterday and had around 200 oversells in just a few minutes… i do believe he was utilizing a paypal button. And nothing against Esao but I think it safe to say that not nearly as many people were trying to purchase his giclee as were attempting to acquire the Stout. love to hear what people would say if Mondo started giving out refunds.

    … and what is natas spelled backwards…

  39. I’m glad Mondo is at least making the “one version per person” rule explicit instead of having it be an unwritten rule and then just canceling your order on you unexpectedly

  40. Martin Ansin is the Poster King!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Took the name from “Natas Kaupas.” If I wanted to be named from other guy spelled backwards I would of taken “Louis Cypher”

  42. Took the name from Reggae dancing or skanking.
    Wow. They are raping up a storm on eBay for these prints. So glad I don’t feel the need to have this one. Thank god

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