“Dragon Year” Art Print by Gregor Koerting

Idle Beats, an awesome print studio in China, just released this stunning new print by Gregor Koerting. “Dragon Year” is a 21″ x 30.5″ screenprint, has an edition of 81, and costs $65. Visit their Etsy Shop.

Click the first two images to see them larger:

5 Responses to ““Dragon Year” Art Print by Gregor Koerting”

  1. Oh man how great is this poster?! I’ve got some other stuff from Idle Beats. All look beautiful on paper.

  2. Wow, this look amazing.

  3. Stunning!!!

  4. Idle Beats are the best. Making us all look like idiots.

  5. Thanks OMG, thanks everyone!! New stuff coming soon~ peace and love. :))))

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