The Black Keys Concert Posters by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

Shepard Fairey will release his two recent posters for The Black Keys tomorrow. They’re both 18″ x 24″ screenprints, have editions of 550, and will cost $45 each. They go up for sale tomorrow (Tuesday, March 27th) at two random times during the day. Visit

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  1. i dig them. bring on the hate

  2. I like these as well.

  3. His best work in quite some time.

  4. I don’t tend to like his stuff, but these aren’t so bad.

  5. You know you’ve hit pop status when they put your picture on a gigposter, aka: it’s lame.

  6. Why is it lame? It’s their product…themselves…lots of handwork getting there taboot….hipsters don’t realize they are followers themselves…you should buy those rimmed glasses (w/no lens’)

    Shep is trying again…sort of refreshing to not immediately hate his last few releases

  7. Great work, but goddamn, when a Black Keys poster releases every other week, they sort of lose their allure.

  8. @ Walter, they are on tour. They have a print for each show by a different artist.

  9. To clarify: I meant “lame” in reference to the artistic standards of poster design not levels of success for the band. Example: you’re never going to see a Justin Bieber poster without his face on it. It’s ok if you don’t agree but I thought I should just elaborate.

  10. A) Justin Bieber will never have a poster with “artistic standards”, and
    B) Who makes YOU the czar of “artistic standards of poster design?

    Ken Taylor’s Black Keys poster with just their faces is insane, Tyler Stout’s Black Keys poster with their faces is insane. Didn’t your little buddy over at Hero do a, wait for it… Black Keys poster with their faces that’s insane? Might wanna re-think that statement there, podcast boy.

    PS, I love your work, great stuff.

  11. Shep doing what he does best. Advertisements.

  12. Justin Bieber rocks!

  13. Re: Billy.

    Says the guy who rearranges clip art on his lame gig posters gathering dust in some warehouse.
    These are very cool.
    Loving Shepa vibe these days.

  14. nah, I still think it’s lame to show the image of the band on a poster, no mater how well it’s done. But that’s just my opinion. I’ve had to do it a few times by request and it was lame.

  15. I find pointless complaining about things being lame lame.


  16. lame is a word often uttered from the lips of justin bieber fans.

  17. I tried buying one, but of course got PWND by the internets. How do people actually score on these sought-after drops?

  18. Obey Giant Facebook wall posted EZ-E image. Hope that makes it for sale. Black Keys are cool. Don’t care too much for this though. Don’t like New York letters. West Side!

  19. I definitely feel the Portrait is the stronger design of the two.

  20. @nate. firefox add-ons. :)

  21. @darian. Yep! I actually scored the portrait version on the second drop. Or “+1” as the kids say.

  22. Shepard has a new print/poster coming out and it is called “EAT THE RICH” and then it say’s read between the lines? Well I don’t know about the rich but the poor are eating better then the middle class!There is only rich and poor now and Shepard isn’t in the poor class! What s he affraid to tell poeple he is rich because I would still love his art but this BS about the rich when he is rich is just amazing! Especially when he is having show that only rich are invited! After that show he might be in jail for lying to the Feds but he will be the richest prisoner there in NY!

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