Exclusive: Aaron Horkey’s New Poster for Andrew Bird

Here’s a first look at Aaron Horkey’s newest poster, another masterpiece for Andrew Bird. It’s a 14″ x 33″ screenprint with an edition of 245. The variant has an edition of 50. You can grab the regular version at the show in Boston on Sunday. Some copies will also be release online, which I’ll keep you updated about. Enjoy!

27 Responses to “Exclusive: Aaron Horkey’s New Poster for Andrew Bird”

  1. WOW! so much greatness here.

    every Horkey Andrew Bird poster has gotten better and better.

  2. What a beauty ! Classic Horkey all the way .

  3. Bloody great!

  4. yeah, sweet as print, aaron is master of illustration

  5. I could be going to Boston Sunday night.

  6. I’ve never listened to Andrew Bird but this could be my favorite print so far this year.

  7. Amazing stuff right there. A bit creepy with all the little beaks sticking out the side.

    Does anyone know what’s going on with suite #3???

  8. Classic-classic.


  9. Jesus.

  10. Looovin’ this, very sweet indeed, almost cutesy… Not at all creepy, nice & loosey goosey too! Perhaps a little fun Jay Ryan rubbin’ off on good Mr. Horkey perhaps?

  11. Am I the only one who thinks the regular blows the variant out of the water?

    Absolutely stunning.

  12. Gorgeous. And the little bird is so cute, which is rare for Horkey.

  13. @archer no youre dead on.

  14. Damn…this is awesome…any clue on how many colors….that reg would look nice to JP

  15. “Regular edition of 245 with 18 Artist’s Proofs and 2 Printer’s Proofs.
    6 color screenprint (including custom mixed metallic gold) on French Butcher Blue stock, 33″x14”.

    Variant edition of 50 with 6 Artist’s Proofs.
    5 color screenprint (including custom mixed metallic gold) on French Construction Whitewash stock, 33″x14″

  16. ¡Increible!


  17. Wow!

  18. The coloring on the variant I am sure will look like that of MWH or the variant of El Laberinto del Fauno. I sure they both will slay in person.

  19. I will be inside before doors open and can pick some up for people if they chip in for mine!

  20. CleanEnergy@vzw.blackberry.net

    If anyone wants me to grab one for them in Boston…pick number too!

  21. i would like one of these please

  22. the king reigns

  23. awesome!

  24. hooked up with a ticket by a rad dude got the print it is amazing in person the gold in the moon and the arrows look stunning my first horkey lots of offers on it nothing to make it move… EB

  25. I’m mailing out the prints later today for those who ordered from me…everyone is taken care of and I have an extra for trade…Same email above^^^

  26. I also have Andrew Bird postcard handbills and free music downloads from merch table!

  27. Up in the Andrew Bird store now.

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