Ken Taylor’s Poster for Last Night’s At The Drive-In Show

I’ve been lucky enough to work with At The Drive-In on posters for their current run of Texas shows. They’re keeping things very secretive, so I won’t say what is or isn’t coming, but you should definitely check the merch table if you make it out to see them. Last night’s show in Austin (their first in over ten years) featured this mind-blower by Ken Taylor. It’s a 12″ x 36″ screenprint, and a small artist edition will be available online in the coming weeks (more info about that later). For now, enjoy!

28 Responses to “Ken Taylor’s Poster for Last Night’s At The Drive-In Show”

  1. WOW!!!

  2. This is so good… So good.

  3. That sure looks like the Wickerman!

  4. now THAT is amazing! such a great image- somehow suits the band PERFECTLY!

  5. Ridiculous – the guy just gets better and better.

  6. Jesus that’s nice. Hey Ken, how bout you take one for the team and make a bad poster every once and a while? Even the field a bit?

  7. COACHELLA!!!!


  8. Amazing, perfect image.

  9. Ken Taylor must have 4 hands or something to be able to make such detailed prints one after another like this, with little time in between.

  10. This is genuinely epic


  12. Great poster for an amazing band

  13. Too much awesomeness to handle. Plus the promise of more ATDI prints is just icing on the cake.

  14. Man, I was so bummed that tickets were sold out for tonights show…

  15. That poster is just insane! Awesome!! Ken’s work is just getting better and better, looking forward to the artist edition of it!!

  16. Wish I could get one with just the art, not a fan of the band.

  17. Smashing! This is soo tough! Never a big fan of all the extra lettering of the venue and dates and stuff. But those Letters of the band are Smashing too. stunning

  18. you two need a sharpee marker.

  19. This is incredible. Ken is truly a master.

  20. Wild detail. Insane work Ken. Keep it coming.

  21. Posted earlier that I loved the rendering, art wise, but seeing now from others that this references the Wickerman kind of theme, definitely not something of interest as that’s pretty unpleasant overall, but can’t wait to see Ken’s future work on other projects instead.

  22. Mitch said it best, MIND BLOWING.

  23. Holy crap! Now that’s a poster!! Great job ken Taylor

  24. Anybody heard any news of a poster for the Dallas show last night?

  25. posters are already up for sale for this ATDI show

  26. The show may have been in Texas but the Tree line at the bas of the poster is definitely Australian I see the influnce at the end of my street or any east coast street in Australia!

  27. I want this SOOOOO bad…

  28. One of his best. It is totlly incredible.

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